Sunday, November 6, 2016


Well mum was pleased that I was quiet last night and stayed asleep.There were some idiots letting off fireworks at 5:30am.  She hopes Karma pays those idiots back, and one day they will treasure their sleeps ins, but not be able to.  She got herself up at 5:40am to head out to work for the day.  Work was quickly over by 3pm and although she had the best of intentions to go for a walk in the fresh air, it was windy and spitting as she left work, so it was a trip to the supermarket and then home to get the dishes done, cook tea and sit on the couch and catch up on Game of Thrones episodes.  She is enjoying it although lots of this seasons scenes seemed to be filmed in the dark, and their seem to be way too many characters for this middle aged lady to follow.

Now mum has two days off work and doesn't have to venture back until Weds at 2:30pm which is nice.  She doesn't care if it is windy and rainy, she will enjoy her relaxing, and I think I will join her.


  1. Fireworks etc were very quiet around here to last
    night Poppy!x About 15mins and that was it!
    So..i did'nt have to go hide under the stairs...! :).

    Hope you and Mum enjoy your two days off together.
    Have a lovely relaxing time...together! Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, we middle-aged ladies who work do enjoy the rare days we can stay inside and just relax --- until the sun shines on windows with kitty-nose prints.

  3. Enjoy your relaxing days with your mum, Poppy.

  4. We don't like fireworks, either, Poppy and Mum. Especially at 5:30 AM. That is so rude of those people.

    Hope you have a nice time together on your days off!