Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet the family - 6 month Gotchaversary.

Today is my six month gotchversary!!! Yippeee!! I came and gave mum a big purry cuddle first thing in the morning. She thinks that was a great thank you gift. Then I came and put muddy paws on the nice quilt - mum not so pleased now.
This is my mum - as a simpson character!!! She did do a version that had grey hair and was going to put it in grey like me!! If you go to the simpsons movie website you just need to load it up and find 'create avatar'. Then you can have fun making yourself into a simpsons character. Mum stayed up late, instead of having an early night, doing our whole family. To do you and your family go here:

This is miss belle and master bud.

Mums big brother and his lovely wife.

And best of all mums dad - G'dad. For the record - mum has never seen G'dad in a tshirt. He is proper and wears a shirt every day - no tie.
Mum thinks these are very funny!! Hope you like meeting her family.
Poppy Q

Friday, June 29, 2007

Grey Like Me - Part Three (Snoopervising the street) & intoducing My Friday Friend

Back by popular demand - Grey like me!!! Yes in these two stunning snapshots you can see that I camouflage perfectly with the footpath outside my house. As you can see I am snoopervising the goings on of the neighbours. I am checking that they don't come onto my property and their birdies are all safely sitting in their trees. A very important job!!

As a Friday bonus I am introducing a new feature for my blog - My Friday Friend.

Because some of my friends and family have little or no blog reading time, are my niece or nephew, or dad (hello Gdad and Shirley), are Internet beginners or on dial up - I wanted to introduce them to the other nice cat bloggers out there.

My first My Friday Friend is:

Millie!! Millie lives in New Hampshire, America, with her sister cat Jasmine and her mum Lynne. Millie was rescued after a horrible accident that hurt her leg really badly. She was lucky to find a forever home with her mum and the other kitties. Millies cat blog was one of the first I read. You can find her at: (just click on this link to get to her website).
This year her cat brother Gizzy, got sick and his mum needed help to pay all the expensive vet bills. So she started making some fabulous cat quilts, and my mum asked if she could buy one to help out. This is the quilt we got - from the fantastic bizzy for Gizzy Quilts. Mum is still trying to get a nice picture of me on it though (I am wormy squirmy for pictures!) Unfortunately Gizzy was too sick to carry on and he died this year. Millie must miss him - especially as Jasmine seems to hiss at her a lot.

My mum reads me the adventures of Millie and it makes us smile to see what is happening in her world. Thanks Millie and Lynne for encouraging us to start our own blog. We only hope that we can continue to write as well and as long as you have.

If you would like a nice quilt like this you can visit

We hope you like My Friday Friend - why who could be next? Tune in next Friday for the next feline surprise.

Poppy Q

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is my Lampost

This is my lampost. It is also grey like me. Unfortunately it is not made up of merino sheep. I do like to roll around and scratch my back on it when I am outside. Thanks for letting me show you another of my grey things.
Poppy Q

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cold Night

It was the coldest night of the year so far, last night - Brrrrrrrrrrrrr !! So in the evening I climbed on my blanket. It is grey - like me and made of merino sheep. I love those sheep - I would eat them all up if I could.

Mum bought this blanket years ago - she knew I would arrive oneday.


Mum wishes I would keep still for more photos. But what you gonna do about it mum? I like to wriggle jiggle.

Poppy Q

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog adjustments

As you might have seen mum has played around with the blog.

She has added a map to see where you all are from. How exotic to be read around the world.

She has added a counter so we can see how many people come and see us - thanks everybody.

Best of all she added a little widget thing that shows us who came to visit - thanks Daisy, Daisy Mae, Zoey and the furballs, Faz, Dragonheart, Donny & Marie & Casey and our other visitors. Nice of you all to drop by.
We think some of you pussy cats and beans must have to get up really early, and stay up really late to read all the blogs out there.
Have a nice day.
Poppy Q

Monday, June 25, 2007

happy birthday miss Belle

Happy Birthday Miss Belle!!! It must be great to be eleven!

