Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cool Caturday

Our Caturday today was cool - but not in the hipster sense, just another dismal day with non stop rain for the past 24hours, feeling more mid autumn than mid spring.  However, the mumster had to go to work again today so she felt that she wasn't missing much.  We liked this picture we found of a cool 1950s cat in London by photographer Thurston Hopkins.

Mum got home and had to have a little nap, getting up at 5am is a bit too early even for her and after a busy week of call she has learnt to listen to her body, and if it tells her to go and lie down for a while she often does.  Nap may not be quite the right term however, as she usually needs an hour or twos sleep to feel refreshed - I curled up with her for a little while until she got restless, then it was back to my bedroom.  She did get up for the evening and made a quick chicken/broccoli/pasta dinner which is her go to when she wants a quick dinner with a pile of vegetables.

The candles were then lit and mum is watching a movie - Prisoners, although a bit grim material she had recordered it and rather than going out is enjoying a free watch.  One of her Saturday rituals is to read the weekend posts from Design Mom and A Cup Of Jo, both who post with  a collection of interesting articles, reads, reviews that always make for good reading.

We hope you are having a cool Caturday too!!  Have some fun!!


  1. It's raining over here Poppy!x
    Change from yesterday..I went down early for
    paper, back home for brekkie...waiting on some
    visitors, and visitors this afternoon!
    Hopefully a quiet Sunday...It's Remembrance Day!

  2. Mum is off to have lunch with some fellow cat mom's soon. Report on Monday.

  3. Your weather sounds like ours, except we expect it as we are going into winter. that is a nice old photo of the cat on the car.

  4. We have been having strange weather, her too! It has been more like summer rather than fall!