Thursday, March 31, 2016


Lately, as of this week, I have moved on from my box.  It is still there, you can see it in the photos.  Now I am sleeping outside.  Every half hour or so, at least in the evening, I run run in from outside and jump on my mums knee at speed and perch myself there.  I spend about all of two minutes on her knee, and then I run run outside super fast.  Mum is pretty sure I spend my night on the deck, as when she has got up to go to the loo, I am  not about.  Mums friends cat is doing a similar thing too.  Maybe a last summer fling before the weather turns, and the weather is meant to turn to rain this weekend.

Mum did make me happy tonight though, I got a new packet of temptations opened - what a treat!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Toesie Tuesday

Mum got home today and the builders have finished - yippeee!!  They were especially noisy today, so she took off and spent the afternoon at the library and read one book, and got started on the next so she felt better that she had some time out and a walk in the sunshine.  Me - well I have been hiding, and hiding so well that mum has to search hi and low when she gets home and is not sure which neighbors I am at.  She hopes that I am able to settle down a bit more now that things should return to normal - at least for a while.  First the scaffolding has to come down, and at some stage the windows will have to be installed, but we are sure that will be a couple of months away.

Mum loves my little big feet.  I am a good girl and have only scratched her once or twice when she has picked me up, but am very good with my sharp claws and try not cling onto her.  Mum has never cut my claws, as I am an inside outside cat I can scratch trees and wood outside.  Also it is not something that kiwi cats get done, none that we know of anyways.

Monday, March 28, 2016


I am still chilling in the box - mum says my MO though is to change sleeping spot as soon as she posts about it.  As the builders were still here (we believe that we are now up to day 8), I spend the days out under the deck and the evenings packing in all of my outsides inspections, checking for new smells.

Hope you all got some chilling done too.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter my lovies - hope you got some treats and got your relaxing done.  Mum was lucky and met up with some friends today, they went out for a bush walk, although there were a few too many stairs for mum.  Still lunch out was lovely and it was nice to spend time with friends laughing.

Me - well I had to hide under the deck as the builder was still going doing his stuff.  It does look like a lot of the work is done, which makes us happy, although the relaxing long weekend we were expecting has been disrupted.  Luckily the mess is outside too, and our indoor space is all left alone.

Mum is a bit tired of having to head out each day at 9am to try and entertain herself, especially as much of the city is closed.  Still she has a good pile of books to get through, so not so bad.

Happy Easter my friends.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Caturday has rolled around again peeps.  Mum and I had a good old rest and even though she would have liked to hung around the hood with me, as the builder was back she decided to head out for the day.  A wander into town was in order, and then off to the movies with a mate.  They saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 - which although was kind of sweet and did make mum smile it was really a tv movie and only a 2/5.

Mum ate out and had pork tacos which were nice, but not as nice as the time she previously had them when they had an awesome apple slaw with them.  Tasty but messy to eat.  When she got home 7pm, the builder was still going, but the light was fading fast so he was gone in another twenty minutes.  So I got my feast late, but enjoyed it and am ready for an early night.  Our nights continue to get cooler and darker, and mum says it won't be long before I abandon my cardboard apartment and head off and follow her to the bedroom.

Hope you all had a nice Caturday and did something fun.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Thank goodness it is Friday and good Friday at that.  Us girls have been lazzzy today, mum did get up at 7am as the builders were coming round, but they didn't arrive til 9.30am which left her enough time to get the washing on, and some tidying up done.  Then the laziness began, with mum marathon watching shows on the DVR.  She then needed a little nap, and as the builders went home for their lunch she caught up on  some zzzs.  When she woke up, I was in my box and the house was quiet.

So dinner was easy - I ate a feast and she cooked up some oven fries.  Easy peasy.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday - and got a bit of laziness too.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


So NZ voted, and we get to keep the old flag, the one with the union jack on it rather than changing to the new modern flag.  It has been an interesting exercise and mum is sure that in the future it will change, just now is not the right time.  Maybe in another 10-20 years when there are less war veterans around, and the Queen will have maybe retired (we know she says never), change will come.

In the meantime at Chez Q the builders are still here, and I am still running away when they come, which mum says is silly as I could stay inside and not be disturbed, but I am happy under the deck, and mum makes sure she is home at 6pm, when they pack up so I can come back inside.  She says that I seem to be quite happy.  I eat my dinner and then catch some zzzs in my box.  She was nice and did not put this one in the recycling.

The builders didn't arrive til after 10am this morning, which was good, mum was able to do the dishes and washing, and then she headed out for a walk and went to the cinema to see 10 Cloverfield Lane with a whole lot of 20 year olds skiving off Uni, mum felt like a high school teacher.  It was ok- mum thought it would be scarier, but still she was surprised and didn't know which direction it would go in.

