Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flea be gone

This is the flea treatment we uses every month. Mum didn't just pick it cause the cat on the front looks like me, her vet recommended it. But we think the fleas are immune to it now. So we are going to try some REVOLUTION flea treatment.
One of mums work colleagues said her kitty cat had the same problem - and guess what? Her name is Poppy too!!
We'll let you know how the new stuff goes.
Have a nice weekend everybuddy and I hopes yours is flea free.


  1. Hi Poppy!

    We hope switching products works for you. Our vet told us about something called flea resistance. Mum didn't know if that meant kitty bodies stopped responding to a particular product, or if the fleas just get used to it, but it means that fleas still come.

    They are very horrible things. Mum has lots of problems with foster kittens, because the shelter doesn't like putting treatments on them. They learn to run from the comb, too!

  2. Fleas, you go away now! All of you!

  3. We got Revolution, too. It worked for us. We hope it gets rid of your fleas!

    PS - Happy belated birthday, Poppy! We are so sorry that we missed it. :( It looks like you got super fun presents.

  4. We hope you and your mom will be friends again now and you'll pose for her.

    Buddy is allergic to flea bites.

  5. I hope that works sweetie!
    Have a fabulous flea-free weekend yourself!

  6. We had no fleas now we am scratchin an Mom finks it am time to get rid of dem devils. Watch owt for all dem flea eggs dat are in da howse.

  7. We use to use Frontline a few years ago, but our Vet convinced Mom to switch to Revolution because it also prevents several kinds of worms and ear mites. We don't want any of those bug things. Uh uh.

  8. You are MUCH cuter that the kitty on that box!

  9. I hope the Revolution works for you. Fleas are awful!