Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Evening Skies

Mum had a busy day at work today but the day went fast.  No sooner had she started and it was lunchtime and then she was back home.  Yesterday was the rainiest day of the year, so finally the clouds cleared this afternoon, so she rushed home and washed the towels to put them outside to dry in the fresh air.  When she took them in at about 7:30pm the skies here were lovely with wispy clouds and after weeks of grey skies, with promises of rain again tomorrow she wanted to share some blue sky photos with you.

So now she gets to enjoy two days off with me, so mum is trying to get the majority of chores done tonight so that she can enjoy herself.  So dishes are soaking, the vacuum cleaner is out.  Mum also uses Sunday night to giver her face a good scrub and soak too, so that feels fresh for the week.  After being told off a couple of months ago for overdoing the scrubs and rubs on her face and making it a bit too sensitive, she finds that once a week is ok.  Then the relaxing will begin (for her - I have already started and have headed to bed at 6pm).

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Lovely skies Poppy!x
    We're just on the verge of a full moon to~night
    l think, it was very bright last night! Just gone
    seven's gonna be a nice day..Remembrance
    I'm popping back to bed for half hour with my first
    lemon tea of the day...! Nite! Nite! You two....! :).

  2. The sky shots are lovely, Poppy. RE: Willie's comment, we think it's a super moon, actually. The moon will be full for us here in North America on the 14th, but it already was super-bright early this morning, even with clouds scudding across the sky.

    We hope you and your mum enjoy her two days off and do something fun!

    Purrs and peace.

  3. Just heard you had a major earthquake and am praying you are both okay. Please put an update here when you can to let us know you are safe.

  4. Beautiful blue skys! We had those yesterday as well, but I think it is getting cloudy and gray again today.