Friday, November 7, 2014


Cos mum worked late last night, getting up this morning at 06:30 early was a bit of a shocker.  Still she managed to stumble to work, and it was an ok day.  Steady though and with a late afternoon rush she still managed to leave work late.  A little visit to the supermarket to stock up on the feast, as it s 90c a can at the moment, which is a bargain in this part of the world.  So mum came home and I had my feast, she ate some leftovers and had a wee nap on the couch.  Then we relaxed some more - nice!!

So there is not too much planned for the rest of the weekend, mum intends it to be quiet and take it easy.  Tomorrow night is the big fireworks display in town, which mum will miss as she is quite content to stay home with me.  The good thing about living in this little place, is that with neighbours upstairs I have become more used to other people noises.  So the other night mum was quite surprised as neighbours close to us were setting off fireworks, and I came and sat beside mum on the couch and watched them.  Prior to this year, I would have run outside and hidden under the deck of our old house, but now I am quiet content to go to bed and sleep through the noises.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!!


  1. Your certainly a brave young lady Poppy!x. I hate fireworks! :).
    I'm home a workman here fitting a new back door and panel.
    All very posh! He's nearly finished, so l shall need to tidy up a bit!
    And, l've just decided to paint the kitchen...Give me summat to do the weekend! Busy! Busy! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, what a sophisticated, grown-up lady cat you've become! You stay in hotels, and study ornithology, and now you're participating in community pyrotechnic celebrations!

  3. That's good news about you being more tolerant of noises, Poppy. I hope the noise of the big fireworks show this weekend doesn't reach you. Peaceful weekend to both you and your Mum.

  4. Poppy!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Ninety cents a tin for Fancy Feast! Here the average price is 68 cents, though I manage to find it ten cents less from time to time. Even with the conversion to New Zealand money, it shouldn't cost near 90 cents. Why are things so expensive there? I remember that house you showed us that cost what a small palace would here.

  6. Taking it easy is good. We hope the fireworks won't be excessively disruptive.

    Have a good weekend, both of you!

  7. What a brave girl you are, Poppy! Our mum just got back from Petsmart and paid 56 cents for a can of the Feast here in Chicago.

  8. Even though your old home was lovely, Poppy, it sounds like this one is good for you!

  9. cranberreez poppy Q...feast over heerz at 53 centz a can....N thatz' s'pozed ta bee "on sale"

    we shuld send ewe manee cases ya want !!!

    heerz two a happee halibut & herring week oh end ♥ enjoy yur time with mum ~~

  10. We will take it easy, mum has a long list of stuff to do.