Miss belle is my mums niece. She is a great girl who loves to march, reading, tennis, swimming and being with her friends and family. When I was a little kitten she cames and stayed and I loved to cuddle up to her. Even though her legs are like long sticks I still like to lie on top of them and keep warm. You can come and cuddle with me any time miss belle!!

Me and my cat friends will wear our best party hats and think of you tonight!!

We love you miss Belle - happy eleventh birthday, and we wish you a year of happiness, fun and adventures.

Poppy Q and mum

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun Sunday

Well friends it is a lovely sunny Sunday here - even quite warm in the sun. I got to play with mum this morning in the front of the house. She was waiting for her friends A & P to come over with their two lovely boys Tai and Finn. Tai was three years old this week - happy birthday Tai!! Finn is just a baby - he hasn't had any birthdays yet. So when they arrived I ran away as all clever cats should.

So mum got stolen away by them and they went to a Cat show! Mum said there were lots of cats there. One looked like Dragon heart and he won a prize. Mum thinks he won a prize for the best of the no-haired cats. He had pretty eyes and mum got to pat him.

She said there were lots of british shorthair cats there and a couple looked like me! Two of them were even my relatives as mum said hello to my breeder, who was visiting and showing a couple of my family. I hope they win the best prizes - they the best looking there.

My mum bought me a present too! Can you see it in the photos? I have left green feathers all over mums bed.

And best of all - it is steak night!!! Yippeeeeeeeeee !!!

Poppy Q

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Winter Solstice

The Remarkables - mountains overlooking Queenstown.

As all you northern hemisphere cats celebrate the middle of your glorious summer, us southern kitty cats are shivering in the middle of our winter. We thought we would share these pictures of the lower South Island of New Zealand taken yesterday (by someone else - mum said we couldn't go there because the roads and airfields were all closed by the snow storms).

This is Wanaka.
It doesn't snow where we live. Hope you like the pictures of down south. It has been chilly here but we have had fabulous blue skies and if you sit directly in the sun you can feel its warmth. I was lying on the seat outside, getting warm yesterday. I looked awfully cute so mum went and got the camera. Great!! Now I am not going to sit still for you I am going to run all around the garden showing you where you need to pull out weeds. Boy can I run fast, I better relax and hide in the bushes!!! Hah hah mum you can't get any pictures of me!!!
PS in the previous post mum says she doesn't let any pussy cat (or person) play in plastic bags unsupervised. As that would be dangerous and just plain silly!!!
Poppy Q

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thanks bub, I got you a present

Hi Poppy - mum here,

I got you a present. It was free - it came with some parcels in it, not organic, hours of fun for you, comfortable to sleep in, easy to fold up and put in the cupboard, has built in air conditioning, you can share it with freinds and is easy to clean. Why it is a large plastic bag that you seem to enjoy spending lots of time in.

Love Mum xxx

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mum I got you a present!!

Mum I got you a present. I didn't waste any money on it, it is organic, it fits in my mouth so it will fit in your pocket,it needs love like me, it makes pretty shapes playing in the light, it is pretty natural colours and you will burn calories chasing it.

Ooops I ate it!! Sorry - I will go and look for another one for you.

Poppy Q

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lets go on Holiday

Mum lets go on holiday somewhere warm!!!
Poppy Q

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boy it is chilly!!

My it was a cold morning this morning. I had to go and sit on my mum real early to tell her how cold it was (it is winter here).
Even though mum had a jacket, two jumpers, a scarf and gloves on she still saw some kids walking to school in shorts and t-shirt!!!
Poppy Q

Monday, June 18, 2007


Ohhhhhhhhh it is so hard to get up and send mum off to work on Monday. Why do you have to get up so early mum? I will just stay here and keep your side warm.
Poppy Q

Sunday, June 17, 2007

If mum wins Lotto

This weekend my mum talked to me about her plans for if we win Lotto!! We didn't have a ticket this week but mum intends to buy one for this coming weekend!! Boy do I hope we win.

