Sunday, November 30, 2014

Speedy Sunday

Sundays go by so fast don't they?  Us girls had a little old sleep in today and then mum headed out for a wander.  She has bought new  summer birkenstocks and as usual they made her foot ache after a bit of a long old walk.  She managed to find a nice summer scarf on sale and got a mminiatureChristmas tree for a bit of the festive spirit.  She enjoyed her fresh airs and I enjoyed my snoozing at home.  Can you believe that December starts tomorrow?

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday too.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Aww it was a blissful Caturday.  Mum is trying to adjust her sleeping back to normal after four nights on call during the past week.  So she had a wee sleep in, and after waking for an early morning toilet visit and obligatory biscuit bowl fill for me, she managed to sleep in til 10am.  So then she rushed off a couple of loads of washing, as the sun was shining and the wind was blowing so it was nice to get both her uniform and the sheets on the line.

Then she headed into town.  First she was a good Samaritan, as a young pregnant mum was trying to carry both her toddler and her pushchair down the forty steps in front of our house.  So mum carried the pram, while mum bought her young son safely down.  Mum then headed into town for a little walk around before meeting a bestie for a tasty dinner.  They had thought about going to a movie, but the cinemas are a pain and put shows on at 6pm and 8.30pm, while old ladies like mum would prefer a 7pm session so that she could be home at a reasonable hour.  So she came home to the television instead.  But now the best bet of my weekend  begins - helping mum put the fresh sheets on the bed.  I LOVE it!!!

Hope you all had fun on your Caturday.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cool Friday

Tis rather cold and wet in our city tonight.  So mum and I are taking it easy.  A bag of maltesers and Australian Masterchef on the tele.  Mum was so looking to her dinner tonight, but the steak was a bit tough and the mashed potatoes were dry.  So disappointed, how does she get mashed potatoes wrong after all of these years?  Still, she knows that she is lucky to be able to afford food on the table.  First world problems i guess.

  So it will be early to bed with her book and waiting for the rest of the weekend, so she can have some fun.  I headed to bed about 7pm after my dinner.  You see dinner takes about 13 hours to digest, so I will get up tomorrow morning ready to go!!!

Happy Friday everybuddy!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday Eve

Mum is hanging out til it is Friday.  Just one more day at work, and then she has some freedom time.  She has people to visit, things to do, a ton of books to be read, shows to be watched, grey cats to pat, chores to do, a pussy cat to feed, clothes to be washed, food to be eaten, treats to put out for her kitty and the list goes on!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There was a curtain sale on at our local "red shed" discount store over the weekend.  Mum had been sick of staring at the khaki/mum brown curtains in her room.  So she found these Black/grey ones for her room, which although they look shiny with the camera aren't too shiny at all, and best of all they block a lot of the outside light, making it easier for mum to sleep, especially as our summer approaches and she has some more night shifts to do.  Sleeping during the day is tricky and a dark room helps.  The best bit is that they were 40% off on Sunday.  Of course then they were discounted again on Monday to 60% off - grrrr don't you hate that?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Vom Bomb

So mum had a hard old day at the office and was looking forward to coming and home and relaxing.  When she came in the house, she noticed a funny smell and found the two little piles of vomit that I had left on the rug for her.  The rug that she had hoovered and cleaned yesterday.  That will teach her for leaving me a treat of ham for breakfast.  Ohh yeah!! (and no she did not take a photo of it - she saved you from having to look at it over breakfast or lunch or dinner).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Looking at Me!!

Here is me looking at me!!  Miss Belle made mum a card when it was her birthday (a few weeks ago), and she put this lovely picture in it of me and my teddy bear at our old house.  I was just a kitten, and now I am a grown up cat!

Mum was lucky last night, as she got to sleep for a good 7 hours before getting called in at 6am.  She would have got more sleep if i hadn't of woken her at 5.05am, 5.10, 5.15,5.25 and finally 5.30am to tell her that there were no biscuits in my bowl, before heading outside to sulk as the sun came up.  It was good for her to have an early start, as she was able to head straight out and do some jobs at 8am when the call was finished.  Not so sure the shoppers appreciated her bed head and probably smeared mascara, but mum didn't care.  She came home and took it easy and tried to do some chores and odd jobs.  She resisted having a nap, as she needs to try and get her sleep back into a better pattern for the week ahead.  She went back to work tonight, but is home now at 10:55 and will head to bed with her book soon.

After finishing at 10:30 mum zipped to the supermarket on the way home, as it is at the end of the street.  It is quiet at that time, although the shelves were a bit bare, mum was glad she popped in as the dishwashing liquid was on special and mangos were 2 for $3, and pineapples were $3.50 so mum stocked up on them and some pears and bananas.  So lots of fruit for her for the next couple of days.

