Monday, November 7, 2016

Wet Monday

Mum feels like her whole life is surrounded by grey today.  The skies got cloudier last night and there was a return of cold and wet weather, but that does not matter when it is a day off on Monday.  Mum says there is some satisfaction to hearing the neighborhood get up and head to work while she can stay in her bed.  Me - well I was awake at a feisty 8am and made sure my mum was waking up too.

She got herself up, showered and dressed and made some breakfast to eat on the couch.  That was interrupted by a 21 gun salute just at the Governor Generals place across the road.  Apparently the King and Queen of the Netherlands had popped in for a quick brunch and got a whole royal welcome.

Then mum took herself off into the city.  She went to the cinema to see The Light Between Oceans.  She enjoyed it a lot, mainly because she loved the book and the whole thing was a middle aged lady dream movie mum thought, and it bought tears to her eyes at the end.  As it was raining heavily when she finished, she headed home which made me want my dinner as she entered the house.  So I had my feast at 3:30pm.  Sadly, mum ate her dinner at 4pm too.  How sad are we?


  1. Snap! Our weather is much the same Poppy!x
    Frost the last couple days for the first time!
    Scrapped it off the windscreen as well..Still,
    it's dry!

    Food...well, l tend to eat when l'm hungry,
    sometimes, after you've written your post
    about Mums food Poppy!x HeHe! :).

  2. It sounds like it was a pretty nice Monday, actually. Gees, you have kings and queens just popping in for brunch...maybe you could invite them over for tea, Poppy. Catmint tea? :-)

  3. I like having a day off when everyone else must work, too. What I like is riding my bicycle about town on a summer weekday and seeing people having to go to work, when I don't have to. Only about four hundred more weeks until my holidays!

    I think it's neat that you can hear the guns go off at the Governor-General's house. Welcome to the Dutch Royal Couple!

  4. poppy Q...nothin sad bout yur day at all, mum N ewe both did what ya wanted, when ya wanted & N joyed each otherz companee......we call that a GRAYte day....tho we iz knot two sure bout heerin shotz ~~~~ we wooda been scared ☺☺♥♥♥

  5. Mondays are the wooooorst, but not when you have off! Heheh
    I'm glad your mommy took the day off and enjoyed herself! We all need that sometimes! :)
    You look very cozy as well, dont go out there!
    Thank you for sharing.


  6. Not sad at all! You are living your lives as you want. If that means an early dinner, then go for it!