She said if we win we have to share it. I can have a big garden full of catnip with lots of climbing trees full of birds. I would get enough biscuits to last forever and toys and mum might even get another couple of kitties. Say what?? No way - only if I can be boss alpha cat!!! She said maybe even two dogs that she would call Bert and Ernie - super no way mum, no woofies in our house!

She would buy us a big house with lots of bookshelves for me to climb, underfloor heating so we are warm all winter and a nice big deck and backyard so we have somewhere to sit out in the hot summer evenings.

She thinks that she would have to have a wee shop that would sell all the fabulous things she would have to buy in New York, France, Italy and London!! I would get a million outfits to rival miss daisy and her super huge wardrobe.

Mum loved the post from Skeezix about the superduper flash cat motel that him and his brother Mao stayed at!! She would also build one of those! Check out this link and you can see the fabulous cat hotel - awesome!!!!
We would also use some money to help our friends and family!! We would help the SPCA as they are always looking for people to help sponser cages for their pussy cats.
We would also send our cat blogger friends some treats!!
What would you do?
Poppy Q

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Collar and bell

Some of you observant cats noticed in my last post that I was wearing a cool collar and tag. Mum bought that one when she knew I was coming. It is a purple bandana fabric, and has a blue tag, that has my name, my mums phone number and a cute little paw print on it.

In case I get stolen, I also have a secret that I will only tell my blog friends - I have a micro chip that mum got the vet to put in me when I was really little. If I get stolen or lost, the vets or SPCA will barcode me and find out where my real mummy is. A microchip is small like a grain of rice and it sits under the skin behind my shoulders. My mum held me while the vet put in in, and I didn't even squirm!! It didn't hurt and makes my mum feel that I am a bit safer.

Me and my collar!!

Mum asked her friend for advice on how to get a kitten used to a collar. She said to start when little with just putting it on for an hour a day. Then after a week put it on your kitten during the day and take it off at night. Now I wear mine all the time and I don't notice it!! It is much harder to train an older cat.

Mum says that the most important thing ever in choosing a cat collar is to make sure you buy one with a breakaway snap on it, not one with a buckle. Otherwise we can get caught in trees and bushes and not get loose. These collars here show what a breakaway collar looks like.

Poppy Q

Friday, June 15, 2007

Outside Cat

Yes we are lucky cats in New Zealand. We are allowed out to roam around whenever we want. Some states in Australia have bylaws that mean cats have to come in from dusk to dawn. This is usually to protect local wildlife and native birds. Many councils in New Zealand would also like this come in here and just this week a couple of councils are trying to limit households to having a maximum of two cats only.
Mum has tried to teach me some road sense and when I was little I would wander down the front of the house to where the cars are parked. Mum would follow me and chase me away from the cars. She hopes it has worked and that I am being very careful. We live in a cul-de-sac so there isn't too much passing traffic. Mum is probably more nervous that someone will steal me because I am so cute!!!
Poppy Q

Thursday, June 14, 2007


My mum said I should let you know about my catdoor. It is nothing exciting, just a little door in the back kitchen door. Did you know mum didn't have to show me how to use it - I figured it out myself at 3 months old!! Once I knew where it went to I was in and out all the time!! Up until I was 5 months old mum would close it and put a big heavy box in front of it. But I was so strong I could push the box and squeeze out through the gap.

In the end mum gave in and just lets me come and go as I please. That is how i got out in the rain last night. Mum says that lots of you American cats have to be inside pussycats as you have bears, snakes and alligators who could eat you!!! We don't have any of those monsters here only dogs!!!

Here I am hunting mices and birds in my garden!

Mum says I should let you all know that because I am so good usuing my catdoor I don't have to have a litterbox inside. I go and dig holes in all the neighbours gardens and do my business there!!

Poppy Q

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Game for Winter

Hey I learnt a new trick last nite.

When it is really really cold (winter time in here), run outside in the rain and then run into your mums room. Call out and tell her "hello I am here". Then jump on her bed, run under the duvet and wipe your cold wet body against hers. All mums and dads will love it!!!

Then while your mum is getting you dry with the towel (and cursing) wriggle lots and run off and sleep in the igloo.

