Friday, June 12, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Friday Night

  • Late home from work
  • Feed me my feast
  • Reheat leftovers
  • Put the Washing On
  • Fold up the Dry Washing
  • Watch the News
  • Talk to Besties on the phone
  • Tidy Up
  • Put the Second load of washing on
  • Hang up the washing
  • Pat the Cat
  • Watch American Horror Story - Coven (hope to sleep)
  • Remember to blog before midnight
  • Take off makeup, scrub face and brush teeth
  • Pretend to read book for five minutes
  • Pass out
  • Woo hoo


  1. HaHa! Who's Pat the cat....?
    I thought it was just you Poppy!x

    I think that's very good of Mum to do ALL those
    things...With a final Woo Hoo! Bless!

  2. Sounds like your mum has things all figured out. At least she got "pat the cat" in there!

  3. Trust me, my human's life isn't that much more exciting!

  4. poppy q....yur mum taked a page outta de food serviss gurlz fry day nite book....hope ewe N mum haza grate week oh end .....& tell her ta make that 78,044 patz for de cat !! ♥♥♥

  5. Yeah, that sounds like a mum day or night too. Staying home and doing chores.

  6. When work takes up most of one's waking time, one doesn't have much waking time left...

  7. Poppy, dear, what's really funny is that this IS a middle-aged mumster's working day diary 'round the world! We long for more space -- but we're almost too tired to tidy the modest spaces we can afford to inhabit.