Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quakes and Storms

 We thought we would share some of the photos of what damage the earthquake on Sunday night did.  It has caused around about 1,000 slips in the Kaikoura region where the quake hit.  These coast roads that have been blocked off (yes that is a road round the edge in the photo below), are the main road on the South Island.
 Luckily the main quake hit at midnight on Sunday night.  We hope that no one is under all that rubble.  Because most people were tucked up in their beds, we were lucky to hear of only 2 deaths, and very little injuries.  Today the government are assisting to get tourists out of the area using Air force helicopters today, and the navy arrive tomorrow to take people away by boat.  The local police, council and support staff will go door to door and visit every home to check on everybody.

Because roads and rail (as below) in and out of the town are cut, they are limited in supplies with water cut off.  Everyone though will work hard to look after the locals and help them cope.  The local marae cooked up 400kg of crayfish this morning to give people who have been evacuated breakfast.

 Kaikoura is a small seaside settlement of about 3,700 people and we wonder about all the people on rural farms.  They would have a lot of supplies and are used to being independent.
 We saw reports tonight that the famous cows have been rescued.  We are sure these ones have been on the news around the world.  News helicopters spotted these cows who were stranded on a little island of green in the middle of slips as they flew over the region on Monday.
 Our city is the biggest city a few hundred kms away, but we have had quite a few earthquakes centered here as well.  They are saying now it is about 800 since Sunday night. It is these aftershocks that are probably a bit more unnerving than the main big shake.   Mum finds it hard to tell if it is a quake or not, as they come every minute or so, and she feels like she is constantly shaking.  She has a glass of water beside her and finds it helpful.  If there is a big shake, the water moves side to side in the glass.

Last night we knew that we were due a storm as well.  So we had 140km winds and torrential rain, with a months worth of rain in the past 24 hours, causing floods and our city to become closed off.  Luckily it stopped raining at lunchtime.  Where we live is quite elevated so we don't get flooded in and although it kept mum at home, it wasn't too painful although mum did not fancy having to leave the house if there were any big shakes.   Like many locals then mum went out for a short walk this afternoon and got some groceries and did a couple of chores.  All the water was gone at the supermarket but most other things were all stocked up.
She has moved her emergency kit close to the front door.  There is my cat carrier with some foods and treats for me inside, with a blankie and a bottle of water.  Mum has packed a bag for herself with some clothes and personal bits and pieces and leaves it there with her coat and boots.  She is still sleeping in some clothes, just leggings and top and cardigan in case she has to get up quickly.  I have even snuggled with her a couple of times, which mum likes.  xxx


  1. Oh! Poppy!x What can one say...Terrible thing
    to happen..Terrible! It's on the TV right now
    as l write..and talking of after shocks! The
    damage is awful, awful...Poor, poor people, l
    feel so, so sorry for them! God bless..and let's
    hope he does, and helps you all.!
    Stay safe! xx

    Mind you..Crayfish for breakfast..! In better
    circumstances..would be nice!

  2. All that damage is awful - we did see the cows and are glad they were saved! I'm glad you and your human are prepared, Poppy!

  3. It is terrible to see all the damage. I am glad your mum has both of your emergency kits ready, but hope she doesn't need them. Stay safe!

  4. Poppy and Julie, I can't imagine what it's like to live through this and like this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone else, and the boys are continuing to send purrs. BTW, I'm so glad the cows were rescued! Yes, that photo made the news around the world and this morning I was wondering what had happened to them, then was thinking it might be better if I didn't know. I was afraid they might have been shot. SO relieved that they were rescued!

    Please stay safe and be well. Hugs.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We saw the cows on TV here in North Carolina, USA and am glad to hear that they were rescued. I pray your safety. Please take care.

  6. Poppy, dear, you and your mum Julie are in my thoughts and prayers today. I, too, keep what we call a "bug-out kit" in my car: clothes, shoes, toiletries, emergency food and water. The cats' carriers are stored with food, water, and their vet records. (Our shelters won't accept pets without proof of shots.)

  7. A lot of damage, it seems, but I like the personal touch the New Zealand authorities give to checking on people. Evacuation has never been a problem here, and if it is, I can be ready pretty quickly, though I want to buy a couple more cat-carriers for my beasts. Water sometimes suffers from broken pipes in the winter, though even that is rare. I keep a four-gallon keg filled, just in case; I renew it now and then.

    I hope the aftershocks are over and done with there.

  8. poppy Q....we send purrayerz two ewe mum & yur countree; we due knot haz quakes heer wear we live but we noe how vizshuz they can be; we hope de quakes & afturr shockz haz stopped & they stay stopped for like 10 bazillion yeerz......we iz happee de cowz iz oh kay N hope everee one elze iz az well in yur countree ~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. We just saw on the news all the rain! Keeping you in our thoughts and purrs. Stay safe!

  10. You seem all prepared if anything really bad happens.

  11. Phew, that sounds all furry frightening to us Poppy. We're sure glad you stick close to mum so she'd be able to find you if you both needed to leave.

    Mom bean saw the cows on television...good thing they got rescued.

    Take care,
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. OMG! Those poor cows. Thank goodness they were rescued. And those train tracks! Wowza.
    We are glad it stopped raining and hope you are still safe.

    Roxy & Lucky

  13. Keep safe down there you two!!

  14. We have you in out thoughts and prayers!