Friday, November 11, 2016

Finally Friday

Finally Friday again.  It has been a bit of an odd one in the house of Q.  Mum was on call last night, and she went into work until 1.30am.  She got herself off to work at 2:30am and got another howl from me.  She went and got me and bought me onto her bed where after a bit of annoyed noises I did settle down under her covers and go to sleep.  She was surprised when the phone went off again this morning, and went back to work, finishing just after 7.30am.  The bonus of the two call ins was that she did not have to return to work at all today, and although her intention was to stay up and be productive after breakfast and reading her book, she thought she would get a little sleep, and dozed a few hours of the day away.

So tonight has been quiet.  The rain has returned and mum has to work in the morning again, so we just pottered round.  Mum did some washing and dished me up my dinner.  She is trying to avoid the news, it is all a bit depressing and winding mum up so she did a few Sudoku and then watched a couple of episodes of early Seinfeld.  In some ways it is so dated and then so hard to believe it was 25 years old.

So we hope you are all getting a chance to relax and look forward to your weekend ahead.


  1. Ah! Glad you settled down Poppy!x Bless!x

    Brilliant sunshine to~day, it's lovely!
    Been down town early! Back home, had a
    couple brace of pheasants to see to....
    My little friend, Freddie, he's a Jack
    Russell, gave me a bark at the front door,
    let him in...he had a chewy, then went off
    home with a couple pheasants breasts for his
    breakfast..! HeHe! He's a little devil!

    I've just finished the kitchen floor, waiting
    for that to dry...cup of lemon tea, and writing
    to you! I like to keep busy! Especially in the
    mornings! :).

  2. Those are crazy hours, I hope your mom can catch up her sleeping.
    my mom actually is not interested in politics but yesterday she was up to it and end up with bad experience ! She made a comment for one of cat mom, and then the cat mom's friend ( whom mom doesn't know her ) came to " Rarr...Rarr..Rarr...Hiss...Hiss..Hiss " Just because she was so angry with the result and she took my mom in the wrong way. So my mom got a jackpot. She told me " Never again with politics " ...MOL

    I hope you have you & mom have a good weekend

  3. Those *are* crazy hours for your mum, Poppy. At least our biped works regular week day hours, which keeps the body on a routine.

    Yes, our human has decided that it needs to be a news-free weekend for her. Which is fine. If she needs to turn the TV on, there are lots of sappy Christmas movies being shown already. :-)

    Take care; purrs and peace.

  4. Yes, the years do fly by. Seeing actors from tv shows I used to watch, I think that they look so old now - as if time has stood still for me!

  5. happee fry day two ewe & mum poppy Q N heerz two a pacific albacore kinda week oh end ~~♥♥♥

  6. Hope the rest of the weekend is easy!