Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Morning View

Happy first day of November - how the year is flying by already!!

Mum was watching out the window this morning, when she saw me jump from the ground and climb up the fence.  She thinks it is amazing, as in reality it is about 20 times my height.  Mum couldn't even jump up half her height without help.  Mum is a bit nervous of me being up here as the drop is a bit bigger on the other side, but I am a good tightrope fence walker.

We had visitors last night, so I was a little bit annoyed although once I go outside for an hour I usually then head back inside to keep warm even if I keep my distance from them.  I have also figured out that if I run round the hallway I can usually go and hide on the bed and be left alone.  I even stayed on mums bed when our niece came in there to lie down, and she said I stayed on the bed for a few hours with her.  I then ran out and jumped onto the couch where mum was sleeping and slept on her for the rest of the night.

So the visitors only stayed the night and left today, so things are back to normal and I am back on the bed snoozing and waiting for mum to come and join me.


  1. Goodness ! Me! Poppy!x
    What are you doing up there..how brave!
    But l know pussy~cats have wonderful
    balancing! Still..someone has to check the
    roof tops! :).

    And, all those little places for hiding in,
    clever girl..and finishing up on the bed!

  2. Wow, Poppy, that's impressive, you up there! Derry couldn't do it...well, maybe he'd surprise us.

    Do you have Halloween in New Zealand or is that a North American thing? Last night was Halloween, but we were inside, lights off, as the biped stopped giving candy out years ago. It seemed to be a quiet night anyway, with everything winding up by 8 PM.

    Take care and be safe out there!

  3. We are very impressed with your jumping and climbing abilities Poppy! Hopefully it wasn't too windy up there.

  4. I remember being astonished at my first cat, Tungsten, being able to jump five feet straight up. That'd be like me leaping thirty feet without trying. I could get my own comic book!

    You have a good view from your perch up there, Poppy - but I'm with your mum: be careful.

  5. Poppy, we kitties are way more agile than humans are, and they just don't realize that there is not that much danger of us falling. If we didn't think we could do it, we wouldn't jump up there! It sounds like your guests were nice.

  6. poppy Q...that izza awesum jump, & yez pleez... due bee caushuz....glad yur vizitorz leeved sew ewe N mum can get bak two roo teen ♥♥♥

  7. Wow, Poppy. We're impressed by your athletic ability, too!

  8. Good job, Poppy! You are so brave climbing out there!!! Keep having fun and stay safe:)