Monday, June 29, 2015


It is 11:34 and mum just stepped in the door.  She is meant to finish at 10:30 pm, but it was busy at work and then she needed a couple of things at the supermarket.  She didn't get any breaks on her shift and had five minutes to quickly eat her dinner between jobs, so she was in need of a little pick me up.  Luckily she can relax tonight for a while and sleep in tomorrow with me.

So my feast was late, but I am chowing down now.  Nothing wrong with a little midnight dinner every now and then.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cat TV

Mum let me watch this show over the weekend.  It was all the best cat clips from the interwebs.  I particularly liked this moggie that could say Hello.  It made me sit up real close and chirp at him.  Wish there were more shows like this one.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

OK Caturday

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you got to do some fun things today.  The mumster did - things like cleaning the toilet, doing the dishes and sorting the rubbish.  I sure am glad I am a cat!  She did take herself off for a little walk.  She was in need of some bra underwears for work under her white tunic.  Of course she came home with two pink ones and only one that would work for week day wear, but boy is she going to look good next Caturday!

The day looked sunny, but there was a winter bite to it, so she didn't stay out long and came home and napped with me, and then a quiet night for us ladies.  Now she is off to watch some Vikings before bed.  Don't get too excited lady!!

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Friday Night

  • Supermarket chicken + coleslaw (her)
  • Fancy Feast (me)
  • Music and solo middle aged lady dancing (her)
  • Snoozing and Scratching (me)
  • Washing
  • Texting
  • Vikings
  • Couch Wars
  • Coke Zero (her)
  • Temptations (me)
  • Snuggles (both)
  • Electric Blanket
  • Snoozing (both)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss Belle

Happy birthday to our favourite niece Miss Belle.  Today she is 19 - so grown up.  Here is a picture of us from about 7 years ago, sharing the bed.  I am being very brave, as I am quite shy and normally run from visitors.

We wish our girl a wonderful year ahead - full of fun and adventure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Double Duvet

It was a bit of a chill overnight, the tv news even described last night and tonight as being double duvet nights.  It was recorded as 6 deg C on the tv news in our city, which might make you snigger, but in our house it is much cooler, as it is old and poorly insulated.  Tonight me and the mumster have the curtains drawn, and all the heaters on.  It did get to -22 deg C in some southern parts, the coldest temperature since 1903 we think.

So I have spent the day chilling out in mums room on the bed.  As soon as she finished work, she rushed home to get into some warm clothes and relax.  It is truly hibernation season, where mum seldom goes out in the evening, and mostly stays at home.  Tomorrow she starts at 7am, so it will be early to bed for us girls, as mum gets up at 5am to get ready.  For a low maintenance gal, she sure needs a lot of time to get ready.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Please forgive us if we skip some posts.   Mums laptop is poorly and not doing as it should. If it moves a tiny bit it switches itself off completely, and is now difficult to get to turn on.  It is uber slow and we think it is terminal, on it's last legs.  Mum did give in and order a replacement, so hopefully that won't take too long to arrive.

How has your Monday been?  Mums was busy at work, and mine was slow at home just trying to keep warm.

Love us.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lazy Sunday

 Today has been the laziest of days.  Mum stayed in her pyjamas til 11am, then had a shower and was only getting dressed at 1pm.  The sun was shining but as mum was on call she decided to stay home, keep warm and relax.  She watched World War Z - Brad Pitt looking older, but still fine and rather scary zombies, but a bit of a non story.  She would only rate it a 1/5.  This afternoon she watched the documentary Blackfish about Orca whales.  Really interesting, and terribly sad if you do care about animals.  Mum has never  been to a sea world to see such big whales perform and this documentary has made up her mind that she will never go to one in the future.  Worth watching.  5/5
And just to round out the weekend.  One of mums favourite pictures of me.  Looking cute and snuggly.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shortest Day Caturday

 It is the shortest day here in NZ - the days will now return to getting longer and spring will be upon us in a couple of months - yippee.  We know we mumble about the weather a lot, but it keeps everyone occupied in the country at the moment.  Towns in the South Island are smothered in snow, and towns only just north of us are flooded.  Our city though has not had much, it was just a tad chilly and we had some rain over the past two days, with promises of more to come in the next few days.
We read our friend Debs blog last night with things that made her smile yesterday.  These are some of the things that made mum smile too.  Her colouring books which she thought she should show.  She couldn't choose so she brought both.

 Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom is full of lovely gardens and animals, birds and beautiful pictures.
 Probably most famous is Secret Garden, full of twisting vines and flowers with each picture being a treasure hunt too.
These made mum smile too.  She looked all round town to find these sheepskin slippers in her size, she could only find some them in a size 8 or 10, not in the size 9 she wanted.  Her lovely sister in law tracked some town, so mum now has these.  She said they make a huge difference as she can quickly slip  them on to shuffle to the bathroom, when her tootsies used to get cold.

Today was the annual art show in Wellington, and mum was able to rug up in her jacket and scarf and layers of merino tops and go and meet her besties.  They went to the Belgian beer pub for a tasty lunch and then wandered round.  If mum had lots of money she could have bought lots of paintings, but as the cheapest of the ones she liked was $750 she left them all hanging on the walls.

A quick wander round, then th the girls stopped for a coffee and were lucky and ran into another couple of friends which made for a good little chitchat.

So home to warm up the house.  The bed is made with fresh sheets and pillowcases and mum has a new book to start reading tonight - bliss.

Hope you all have a great Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Feline Fun Friday

Mum went out the other weekend into the deep suburbs and found an adult colouring book, you know the one with pictures of flowers and creatures (nothing rude).  Tracking down a set of coloured pencils was more difficult.  The ones she covets most on Amazon are rather pricey, but she finally found some in the kids section of a local retail store.  As you can see I have claimed them as  mine - all mine!!

Today was rather rainy again, so mum was glad to stay in her pyjamas and have a sleep in as today hers was a midday - 8pm shift.  A visit to the supermarket keeps the fridge stocked so hopefully she can delay visiting there again til the working weeks starts up again.  She is tired but tonight she realised she was on call last weekend Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday morning.  Another lot of call on Tuesday and weds morning.  Thursday was a day off, and back on call tonight, Saturday morning, and all day Sunday til Monday morning.  All on top of  full week of work too.

So ours will be a quiet weekend.  Mum did try and sort some washing and dishes tonight so that she does not have to rush around at the weekend too much.

Hope you are all ready for the weekend - having a fun Friday too!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Return of the Rain

After a sunny week, the rain has returned, but we are lucky as there has been lots of snow in the south island of NZ, but by the time the cold weather reaches us we just get clouds and rain.  The good thing is there is no need to water the garden, as nature is doing it for us.   Mum did go for a quick walk after work to stock up on a few things, and then got home early to feed me my feast.  She had leftovers of a chicken/lemon risotto from last night.  A bit of tv, then she is off to bed with her book to keep warm and toasty.

Hope our friends get some sunshine wherever they are.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking it Easy Tuesday

I sent the mumster off to work this morning. It had been a chilly night so we snuggled together all night.  Tonight has a similar chill in the air, but mum is on call, so won't sleep as well.  She was tired this evening, so just had sandwiches for her dinner, and a feast for me, but we aren't complaining, we are lucky to go to sleep with full bellies when so many in the world are hungry.

When she got home tonight, there was a for sale sign on the house next door.  The one with the neighbour and his girlfriend who fight after nights out, so we hope we get new quiet neighbours.  The house is a bit run down though, so we imagine there will be a lot of building and renovating if new people buy it.

Hope you are all having a nice night and taking it easy!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Quiet Monday

We woke this morning and it was chilly and raining.  The best bit was today mum didn't have to go to work, and she spent the whole day at home with me.  Her plan A had been to go for a walk and maybe take in a movie, but the wallet is light this week, and she felt she should save some dollars and just relax.  So she stayed in her pyjamas til 9am then got up and had a shower and then a bagel for her brunch.