Sweet sleeps everybuddy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Casual Caturday

It was casual caturday here at home.  The mumster worked last night til 10:30pm and then did some overtime til after midnight.  Coming home and winding down is tricky, so she hopped into bed just before 2am.  Then work called at 4:45am and she was off to work again.  She finished at 6am and felt wide awake so went to the supermarket and shopped sleepy.  That meant she came home with lots of toiletries and treats she normally wouldn't buy.

Her intention then was to get on with the day.  Plan A was to head off and get some jobs done out and about, but a big windy gale blew in during the day making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors, and as the morning went on mum realised that she would have to devote the afternoon to a nap. So plan B, of stay at home read and relax was chosen instead. So after napping was out of the way, us ladies had a quiet evening, and now mum has the work phone switched on again.  Fingers crossed she gets a nights sleep, but hey it is Saturday night here - so who knows.

So hope you all got some sleeps, I'm pretty tuckered out here!!

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Healing Furs

I may look crabulated in the photo, but it is just because mum turned the flash on and it did annoy me - I cannot lie.  I decided to sit on her notebook while she was trying to check out her roster and she got a good shot of where I was shaved for my heart studies a month ago. The furs are growing back slowly although mum says I don't like to be tickled there, it must be a bit sensitive.  She wouldn't want anyone tickling her tummy bits either!!!

We sure are glad it is Friday, although mum gets the late shift tonight and some on call, so she is preparing for a quiet weekend, so she has a chance to catch up on her sleeps.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another NZ MIllion Dollar House - Crazy House Prices in NZ

 Got a spare NZ Millon dollars?  You could have bought this lovely home on the city outskirts of our biggest city Auckland.
 It comes with all the mod cons.  NO Running water, No electricity and a very very bad odour.
A lovely kitchen - mmmmm a girl could dream of the party you could hold there.

Crazy prices huh?!!!!!  House prices are getting out of control here.  It is almost impossible to get into buying a home as house rental prices  and cost of living are  so high, making it difficult to save.  I am sure you could all get a much nicer house in your suburbs for the price.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chilled Out Tuesday

The forecast this morning was for sunshine, but boy it looked like it was going to rain as mum left for work.  She was optimistic and got some towels out on the washing line, and she was lucky as the breeze and the sunshine did it's work while she slaved away.  It was an easy soup and toast night tonight, mum still doesn't quite feel like eating or cooking any heavy stuff yet, her tummy is still a tad unsettled after the eplosioncom of a weekend ago.

Me I relaxed at home and held the fort til mum got home to keep me company.

Monday, November 17, 2014


When mum visited at her friends place she got to  meet some of their Chickens.  Mighty fine looking birds they were, who get to live next to the seaside and have a great garden to explore in.  They weren't scared of mum either, and were great fun to watch as they rushed around the garden looking for food, bugs and treats.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Seaside Sunshines

Today was rather glorious.  Mum got up early and went out to visit with some super friends who live by the sea not so far away.  They had lunch together and all enjoyed themselves and went for a short walk beside the harbour, before mum had to peel herself away to come home.  It sure felt like a taste of summer, and mum will sleep well tonight after all that sea air.

Me - well I snoozed in the bedroom and then I snoozed in the living room.  Life is good - and kind of easy.  In case you were wondering, I am back to snoozing on our bed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Caturday started all windy and drizzly, like a lot of spring mornings we have had lately.  Mum got up and had her shower, and then went for a walk into town to meet a bestie for a touch of lunch and a wander round, and as the day went on the weather got better all on its own.  The girls looked at lots of shoes and clothes, and mums friend bought a couple of things.  Mum didn't have any money to spend, so she did a fair amount of looking, and nothing really appealed to her.  Well there were a couple of silk tops that were $400, so unless it was lucky lotto night mum won't be buying those.  They were also tops that one wears while sitting at your table at a lovely restaurant in Italy or France or the Greek Islands.  For rich holiday mum, not budget home body mum.  A girl can dream of a fantasy life can't she?  Rich jet setting mum would still need a grey pussy cat to keep her warm at night - after the gigolo has gone home!!

