Sunday, September 30, 2012

Party Pooper

So Party night is over rover.  The drumming and guitar screatches weren't too bad we guess, they started around 7.30pm and were actually all over by 00:30am.  It appears that other neighbours must have called the noise inspectors, lucky for mum.

Usually the worst noise is from the rowdies on the street, but these party guests must have been well controlled, as we didn't hear much.

The festival of flu continues, although mum says she is feeling much better thanks very much.  She will just be grateful to get rid of her cough and tickle.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi friends,

Mum and I have got some DVDs and earplugs ready.  It is 4.15 pm and I have had my dinner, and am ready for some sleeps, so I won't be out and wandering around.  It was nice of you to worry about me, but I'll be tucked in on my quilt while the party is playing.

Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday night planned.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Flu Friday

Today was Flu Friday at our house.  I kept mum tucked up in the bed all day with her tissues.  I've moved her to the couch, so that she can have more rest and is closer to  my fancy feast.  She is glad that her nose has stopped leaking, and is just waiting for her chest to clear.  Luckily she now has a easy weekend planned.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Mum went to the supermarket to stock up on some supplies for her bugs.  She bought some corn chips, fresh pineapple, some chocolate, got some DVDs from the library to watch, and forgot to buy lemsip, tissues and toilet paper.   Never mind, she will go to the shops over the weekend and might actually make a list of things she needs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unwanted Visitor

Mum is annoyed, last night she went for a nap, and when she woke up at 6.45pm she realised that she had been visited by Mr Flu.  She hadn't missed him since his last visit in March.  This time he bought friend, sore throat and runny nose.

Big night snoozing for mum then, she says she is going to watch a bit tv and then tuck herself into bed.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Lunch

 So mum decided yesterday to make some leek, bacon and potato soup for her lunch.   As it was sunny, but cool she decided to sit outside on the deck and read her book.
 I decided to join her.  Just checking out the soup.
 Ohhhh - toast and butter.
 Is that toast - with butter?  Can I try some?  Please?
Mum gave me some.  I licked it, and then I ran away.  Good try mum.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dyson Dream Date

Look at mums new toy!!  See me - I'm touching it and giving it a good sniff.  Mum has told you before about her $5 jar?  Well you see a couple of years ago, mum got an invite to the art show and mum admired lots of the paintings, but could not afford any of them. One of her friends was talking about saving up for the year.  So mum bought a jar, and every $5 that she got as change went straight into the jar.

So last year, she was able to buy a painting that she wanted, which was a nice feeling.  This year, mum looked but nothing took her fancy, so mum sealed up the money.  A couple of weeks ago, when the family visited mum vacuum went up in a puff of smoke and broke down.  Mum has always wanted a Dyson, and this one was on special this week, so mum used her $5 jar money to pay for it.

I hope they will be very happy together.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi Cat Lovers.  Mum laughed when she read all the comments on yesterdays post.  She is going to look up the noise inspectors number and have it next to the phone all ready for next Saturday night.  She has told you all not to worry, I will be hiding from the rowdies, and unlikely to go anywhere near their place.  When I hear people outside I like to hide on mums bed.

Today we got a true taste of spring, which was fabulous and mum even braved wearing her birkenstock sandals in the sun.  She hopes that people were not blinded by her pale skin.

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday and do something nice for yourselves or somebuddy else.

Smooches xxx

Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday, in the middle of the pile of bills was a letter/note.  It was from a young man who lives in the house two doors down from us.  It was to advise us that on Saturday week, the flat was going to be having a party with not one but three bands, and could the neighbours resist from ringing noise control at the council, as the music should be nice and we could always attend if we wanted.

Although mum admires his manners for at least giving notice of the impending entertainment, mum is seriously thinking of popping a note back in his letter box.  She would like to thank him for his manners, and hopes that would extend to being a good host to his guests and keeping them in line within the house.  She would also hope that he would consider the young family with a child on one side of their house, the pensioners on the other, and the family and hospital workers that surround their flat.  That maybe an inner city venue would be more suitable for a three band party, but that mum thinks their is no harm in enjoying themselves til midnight.  But, if the guest extend out onto the street breaking bottles (as they usually do), urinating, vomiting and graffiting the neighbourhood - then all bets are off and the noise control and police are only a phone call away.

Does that sound like mum is a grumpy old lady?  On that particular night mum is out for most of the evening, but will be sure to have those numbers on hand when she gets home.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today we are thinking of two families who have had losses this week.  Our friend Pete lost his dad this week, after a long time of being sick.  Our online friend Ann from Zoolatry also lost her precious husband Vic.  We are thinking of everybody.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I taught my mum a trick today.  She gotted home from work early, she had been to the library to pick up her big pile of books and had a rumbly tummy - me too.

 She gave me my feast at 4.30pm, and so mum had to reheat her dinner.  She says it was last nights leftovers of mashed potatoes, pepper spiced cabbage and sirloin steak.  She says it was very yummy, and her tummy was soo full, she had to go and have a lie down with me from 6-8pm.  Just like a pussy cat.   I comed onto her bed and climbed on top of her.

Now we are having a little awake time before we head to bed for the night.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Mum and I did a  bit of this today.  She was not feeling 100% so we have an early night planned.  I will show her how to chillax like me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


This morning started out with blue skies and a warm breeze, so mum was brave and pulled out her summer sandals and pants.  As she left home for her walk, she noticed the grey skies and put an umbrella in her bag.  Half way through her walk, while browsing at some stores, she heard the hard pitter patter of the rain.  Ohhh ohhh!