So now Easter weekend, and mum is going to take it easy with books and movies.  She realized that she is exhausted - it has been a pretty hectic three months and she needs some down time.  Hope you all have some nice things planned.  Do you get the weekend off?  It is a four day holiday here in NZ - we get Friday and Monday off work.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day Two of the Builders

Day two of the builders and I have been not too freaked out.  I hide out the back and under the deck when they are here and rush to see mum when she gets home.  So mum was so pleased she let me have double dinner.  First my fancy feast and then some raw chicken pieces.  Score for me - not so good for the diet - oh well!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Day One

Day One of the building works and mum has decided to keep me at home, as it is a short week and she may be home for some of it.  The weekend ended up steady with call ins each of the three nights.  Mum managed only about 2-4 hours sleep each night and is dog tired tonight so it will be lights out soon.

The building work is supposed to be finished on Friday - we will wait and see.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment - Sleeps one,  eco friendly, indoor outdoor flow, skylight  + sunshade.  Temporarily occupied.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Caturday Movie

It is a while since mum posted me a Caturday movie.  This pussy cat tolerates if not loves her baths, but does not like water in her ears - hence the princess Leia hairstyle.

Me - I am not a fan.  Don't get any ideas mum.

Have a great Caturday - Do something fun.

Friday, March 18, 2016


The work week isn't over for mum.  She now has three nights of being on call, so tonight was about chilling and getting the washing done and on the line.  Middle age is such fun says mum.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Mum does not know what happened to our Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, it went missing.  We have been busy working and doing stuff.  You know how it is - you all do stuff too.  Just taking it easy, trying to keep it calm and collected.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Today I am quite happy, the sun is shining between the clouds, I got the jellimeat for dinner last night and ate it all up, mum got to have a sleep in so she was happy too, I got to go outside and have some fresh airs.  Mum thinks things will change this week as the landlord is coming round to replace the windows at the front of the house so it will be noisy.  Mum is in two minds about which will make me happier, to go to the cattery or let me stay.  If I stay I usually hide under the deck, and will be come back in the house when the builders go home.  I have had so much time in the cattery lately, mum is a bit weary of me having to go back, and the work may take a couple of weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Helper Cat

Mum had sorted out a couple of bills today and put them next to her on the couch.  I came along and decided that they would be better if they had a bit of furs on them.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easy Sunday

Today has been an easy Sunday - so easy mum almost forgot to post.  I scratched out on the deck - she did washing and had a sleep in.  The party was still going at 2am, but had quietened down a lot so mum was able to sleep.

Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday too.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Caturday Chow Down - The Tale of Two Suppers

Tonight I was lucky and feasted it up big time.  Then my mumster was kind to me.  She had chopped up some chicken and was making a tasty old dinner of easy chicken + broccoli pasta Alfredo.  She was glad that her dinner was a quick cook, cos it was crazy town at the supermarket this afternoon.  She then let me have some leftover chicken on the deck and I nommed it down.  I loved it and ate all the pieces - which is so unlike me.

It was a bit of a chilly morning here in the city - 11 deg C, and cloudy so mum put on a nice woolly jersey and a scarf (also pants and a tshirt) to go and visit with a friend.  By the time she got out to see her the clouds had disappeared and it was much hotter.  The girls had a tasty lunch, a good old chat and a quick wander round the shops.

This evening mum made her tasty dinner which she enjoyed and gave her lots of leftovers which is good.  She then settled in to watch some episodes of WEEDS, which she has never seen.  First series done, only another 6 or so to go.  What is not good is the youngsters a couple of houses away having a LOUD party.  It is only 10:50pm, so mum is hoping some neighbour rings noise control.  Mum doesn't fancy having to get out and wander the streets to find out what number house it is at to ring the council.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Foods

Friday night here at chez Q.  Mum went for a walk after her day at work, she popped into the library to stock up with the weekends books and then got a treat and got herself some fish and chips from across the road.  We are not sure if other people do it, but kiwis grew up having fish and chips on Friday nights, as it was often a religious choice to not have meet on Fridays, especially at Lent.  It has continued on being a tradition in many families for decades, although we think not so much now as there are so many takeaway choices.  When mum grew up in the 1970s, there would be huge lines at the fish and chip shop.

In the 1970s there also was not much choice in dinners for pussy cats, and the cat mum grew up with - Andy cat.  Well he only ever got Chef Jellimeat, which at the time only came in one flavour, so no choices for him.  He chowed down every dinner and breakfast though and loved his foods.  He also got some chicken or beef scraps every now and then.  Anyways last night at the supermarket mum picked up some Chef sachets - Kiwi favourites.  There were 6 lamb, 6 chicken and 6 jellimeat and on special at half the price of my usual fancy feast.     I tried the jellimeat tonight and we are giving it a 4/5 (mum did not tasted it, but based the score on how much I ate, how quickly I ate it, and how much was left on my plate).

A chill is in the air tonight.  Mum has pulled the curtains and put the heating on - the first time in about 5 months.  I have even climbed on her knee for a cuddle.

