Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday in the City

Today was LOVELY.  The sun was shining, and it remembered to be warm, and the breeze wasn't too bad.   So it was a fabulous day in the city.  Mum and I had a little sleep in, then she did a couple of chores and opened the windows and doors to let some fresh air in.  She sat and talked to me while she had her breakfast.

Mum left me relaxing at home, and walked into the city (about 20 minutes from home), to meet her niece.  They picked out some sushi and went and sat at the above spot to sit and eat their lunch.  A lovely view over Wellington Harbour, just outside Te Papa, our national museum. Miss Belle took this picture, and let mum use it to show how nice the day was.

Then the girls went and wandered about for an hour stretching their legs, and then went to the cinema to see Mad Max - a crazy, violent and loud movie.  It was ok - mum liked the main characters, just somehow she felt a bit old to be seeing this movie.  Maybe the type best left to the young ones.

Home for a tasty dinner of a toasted bagel and some chicken chowder soup for mum, and a feast for me.  Then she had some fresh kiwifruit which I enjoyed sniffing, but didn't want to taste.  As soon as the sun left, the chill returned and we think we shall have a frost tonight, so off to our warm bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too.


  1. ooooO! What a lovely photo Poppy!x
    Very panoramic....Lovely!
    Midday over here, just put my lunch in the oven.
    Having duck to~day...And lots of roasties!
    It's nice out on the patio, suns out and quite warm.
    So, l expect Flossy will be round later for a saucer
    of milk...Again...She came round 6:30 this morning
    for her first one! She loves her milky~milky! :>).

  2. It looks beautiful there Poppy.
    My mum remembers watching the Mad Max movies when they first came out.
    She is cooking belly pork today, her favourite. I may even eat a tiny bit. I always get offered some of their meat, but usually turn my nose up at it.

  3. Your mum's Sunday was pretty darned wonderful, we think! Happy week ahead to you all.

  4. Is was good of the sum to shine on your mum's day off. What a lovely day out for your mum and her niece. We had a sunny day too and quite warm in the sun. Have a lovely week, from Jessica

  5. What a beautiful spot to sit and have lunch...for beans we mean. Have a great week Poppy & mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day, and a bit of early autumn weather before winter.

  7. Lovely sunny day for you, glad your mum got out to enjoy it.