So she comed home with me, and watched Game of Thrones instead.  I asked very nicely, and gotted my dinner of fancy feast at 3.45pm, and was in bed for my evening sleeps by 4pm.  Might as well stay tucked up in bed if it is nasty outside.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caturday Jobs

Caturday is jobs day.  That means wake my mum up when the alarm goes off, so that she can read her book and then fall asleep again for a little lie in.  Then I had to snoopervise the removal of the sheets and clothes into the washing machine and drier.

I had to have a little cat nip while mum went to the fruit and veg market, and then helped her in the garden.  She went out for dinner with a bestie, which was ok, they felt brave and tried somewhere new, but found it a bit pricey and the food was only so, so.  They wanted to watch the rugby, but wanted somewhere they could sit down and watch, and luckily the place they went to had nice leather couches available in front of the fire and big screen tv.

The All Blacks were this week playing South Africa in Dunedin, and the All Blacks won - luckily.  That made mum and the rest of the pub very pleased, and mum and her bestie were able to leave and be home at a respectable time of 9.45pm.  Time to watch a bit of Antiques Roadshow, then mum will help me put the bed together and we can have lights out by 11pm.

Mum says that middle aged life is a busy one.  What would I know - I am only five years old.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Queen of the Weekend

Mum started at early o'clock this morning, but that meant that she finished early too.  So we have a weekend of not doing much planned - how about yoo?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sometimes mum finds me in a spot, sitting and looking.  It can only mean one thing - bugs.  There was a bug stuck up in the roller blind and it kept me busy looking for it for a good ten minutes or so.  I never managed to catch him, I think he runned away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Mum says that I had my chance.  I got to sit in the cat bed approximately 3 times in the year that it lived in our house.  Mum gifted it to one of her workmates who had adopted her second shelter pussy cat.

Today mum was at work, and her colleague showed her pictures of the very happy cat all curled up inside the cat bed.

Oh well mum - better luck next time.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Relaxaday Mumday

Today has been all about the relaxing.  Mum generally works her days off as an A-D plan.  It is as follows:

Plan A:  Up early, into town, eat out, go to a movie, mooch around the shops.  Entertaining buy       usually expensive.
Plan B:  Sleep in, eat at home, late movie, buy a cupcake - moderate expensive.
Plan C:  Sleep in, eat at home, go get groceries.  Necessary expenses, built into budget.
Plan D:  Sleep in, eat out of cupboards and fridge, watch tv and read.  Spend no money.

Mum stuck with the plan D, that way the money she saved today can go towards having some fun with friends at the weekend.  So for the next few lunches and dinners, she wants to use some of the supplies that are in her fridge and pantry.  Tonight will be a pasta salad with sweetcorn, tuna and dressing, a mix that mum had lots when she lived in the UK.  She needs some vegetables so will cook up some carrots, and has some cucumber.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

.Family Visit

My lovely family came to visit yesterday.  It was the worstest weather of the year,  with gale force winds and icy rain.  Mum was taking her family to the stadium, to see the All Blacks play Argentina      at rugby.  Mum and the niece and nephew got to sit high up in the stadium, a little bit under cover.  Her brother and sister in-law sat further down a bit more in the open.  Well the weather held off til the whistle blew, and then icy cold rain poured down and swirled around.

The family were all shivering, and ran out of the stadium as the final whistle blew.  They all escaped to get some warm burgers and then came home and turned on all the heaters and electric blankets.  Me I got to have nephews pillow - I'm in love.

Mum says I was very brave, and came inside a few times while the family was here, and mum says that she was pleased, as it was soo chilly outside.  Everybody got some sleep, and mum says I either slept on the pillow or between mums knees all night.

So the family have packed up this morning, and gone and taken my blue pillow.  It feels empty in the house now, but I am back on my bed catching up on my zzzs, and the washing machine is humming.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Today was very windyliscious here in our city.  There was no chance of drying the washing outside, it would have been across town in ten minutes, so into the dryer it goes.   Instead I camped in mums bedroom, and got caught up on my sleeps.

Mum went to work, then has come home, got some chores done, and thinks that she might pop off to the library, the supermarket and get some dinner.  Then the relaxing can begin.

Hope you have some nice plans planned for the weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Mum had a good day at work today, and is glad that she has got to arrive home with me.  She has loaded up on carbs and vegetables, and now is ready to tidy up. So she will put the music on and get the cleaning rags and vacuum cleaner out. You see, the family are arriving for the weekend, and it is time to hoover, and get the chores out of the way before a weekend of fun.

Fun for her that is.  I am not so keen on visitors, even though the family have been here before.  Mum hopes that I won't hide under the deck all weekend.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sleep Ins

Mum has been on shift the past couple of nights, so we have got to have sleep ins during the day.  Mum did intend to get up and do lots of chores, but the bed was too cosy, and so we snoozed the morning away.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Mum has a busy week this week, but she is feeling good and hopes to get all of her jobs done.  At the weekend, she trys to get a few photo sessions done, then she has a good supply done for the week ahead.  Unfortunately she says that I am not always a willing accomplice, and want to act shy.

We hope you all have a good start to your week, and have lots of plans and treats for the days ahead.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Today we had a touch of sun, but it was windy and the clouds blew in later in the afternoon.
 Mum got the washing done though, and some grocery shopping.  Living the wild life.
This is yesterdays lunch in the sun, first time it has been nice enough to eat outside in months.  This is mums roti bread with lamb curry + salad inside, a tropical fruit and wheatgrass drink and the latest ezibuy catalogue to browse through.  Mum said it was most enjoyable.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye August - Hello September Spring

Today was a great Caturday.  Me and mum got to do the sleeps in, then we did some chores, and opened the doors in the house to let the first day of spring air into the house.  She went to the market, and got her favorite Saturday lunch (lamb curry + salad roti roll) and strawberries.

We hope you all have a lovely relaxing day planned.