Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet the family - 6 month Gotchaversary.

Today is my six month gotchversary!!! Yippeee!! I came and gave mum a big purry cuddle first thing in the morning. She thinks that was a great thank you gift. Then I came and put muddy paws on the nice quilt - mum not so pleased now.
This is my mum - as a simpson character!!! She did do a version that had grey hair and was going to put it in grey like me!! If you go to the simpsons movie website you just need to load it up and find 'create avatar'. Then you can have fun making yourself into a simpsons character. Mum stayed up late, instead of having an early night, doing our whole family. To do you and your family go here:

This is miss belle and master bud.

Mums big brother and his lovely wife.

And best of all mums dad - G'dad. For the record - mum has never seen G'dad in a tshirt. He is proper and wears a shirt every day - no tie.
Mum thinks these are very funny!! Hope you like meeting her family.
Poppy Q