Saturday, June 16, 2007

Collar and bell

Some of you observant cats noticed in my last post that I was wearing a cool collar and tag. Mum bought that one when she knew I was coming. It is a purple bandana fabric, and has a blue tag, that has my name, my mums phone number and a cute little paw print on it.

In case I get stolen, I also have a secret that I will only tell my blog friends - I have a micro chip that mum got the vet to put in me when I was really little. If I get stolen or lost, the vets or SPCA will barcode me and find out where my real mummy is. A microchip is small like a grain of rice and it sits under the skin behind my shoulders. My mum held me while the vet put in in, and I didn't even squirm!! It didn't hurt and makes my mum feel that I am a bit safer.

Me and my collar!!

Mum asked her friend for advice on how to get a kitten used to a collar. She said to start when little with just putting it on for an hour a day. Then after a week put it on your kitten during the day and take it off at night. Now I wear mine all the time and I don't notice it!! It is much harder to train an older cat.

Mum says that the most important thing ever in choosing a cat collar is to make sure you buy one with a breakaway snap on it, not one with a buckle. Otherwise we can get caught in trees and bushes and not get loose. These collars here show what a breakaway collar looks like.

Poppy Q


  1. My Mommie has been thinking of getting me microchipped, so I am glad to find out that it doesn't hurt.

  2. Hi Poppy!

    I've got a breakaway collar too, my KidBean wants to get me a SpongeBob tag for my information.

  3. Poppy I have a break away collar too. It took me a while to adjust but I would just put it on and let it go.

  4. I want a microchip. I just don't want to -get- a microchip.