That is my life of adventure.

Poppy Q

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bye Suzanne

Bye Suzanne,

We had only just started to read Suzannes blog and didn't know her very well. She was very sick and her mum had to help her go to the vet. Unfortunately poor Suzanne was too sick to carry on. We were glad to hear your mum could be with you at the end. My mum was there to cuddle Puss last year and it helped a lot to know she wasn't alone or scared.

On brighter news - this is poppy in a box!! We have posted theis on the website!! Mum got some shampoo in this box and as soon as the bottles were taken out, Poppy was straight into the box.
Poppy Q

Monday, June 11, 2007

Thinking of our sick friends

Today we are thinking about Suzanne and her mom from Under the bed -

Suzanne is a pussy cat who is 16 years old and has renal failure. She has had a tough weekend. Me and my mum are thinking about you Suzanne - we are sending you lots of good wishes. We know your mom will do what is right for you.

This time last year mum was having a rough time with Puss. Puss was a great, gentle loving cat. She would run up to anyone (even toddlers) and let them pat her and she never used her paws or claws. Kids from all around would come to visit her.

Puss had 8 months with renal failure. It's pretty tough keeping an eye on those pussy cats and getting them to eat enough. Mum knew that Puss was too tired when she stopped eating and didn't want to drink. She knows that many of you have cats with renal failure and one of the things that worked for her and puss was to get a 20 ml syringe and a drawing up cannula (like a straw that connects to the syringe). Mum was able to use this to syringe the water into the side of Pusses mouth. She used to do this when Puss was tired and Puss would drink quite a bit this way.

We have a super duper vet and she was great. Renal cats can 'crash' and have a wee crisis that takes them to the vets. Fluids and rest can give them more time and sub cut fluids at home can help bring them back to normal. Mum tried sub cut injections at home a few times - she isn't scared of needles and Puss was a good girl and didn't wriggle too much. Nice vet Natalie showed mum how to put pegs on the back of Pusses neck that made her go all quiet too.

Natalie also told us that we would know when the time was right to bring Puss in for her final visit. She was right - mum knew. Poor old puss didn't want any food or water and was all wobbly. Mum knew that night and asked her special friend to go with her the next day. Still makes mum cry to think about it. It was a tough day but so the right thing to do. Mum wishes she had known about cat blogging then because she could have asked for support. Mum is glad though that she had so much time with Puss and that she was able to be with Puss giving her cuddles at the end.

One of mums good friends had a wee cat Millie. Millie had been sick with thyroid problems but one morning would not eat her breakfast. Then when her mum went out Millie went and sat at the end of the driveway and watched her go. When she came home Millie was gone and never came home. We hope that Millie went somewhere warm and dry and curled up and had sweet dreams.

So today we are thinking of Suzanne and all the other sick pussy cats out there - we hope you all feel better soon. We also know how lucky you are having mums and dads who look after you all so well.

Poppy Q

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Five Days.

Day one: We got tagged by marvellous Miss Millie to tell you about our first five days at our house. My mum came and got me on the 30th of December 2007. To quote Miss Millies Mom I had had my "ladygardenectomy" only two days earlier so I was a bit sore, but my new mum was nice and gentle. This is me in my new green blanket. I was a bit nervous when we got home but mum stayed with me in the lounge and let me just wander around. I spent 5 hours exploring before I went to sleep.

Day two: I figued out that when I was tired I could cuddle up to my mum. Even though it is meant to be summer in NZ in December - it was very cold. I didn't hide too much under the couch today though.

Day three: Mum left me this big toy to play with. Lots of sparkly bits for me to pull at. I think she must have been mad at it though cause it wasn't out for long. It got pulled into little bits and thrown away!! Boy I better be a good kitty that mum is tough!!

Day Four: This is the bed I am meant to sleep in when mum tries to move me into her room. Uh uh mum not gonna sleep in that one. Gonna sleep on your pillow pulling your hair!!! Unfortunately for me mum has watched supernanny too many times. I only allowed to sleep in her room with her if I quiet and go to sleep. If I wriggle jiggle too much she takes me back to the lounge.

