Monday, November 28, 2016

Lovely Monday

Hahaha check out how big the weeds are!!  Bigger than the plants!!  The gardener hasn't been around in a while, but I have a little warm spot to sit in in the garden.

Golly it was a good day today.  Mum did not have to work, after working yesterday, so she was pleased that her day off was warm and sunny.  She got herself up early bird and had a leisurely breakfast and shower.  She got piles of washing out onto the line to get some fresh air and breezes on it.   That is when I came out into the garden to get my exercise and rest.

Mum then took herself off for a lovely seaside walk  and a bit of shopping.  She found a nice $29 jacket and a new mug for work.  She doesn't drink hot drinks, but likes to use her own big cup for cold water so that she drinks enough.  Her last one got stolen, so she hopes that this one lasts longer.  She stopped off at the supermarket for some fruit and veg, and made herself a big beef Thai salad for her dinner, and has some left over for tomorrow night too.  I got my feast.

After dinner the dishes were done, and mum brought all the washing in.  She got to speak to a bestie for a while and then decided to water the garden.  All was going well until she put the hose down, and went to turn it off.  It spun round and wet mums new sandals and soaked her through the back of her pants and top.  Hahaha poor old wet mum.  So now she is trying to dry herself off.  Me - well I was inside as I went back to bed at 6pm after I had my dinner.

Hope your weeks have started well.


  1. Well, l think the plants and weeds look lovely Poppy!x
    Nice Big leaves and petals...though l think the loveliest
    petal is the one laid down in the middle...! Bless!x

    Nearly nine over here, the suns up bright and early, it's
    going to be a nice day, though to~night is going to be the
    coldest this year! -5 -7. But dry! :).

    I'm just going to have a lemon tea, and a blueberry muffin!
    Think l'll sit out on the patio....Brrrrr! :).

  2. Even your weeds look great to us, Poppy. Green and lush. We have a long wait for ours to look that way!

    What a lovely day indeed. We laughed about the hose incident -- that would have been funny to see!

    Take care, have a great week. :-)

  3. I like it when a day turns out like that. Good for you and your mum - except for the soaking bit at the ned, but all that will dry.

  4. The sun looks lovely, Poppy. We had a nice sunny day too, but it was very cold.

  5. poppy Q....amnee thanx for sharin thiz fotoz....itz gonna bee a loooooooooooooooooooooong while til we seez weatherz like thiz again !!! happee day two ewe N mum ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  6. Glad you had sun, we had a gloomy, rainy day.

  7. What a nice day Poppy! We are getting the cold weather with that awful four letter word expected tonight.
    Tee hee, poor mum getting wet like that...we're glad you were safe indoors.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. We do not think the weeds are so bad. You look very comfy in that spot. Sorry Mom got wet, er hope you were not laughing at her frominside!