Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hang Gliding

Last night mum worked late, then she had some stuff to sort out when she got home as well as a few jobs and eating her dinner.  So she made it to bed before midnight and fell fast asleep.  Until 1:30am when  I woke her up by howling in the spare bedroom.  She was right in the middle of a dream about hang gliding - something that she has no intention of ever doing, but she was enjoying being a dream adventure tourist.

She called out to me and told me to go to sleep, but I kept calling for her, until finally she got up and came and talked to me.  A quick pat and a talk and I let her go back to bed.  She worries that I am beginning to train her into a bad habit of having to get up in the middle of the night.  In 10 years I have never done this before and now it has been 3 nights in the past week.

How about you guys - do you have any dream sports you participate in?


  1. True what they say Poppy!x
    "Dogs have owners...Cats have staff", :).

    "Last night slept like a log..woke up in the
    fire place!...!!! :0).

  2. Hmm, Poppy, maybe your mum could chat with your vet, just for some feedback. Purrs to you both.

  3. Poppy, dear, are you having tummy rumbles? My big white tom, Peek Abu (Peeping)Tom, announces his intention to empty his tummy. He's strictly an indoor floofy fellow, but he does like a nice pot of wheat grass as an antidote to indigestion.

    1. My Chubs, Josie, does something similar with certain kinds of tummy upset. When I hear 'wow-wow-wow-wow-wow', I know to get her to linoleum and off carpeting.

  4. I have interesting and sometimes exciting dreams quite often. I enjoy them, as my waking life is very boring.

    Perhaps if your mum does something harmless but annoying - to you - you will stop waking her. How about carrying you into the main bedroom each time you wake her? You probably don't want to be there so being brought in each time will make you think twice about causing it.

    However, Fuzzy Tales's advice is good, and it may be something your mum needs to talk to your vet about.

  5. We hope you are just lonely and want your Mom to come talk to you!

  6. poppy Q...mum shuld be thanx full... coz ya waz tryin ta tell her.....hay, mum, thatz wings ya got on ther.... N we all noe what THAT meenz....

    N pleez tell yur mum ta may bee ask de vet ta chex yur hearin....we due knot wanna sound all crazed ore alarm yur mum....just haz him chex sum time....oh kay ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. I;m glad your mum came to talk to you and check you were OK. I usually jump on mum's bed and want to snuggle under the covers.

    Dream sports? Mum said champion equestrian.