So home for dinner for her and feast for me, a little play and a few chores and now mum is off to bed to read her book and get to bed at a decent hour, how nana of her.  Gone are the days of big nights out on a Friday and a Sunday, as mum is generally home and tucked into bed at a good hour and get her socializing done earlier in the day.  Me - I like it that way too.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Night Treats

TGIF we say.  Mum was good and went for a walk after work to get some fresh air.  A quick trip to the supermarket and then arrived home to dine on the couch.  I dined in the kitchen with some fancy feast, and for an after supper treat was allowed some temptations while sitting on the couch next to mum.  Then I took myself off to bed to wait til mum had finished the jobs and tele watching.

Hope you all have had a relaxing Friday too and ready for your weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tomorrows Friday

Our spring weather has succumbed to a touch of cool nights and rain.  Mum has resorted to turning the heaters on to warm us girls up before we head to bed and we might as well retreat to under the covers to keep warm.  Mum is feeling better, but mindful to get some early nights this week.  Her tummy is not quite back to normal and so she is going gentle and just eating quiet food and not pushing it too much.  The real test will be the weekend and a couple of eating out opportunities, so mum will have to see how she goes.

Still, we have Friday to get through first.  Mum has a day shift, and then the fun begins at 4.30pm, woop woop.  Mum can kick off the uniform and put some casual pants on and chill out.  Mum was speaking today to someone.  They share a love of lemon lime and bitters as there favourite drink.  They did say that sometimes they add wine to theirs!!!  A new cocktail that mum had never heard of.  I guess you learn something new every day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Disaster Dreams

This is one of the views coming round the harbour into our city, that mum took a few years ago on a lovely sunny day.  Needless to say it was blowing a gale today, and not a day for walking.  Mum woke up having what she calls a disaster dream.  You know, like the big scale action movies, all the hills shaking, cracks in the road type dreams.  Hers was that she had to get up high, away from the low areas, so it must have been an earthquake/tsunami dream.  I wasn't with her and she was scrambling to get to higher ground.  Luckily, our city is surrounded by high hills, so in reality it might not be such an issue.

Mum had been thinking about watching Noah the movie - maybe that brought it on?

Do your folks ever have disaster dreams?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Quiet Monday

So mum spent most of the day tucked up in bed today.  She had an awful nights almost sleeping, too cold, then too hot, then asleep then awake.  Luckily she had a good supply of books and movies to keep her busy.  Her tummy still isn't doing the right things, but at least the projectile stuff from yesterday is over.  Lets just say it was very exorcist.  So a bit of fluids today and maybe some solids tomorrow.

Thanks everybuddy for the well wishes - we can feel the nice vibes coming our way.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nurse Poppy

Well mum woke up bright and early this morning, by the worst kind of wake up call.  The my tummy feels awful D&V wake up alarm clock, and then proceeded to be sick on and off all day.  So it is an early night for her tonight.  She aches and feels sore, but her tummy has settled a bit although she feels queasy, at least she can take water.  She has a lot of washing to do, several pyjamas and all the towels.

I was a good nurse and curled up at her feet and kept her company all day.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Caturday Fireworks

Woohoo there were fireworks tonight for Caturday!!  They were booming and lighting up the sky.  Actually mum says that they were the cities Guy Fawkes Fireworks show.  It was a perfect sunny day, and a lovely evening, the best in years.  Our city is prone to a touch of wind and clouds and tonight was still and calm.  This was the view from our house which was fine for mum.  She did learn that taking pictures of fireworks is very hard, although she does like to blame the camera as her zoom is not so good.

Hope you all have a lovely Caturday.  Mum and I slept in, and she had a leisurely morning before heading into town to meet some besties.  A little shopping and a nice lunch together, before mum headed for home.  She stopped off at the supermarket, and then she felt the need for a little Poppy nap.  Then it was some dip and taco chips, then grapes for her on the couch, doing the dishes, reading some blogs. and watching Pitch Perfect for a little laugh.  Now it is close to midnight so we will snuggle while mum reads her book for a while.  Ahh life is good.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Cos mum worked late last night, getting up this morning at 06:30 early was a bit of a shocker.  Still she managed to stumble to work, and it was an ok day.  Steady though and with a late afternoon rush she still managed to leave work late.  A little visit to the supermarket to stock up on the feast, as it s 90c a can at the moment, which is a bargain in this part of the world.  So mum came home and I had my feast, she ate some leftovers and had a wee nap on the couch.  Then we relaxed some more - nice!!