Hope you have somewhere warm and cosy to snooze on, and a full tummy tonight.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


You might think that I didn't have two large people beds and a couple of cat beds and a couch to nap on.  But no - this is how I likes to snooze .

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Another Quiet One

Us girls woke up this morning and the forecast rain arrived earlier than expected, so mum decided to just hang round the house with me - part of the dollar saving plan.  We relaxed and took it easy which was nice.  That is what days off are all about.  I sat quietly next to mum, I have moved off the arm of the couch and now am sleeping in the middle of the couch next to mum.   Each spot only lasts about a week before I move on.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Grey on Grey

Mum likes it when I choose to stay still for photos.  Believe it or not, but I often turn away or walk away from the camera, so she has to catch me in my quiet moments.  It has been a quiet day for us girls.  Mum was going to head out and do some jobs, but then Marley and Me came on the television, and even though she has seen it several times, she sat and watched it again, and cried at the ending again.

Me - well I was in and out of the door onto the deck.  I am trying to enjoy it while the weather is still nice.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Nite

Mum had another busy day at work, but once it was over she took herself off for a little walk as the evening was lovely and warm.   She did get off to bed early last night, but her busy brain woke her early just after 5am.  So this evening was another quiet one.  An easy supper for her and a feast for me.  Then mum pottered about, and mum helped me catch up on some of the blogs we like to read.  Tonight was tinged with sadness too, as mum misses her 8pm Sunday nite phone calls to Gdad.  It has been just over 10 years since her mum died, so over 520 phone calls each Sunday nite to catch up on the weeks happenings, always a discussion on the weather, and what they had eaten for dinner.  Luckily Big Uncle and Sister in law tolerate mums need for such things and help fill the void.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend and got some relaxing done.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quiet Caturday

It was hard for the mumster to get out of bed this morning at 6am, as she hasn't had to be up that early in a month.  So when the alarm went off early, she was surprised to see it was still dark as she stumbled to the shower.  However she did get a wriggle on and got herself off to work on time.  The day went well, the company was good and she wasn't too tired.  A visit to the supermarket on the way home meant a little walk in the fresh air.

I had a relaxing day.  When mum got up I was already outside enjoying the morning air, but headed back to bed round 7am.  It is exhausting having to sleep so much.  Mum did nod off on the couch at 7pm, so she is going to head to bed at 9pm tonight and read her book.  Go you middle aged lady you!!

Hope you all have had a lovely Caturday and did something fun for your day.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Mum was worried about me cos since I have had to go to the cattery about four times this year so far, she thinks I have been having a bit of separation anxiety.  A couple of weeks ago I was howling several times a night and calling out to her to make sure she was home as soon as I came into the cat door.  Things are settling down, and mum knows that I am much happier now.

I have also been sitting right next to her on the couches arm, and lately have been even touching her, snuggling in with my body or putting my paw on her, something I have seldom done before.  She says it is a comfort to her as the past week has been hard, and although it has been quiet for her she still thinks of her dad often.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Middle Aged Mumster Movie Day Out - The Lady in the Van

Yesterday mum met a couple of friends to see The Lady in Van at the Lighthouse Cinema in Petone.  It is senior morning, where you get discounted tickets,, free tea and scones.  It was pumping - barely a seat left in the foyer as many a grey haired lady or gent elbowed in for a seat.  Mum and her friend,  are a tad under 50 but still scored senior prices which made them laugh, and they enjoyed being the youngest in the movie theater.  Mums friends mother accompanied them, and as she is in her seventies mum felt that they were not being too cheeky as they were taking a real pensioner in with them.

The Lady in the Van is awesome, it left mum smiling throughout.  Dame Maggie Smith is just amazing as Margaret who arrives in the slightly up and coming Camden street to live in her van, to the consternation of the locals.  After a bit of abuse she manages to convince playwright Alan Bennett to let her park in his driveway - and stays for 15 years.  I think the whole audience enjoyed this little movie.  A great story handled with sensitivity and fantastic performances from the two leads.  5/5

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello March - Welcome Autumn

Hello March, we can't believe how quickly you have rolled around.  After mum being home with her family for a couple of weeks and hot 30 deg (C) temperatures with mum sweating away, being back home it has been a mild 15 deg (C) and mum has been able to pull out her cardigans and long jeans and even today donned a light scarf.  It certainly has the feel of autumn about it.

Last night I also creeped into her bedroom and snuggled between the quilts for a while while mum read in bed.  Mum got a good nights sleep, and woke up and as she didn't have a work day was able to read her book and relax before going to the movies.  She went and saw Room, which she quite enjoyed.  Both main actors were amazing at holding and telling what is rather a grim story.  She then went to the library to have a wander and to the supermarket for a couple of supplies.  So a quiet night at home  tonight and mum is sure I will need to come in and snuggle again.