She has a whole lot of shows and movies on the DVR, and she was able to make a wee dent in them.  She wasn't too lazy - she did some washing and some dishes and made spaghetti with garlic and chilli for her dinner.  I got my usual feast - so I am happy.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Couch Wars Truce

Mum believes she has solved the couch wars 2015 situation.  You see for the past two months, I have got very annoyed that the mumster would choose to sit at her usual end  of the couch, as it was my spot and I deserve it.  I also won't share and sit next to her, until she put this bath mat there.  So now I am allowed on it, but not to hog the whole side of the couch, and now I allow her to sit next to the mat.  So - it's a truce for the time being.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Caturday - Timeline

0000 hr - Snore
0700 - Wake up + scratch
0700 - Biscuits and water
0705 - Bathroom Visit
0710- More biscuits
0715 - Jump on mum - Meow, Meow, Meow She's still snoring
0720- Snore
0800- Biscuits
0810- Sit our in the backyard, the sun is shining so soak up sunbeams and sniff round the property
0900- Mum is up, sees me being cute sunbeathing, so goes to get camera
0901- Run away so she can't take photograph
0910- Biscuits
0915- Nap on the couch.  Snore
1010- Mum goes to hang washing outside, walk her outside and look cute in the garden
1020- Chew grass
1030- Biscuits
1040- Crash out on the couch.  Snore
1050- Meow at mum as she leaves for the day.
1051- Snore
1530-  Mums home Meow, Meow, Meow
1600- Feast Time
1630 - Bathroom Visit
1635- Snore on the couch
1830- Evening stretch round the garden and bathroom visit
1900- Meow, Meow, Meow
1901- Treats!!!
1902- Sleep on the couch.  Snore
2220- Move onto the bed.  Snore

Hope you all had a great Caturday too!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Friday Night

  • Late home from work
  • Feed me my feast
  • Reheat leftovers
  • Put the Washing On
  • Fold up the Dry Washing
  • Watch the News
  • Talk to Besties on the phone
  • Tidy Up
  • Put the Second load of washing on
  • Hang up the washing
  • Pat the Cat
  • Watch American Horror Story - Coven (hope to sleep)
  • Remember to blog before midnight
  • Take off makeup, scrub face and brush teeth
  • Pretend to read book for five minutes
  • Pass out
  • Woo hoo

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rude Awakening

Mum woke up this morning, all excited thinking Today was Friday.  Bad news mum - today was Thursday.  She said though that she had a good day, and although started work just after 07:30am meant she was rather  tired, the good news is that when she next wakes up it will be Friday!!  Me - I don't mind what day it is although I do love a Caturday!

Have a good day everybuddy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

She Works Hard for the Money

My main job at home is to be the linen inspector on laundry day.  I has to press out the creases on the duvet - cos this lady ain't got an iron!  I like to roll around between the quilt and make the bed making process last as long as possible.  Mum loves this grey duvet, and she was glad to find the blue version on sale at 70% off last week, so we have a winter and a summer version for our bed.  Cos that's the way we roll.

Mums main job is to make the money to pay the bills and buy the feast.  She was on call last night, and got to stay in her bed all night, but being on call kept her waking up every hour to check her phone was still working.  So tonight she is a bit tired, and with the wind whipping up outside, she is hoping to get a better sleep.

Hope you all had a lovely Tuesday!!

She works hard for the money. 
So hard for it, honey.
She works hard for the money. 
So you better treat her right.
                                      Donna Summer      

Monday, June 8, 2015


Mum feels like she has a touch of the Mondayitis today.  It was a steady day at work, and she was tired when she got home.  Dinner of  a feast was dished out for me, and she had soup and a bagel.  Mum and I then had a nap on the bed for an hour which was good, as mum has to be on call tonight, and is never guaranteed a night in bed.  How was the start to your week - busy or relaxing?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday in the City

Today was LOVELY.  The sun was shining, and it remembered to be warm, and the breeze wasn't too bad.   So it was a fabulous day in the city.  Mum and I had a little sleep in, then she did a couple of chores and opened the windows and doors to let some fresh air in.  She sat and talked to me while she had her breakfast.

Mum left me relaxing at home, and walked into the city (about 20 minutes from home), to meet her niece.  They picked out some sushi and went and sat at the above spot to sit and eat their lunch.  A lovely view over Wellington Harbour, just outside Te Papa, our national museum. Miss Belle took this picture, and let mum use it to show how nice the day was.