So there is not too much planned for the rest of the weekend, mum intends it to be quiet and take it easy.  Tomorrow night is the big fireworks display in town, which mum will miss as she is quite content to stay home with me.  The good thing about living in this little place, is that with neighbours upstairs I have become more used to other people noises.  So the other night mum was quite surprised as neighbours close to us were setting off fireworks, and I came and sat beside mum on the couch and watched them.  Prior to this year, I would have run outside and hidden under the deck of our old house, but now I am quiet content to go to bed and sleep through the noises.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Late Night Dining

We have been having a little blast of cooler weather this week, so mum has had to dust off the winter jackets to wear to and from work.  Especially tonight as she only finished work at 10:30pm.  Then home to relax for a while before trying to sleep to get up early tomorrow for work again.  So I gotted my tea real late, then I ran round outside for ten minutes and now have come inside to snuggle down next to mum  for our sleeps.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gentle Start

   Here I am at my sentry post - staring through the fence into a little window that mum thinks goes to the neighbours kitchen.   She knows the neighbour as he is a senior man that works at mums work.  He told her that he was able to buy the house for $17,000 30 years ago.  Houses like his are now worth 30 times that amount, even though his is small like ours and quite run down without any fancy renovations done to it, no parking and tricky access.  Mum is sure that he doesn't mind me spying on him.

It has been a gentle start to the week of work.  Mum has stocked up with lots of groceries and has been making some healthy dinners and taking lots of fruit to have with a sandwich for her lunch.  This time of year and the markets and supermarkets are full of lovely spring fruit and the tail end of pears and apples.  She has made a big bowl of chicken, vegetable and chilli noodles for dinner earlier in the week, and tomorrow morning will cook a pasta dish to last for the next couple of nights shift.  Mum finds it easier to cook only a couple of nights a week, making enough to last two evenings and some leftovers for lunch.  At work there is a staff room where they all eat together, with most people bringing their own lunches from home.

Me I am happy having my fancy feast every night.  Tonight mine was eaten by 6pm, and then I was in bed with a full tummy by 6.30pm ready for my 14 hour sleeps.  Mum will join me at midnight, read a little while and maybe watch an episode of something on her tablet.  Luckily we can sleep in a bit later tomorrow morning so we should get in a good 7-8 hours of sleeping for her.

Sweet dreams friends.

Monday, November 3, 2014

By the Water

Mum spent a week of her holidays with her dad beside the water at the lovely lake Taupo.  Being by the mountains, it is always a bit cool there, but the sun shone on enough days to make it enjoyable and the fresh air and relaxation is always needed.

So it was haaaaaaaaaaaard for mum to get up this morning.  Made harder by the fact that she did not turn out her light til 1am.  Then I woke her up at 4.47am as my biscuit bowl was empty and at 5:20am to tell her that it was raining outside.  Then her alarm sounded loudly at 6am, so mum admitted defeat and got up.  So tonight after dinner she crashed out asleep on the couch for an hour.  Early to bed tonight it is for us.

Happy birthday to big Uncle tonight - 21 again!!!  We love you!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inside Sunday

Boy it was a bit blowy here today, with the wind roaring across the city.  Mum pulled out the merino jumper and scarf today, while her family up north were complaining about how hot they were.  We love spring.

Mum met some great friends for a lovely yum cha lunch.  They had tried for sushi and some Japanese treats, but it seemed that all of those places are shut on a Sunday lunch time.  So dumplings and rice it was, which was rather tasty, although mum says you always manage to eat that one too many and end up feeling full.

A supermarket stop was in order too, but mum didn't feel like much so she got some bread and some bananas and a whole lot of toilet paper.  So a quiet afternoon at home, a little nap on the bed for both of us and then an early dinner.  I have taken myself off to bed at 7pm leaving mum to watch some television and catch up with some blogs before bed.  Sunday night sleeping is never easy for her, as she knows she has to get up to the dreaded alarm clock in the morning.

Hope you have all had a nice Sunday and are taking it easy too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Caturday Return of Poppy Q

Hello Blogging Friends we sure missed you.  We are back after our little holiday, the mumster to lakeland and me to the cat hotel

  After the Chromegate of October, mum seriously considered tossing in the blogging towel.  We don't want blogging to be a chore, and like so many of our blogging friends we were wondering if we had run out of things to say.   However, we did miss so many of our friends that we are going to carry on at this stage, we know that we enjoy visiting with our friends around the country and overseas and seeing what everybuddy has been up to.

So I got a good report from the cat hotel, they give mum a little report card from my stay there.  It says that I enjoyed sitting out in the garden and loved getting pats and chin scritches.  The pooh inspector said that I had runny poohs and a bit of blood a couple of days (mum says that she is glad she does not have that job), and so I got some special foods, but felt better after my tummy settled.

I have been a little limpet and followed mum around for the first couple of days of being home, but things are settling back to normal now as we both get back into our routines.

So kisses to everybuddy and we look forward to catching up.

poppy Q