Friday, November 18, 2016


Geonet listed this today at 2.30pm .  Since the 7.8 earthquake on Monday morning, we have had 2812 earthquakes.  Mum feels a bit like she has just got off a boat, and feels a bit like she has wobbly sea legs.  Life is returning to normal.  The working week is over and mum and I have relaxing to do.  We have visitors coming too - boy I am not looking forward to that, mum says they need my bed to sleep in.


  1. HeHe! That looks all bit Chinese to me Poppy!x
    Never did understand a job to
    spell it..! :).

    And..visitors..not having to give your bed
    up again Poppy!x
    Oh! Well, at least life's got back to normal!

  2. I'm glad things are settling down - my human remembers the aftereffects of the Northridge earthquake in 1994 (she wasn't there for the actual earthquake but came home later that day), and how so much shaking kept going on. Bummer that you have to give up your bed!

  3. More than 2,800 aftershocks seems a bit excessive. I hope that means the tension the Earth needed to release this time is out of its system. May you have a relaxing and tremor-free weekend.

  4. We hope you have a tremble free weekend

  5. We just read about the sea bed lifting 2 meters leaving sea weed covered rocks and marine life stranded above the tide mark.

    Unbelievable! We are glad you are OK.