Then the girls went and wandered about for an hour stretching their legs, and then went to the cinema to see Mad Max - a crazy, violent and loud movie.  It was ok - mum liked the main characters, just somehow she felt a bit old to be seeing this movie.  Maybe the type best left to the young ones.

Home for a tasty dinner of a toasted bagel and some chicken chowder soup for mum, and a feast for me.  Then she had some fresh kiwifruit which I enjoyed sniffing, but didn't want to taste.  As soon as the sun left, the chill returned and we think we shall have a frost tonight, so off to our warm bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Caturday is Here

Aww we were so glad to wake up this morning and realise it was Caturday!!  Mum slept in till 7.30am which felt like quite the luxury after some early starts this week.  Well last night I sniffed and sniffed the hottie.  Then mum put some hot water in it and I won't go near it.  So most of you guessed right - I Loathed It!!

The clouds drifted away for most of the day today, and sun even dared to shine, but it was chilly.  Mum met a friend at a cafe in Petone, where she had a nice chicken/salad roll.  Then the girls went for a walk around the main street for a bit of a stretch, as mum always likes to visit the candle shop out there.  She tries to pop in once a month to buy a couple of small candles to make the house smell nice.  Then the girls went to a movie to see Spy, which was a good bit of afternoon fun that made them smile.

Mum then got home in time to give me my feast and cook some salmon and greens for her dinner.  She started watching Vikings on the box.  2 episodes in and she is not sure whether she loves it or loathes it - has anyone else watched it?

Anyways we hope that you have all got to have some some fun on your Caturday.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Love it or Loath it?

What do you think kitties and friends?  Mum finally unpacked my hot water bottle tonight, as the mercury has been dropping.

We have had a middle aged Friday night full of fun, watching the comedy show on tele, candles were lit, fruit juice in a fancy glass for the mumster,  mum cooked a tasty spaghetti dish using a real recipe, groceries were bought, feast was dished up for me, clothes were washed, other clothes were folded and put away, oh and mums fave thing of the night.  Cleaning up the pile of vomitus I left on the middle of  her rug!!  Friday nights are awesome!!

So please leave a comment - did I love it or loath it?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Home bodies

So our nights are long and dark now, and we have become real home bodies.  Mum rushes home after work, although she did manage a short walk and a visit to the supermarket.  It was payday, so mum got a treat of a chicken kebab.  Run by a local Turkish family, they make theirs full of fresh vegetables and meat so mum feels it was a balanced dinner.  I had my feast - very balanced also.

Mum got another stack of books to read, as the nights are cool it is good to curl up and get an hours reading done at night.  Also as our library is getting a revamp, they are letting mum have the books for 8 weeks instead of the usual 3.  Boy does that make her happy.

Hope you are all relaxing - Friday tomorrow and mum has the weekend off - yippee!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Back at the old house we lived in, the owners have made big changes in the backyard, taking up the grass and pulling down trees.  They also got this mural done on the back retaining wall.  I think that is meant to be me!!!  What do you think?  We know that they don't have a grey pussy cat.  Anyway the house is for sale, but it is lots of dollars.  Unfortunately mum didn't win the Lotto last weekend, so we don't think we could buy it.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June

Hello June - Welcome Winter!!!  Actually when mum walked out of work this afternoon, she had to take her jacket off as it was surprisingly warm and not the chill she was expecting.  So she enjoyed her walk home - especially as she work was almost over.  She is on call until 8am, but a quiet on call where one seldom gets called in.

I got asked if I slept under the covers?  At the moment I am strictly on top of the quilts, and I prefer to sleep not touching mum.  This is the 10-16 degree C rule.  The 1-9 degree C rule is on top of the covers but touching mum by sleeping between her knees pinning her to the bed, and making her joints seize up the next day due to stiffness.  Being between her knees also makes me out of her reach as her arms can't reach down to pat me.   The under 1 degree C rule is to cry and want her to lift the top quilt so that I can then snuggle down by her knees, or sleep beside her touching her and preferably moving her out of her warm spot.

After 7 days of 6am alarm calls mum is pleased to have a day off tomorrow to relax and take it easy, then a short work week of just 3 days work before she gets next weekend off.  Lovely.  Hope your week has started well too.