Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Legend of the Sticky Bottom

 I have a little secret to share with you.  My mumster said that I had to fess up and let our friends know about my little problem.
 You see I often come in from the bathroom a little bit dirty, and can leave a little dirty spot when I sit down.  It drives mum crazy, and she will chase me round to clean me up, which I am not a fan of, and she has to come and clean up where I have been sleeping or sitting.  I am only allowed on the sheets if I am clean and mum is supervising.
So mum has put the fleecy blankie on the spare room bed.  I avoided it the first night, but mum has caught me sleeping on it the past day, which is good.  It is far easier for mum to wash if she needs to, and she is pleased that I am happy.

Mum came in last night and lay down next to me for a half hour and rubbed my head while she read her book, this made me purr and be happy.  Mum said I didn't howl at all last night, so she is going to try it again tonight.  Maybe that was just what I needed, a little bit of snuggling before I go to sleep.

Hope you had a lovely Caturday and did something fun!!


  1. I think the snuggling may be what you wanted all along?

  2. Miss Poppy, You are so sweet. I do like lots of cuddles too =^x^=
    I think your mom keeps an eye on you for this matter.
    and mom found the article, your mom might like to read

    I hope you & your mom have a lovely weekend together

  3. Ah! Bless!x I'm glad it's ALL sorted
    out Poppy!x
    Mind you, all that running about, probably
    kept Mum a bit fit...! HeHe! :).

  4. Poppy, dear, I'm sorry to learn that you experience what my family called "the Corgi problem". Our solution was a package of bottom-wipes next to a covered diaper pail, stationed at the yard door. The blankie is an excellent idea!

  5. You know Poppy, our Sami has that problem sometimes too. She doesn't approve of mom bean cleaning her up either.

    Enjoy your snuggles with mum!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. That little problem is nothing to be embarrassed about! We are glad you like the new blanket. It took us a while to like fleece, too. A little good night cuddle should sooth every one!

  7. I keep throws on furniture and beds for the little problem of barfing. They are so much easier to throw in the wash than cleaning up furniture or changing bedding.

    Bedtime luvvins are always good!

  8. I usually buy an extra matching flat sheet to put on the top of my bed . I use some Scotchguard spray on it . Keeps wet spots from either end at bay.

  9. Josie's bottom is the one I have to watch, though she's much better about it than she used to be. Tucker I have to look at now and then, too. My comforter cover is washable; I have to clean it every week anyway as three or four cats spending the night on it leave a lot of hair behind. So that's my version of your mum's fleece blanket. And I'm glad you were purring before bed; I'm sure that made your mum happy, as well.