Day Five: This is my igloo in the lounge. It has a pillow underneath and mum has put a hot water bottle underneath. You can see at the front of me that funny blue monster toy that I stole from the other bed. I love my igloo and know when the sun goes down I have to head to bed. Now I am a big girl I take up the whole thing!

-Thanks for dropping by!! We are not sure who has been tagged - it must be your turn!
Poppy Q

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mum come back to bed - you still look sick!!

Mum you need to come back to bed - you still look and sound sick. Sorry you had to work all day. I know you had to go and buy me some more cat biscuits, as we ran out during the week. I like the kitten ones you bought - especially when you sneezed and accidently filled my bowl to the top. But we better put it up high overnight as naughty cat might come in and eat them all up!!

I have kept your bed warm as it is a freezing night. So please come to bed now - bring your book and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee put the electric blanket on.

Nite nite everyone.

Poppy Q

Friday, June 8, 2007


Mum has been sick with a cold, so I have been keeping her company and follow her anytime she gets out of bed or off the couch. She sounds all blocked up.

You met the belle, this is the bud (in green). Dad is holding his hands up showing us all the buds big muscles. Belle is dressed in her marching uniform as she was in town for Marching Champs. They did awesome!!

Poppy Q

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seven things.

We have been tagged to tell you seven things about us.

1. Poppy was a nickname for Puss - mums cat before me. She was very sick before she died and mum would call her "her little poppet" and pat her which would make her purr.

2. Poppies was also the name of a cafe that G'dad and nana B ran for many years.

3. I don't really like human food but you better be prepared to let me come and sniff what you are eating anyway. Just in case - you might be eating my biscuits.

4. Mum had to choose between me and my sister at the breeders. We looked so alike she couldn't decide (we were only five weeks old), so mum let the nice breeder lady choose. She made a great choice.

5. I am a good girl and don't scratch or bite. However if you pick me up I will wormy squirmy until you let me down. Nice breeder lady said we like our feet on the ground, we are not pick up and cuddle cats.

6. She also said we are not lap cats! Mum is training me to come and sit on her lap. If I come and jump up and sit down, she will give me special cat treats. I use my paw to pull her hand down (being very careful to hold my claws in) and I let her put the biscuits in my mouth between my very sharp teeth.

7. Sometimes I forget about biscuits and just sit on mums knee for a wee cuddle. Not very often but it has happened.

Poppy Q

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello family!!

Well mum let her family know about the blog on Friday nite. She has a little family and loves them all and they try not to have any secrets. She told the belle (her niece) and the bud (her nephew) and their mum and dad.

They told the G'dad (mums dad) at the weekend. He has now officially put mum in the mad cat owners group. He now thinks she is on the slippery slope towards having thirty cats and only having a shower once a year.

So hello family. This is me snuggling up to the belle. I don't do this with mum only the kids. See how small I am - I was only a baby when the belle came to visit me.

Question to the bloggers!! Are you anonymous or does your family/friends know?
Poppy Q

Monday, June 4, 2007

Queenies birthday

The Queen popped over to celebrate her birthday today. A cup of tea and biscuits then a lovely card and lotto ticket - what more could you ask. We sung happy birthday Queenie and sent her off to celebrate the rest of the day with her chums. It has left poppy in a real ditzy mood and she loved her first Queens birthday Monday!! Mum was pretty pleased not to be working and went to see another movie!!!

This time she saw Becoming Jane about Jane Austen. She thought maybe a 3/5 for this one. Very pretty to look at but again she thought those script writers may have been taking a holiday with the pirates ones. She didn't think the writing was very clever. Lots of lovely costumes but definately a flick for chicks.

Have a nice week.

Poppy Q

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Sunday is for sleeping. Mum was out in the countryside today and stopped at an antique shop. It was cold and they had a nice fire going inside. Next to the fire was a posh basket with a curled up siamese cat sleeping inside. Mum thinks that that would be a perfect job - one where you could take your sleepy cat to work.

I hope you all had a nice sleep in today.
Poppy Q