Friday, August 31, 2007

My Friday Friend is back.

This is My Friday Friend where I introduce you to other cat bloggers who are my friends!!
This mottly crew are from It's all about MME - Minx, Muffin and Ebbie They are kiwi cats too, from New Zealand like me!!

Minx Muffin Ebbie
They live with their mum way down south at the bottom of New Zealand (I live in the middle part). As you can see they are very cute. Minx is grey like me, muffin is a mixture and bossy Ebbie is a brown tabby. Now their mummy has been very worried about Muffin who has shown some funny behaviours lately and she is looking for some advice. Do you think you can figure out what is wrong with this cute wee girl? Maybe you could visit their site and help out. She wakes her mum up crying a lot, and has had lots of tummy infections.
It is nice that some other kiwi kitties have a blog too!! There aren't many of us but we like to keep you up to date with down under news.
Have a nice weekend everybody.
Poppy Q

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet my winner!! + some sad news

This is my 100th post mega winner Jade from

Jade is verrrrrrrrrrrry excited to win my prize. I bet you are!! We are not going to tell you what you have won yet!! You have to wait for your surprise! How exciting.

Now Just a wee note to our catblogging friends. Don't forget about the raffle that darling Millie is doing. Only a day to put your monies in and buy raffle tickets for a special Bizzy for Gizzy quilt. My mum let me have some monies and I spent all my holiday money on 5 tickets!! The monies is used to help Monty Q's baby bean who got burnt in an accident. So her fambly have to pay all the hospital bills. I dare you all to buy some tickets and show the love to Monty Q.

I hope I win though, that quilt is mine!!

Wow - the darling millie enterprise is getting bigger. I hope you is the CEO Millie and gets an expense account.

My friend Fazzie told me some sad news today. Oscar the puppy cat died. I loved Oscar.
He was a nice gentle cat who looked after his fambly, especially his boybean who has been sick. In fact boybean and mumbean have been away from the family at the hospital when poor Oscar died. Faz said they thought he might have eaten something with some poison on it. Me and my mum are very sad for him and his family. Oscar was one of the first cats to come and say hello to us and we shall miss him. I know he has gone to be a cat angel, bye bye Oscar.
On some cheerier news: I liked to hear about the rich American lady who left her dog $10 million and her sons only $5million each. hahahaha!!! There is a moral in that, always be nice to your mum (especially if she is rich, but even if she isn't).
Poppy Q

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is how I chose a winner!

See this lovely blue bowl. It has all my friends names in it. Then I had to get my mum to help me pick a winner. She dug around in the bowl to find just one card.

Lucky Jade - I bet she is happy when she figures out it was her!!!

We watched the lunar eclipse last night. It is called the luna rossa because it sometimes looks red. We had a really good view with not many clouds.

That was a late night. Tonight I have gone to bed at 7.30pm and have left my mum to finish off the typing.
Night night.
Poppy Q

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy 100th post to me!! We have a winner!!

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooo - I has drawn a winner for my 100th post competition - it is Jade!!! Jade from Lord Jaders you are a winner. Now Jades grandpop is a bit sick, so it might be a while before we hear from her. You just send me a comment when you get back on the internet Jade and leave me a comment. I was going to put more pictures up but blogger will only let me get this one up tonight.

Thanks friends for entering my competition. You all deserve prizes!!! Sadly I didn't win a Monty Q, Doing the Q competiton, but my mum says I am a winner anyway. My favourite was Flynn with his legs pressed up on the wall. There were so many cool pictures though.

So thanks for sticking with us during our blogging hiatis - but I'm back!!!

Oh miss Millie we have been going out to see the lunar eclipse. It was very pretty having a blood red moon and we could see it directly over our house. Mum likes to look into the sky as well. She has told me she has seen the space shuttle and Haileys comet as well as lots of eclipses (of course not looking directly at the sun during eclipses).

Me - I am more interested in birdies, mousies, bugs, spiders and ham.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hiya fanclub,

I'm back from the cattery. Again I got a good report card from them, but boy am I glad to be home. Me and mum missed you all - we have had a good internet break. I wasn't allowed down the stairs at the cattery, to log on and see what you had all been up to. Mum will tell you about her trip later on. This picture is of me doing my Full Monty - I am in the Monty Q competition. Unlike some of the boys who had entered, I have preserved my modesty by the careful positioning of one teddy bear. You may think it looks easy to do, but it is pretty tricky. Then your bean has to run real fast and get the camera, and keep you in the same position. Boy I am sure having a tough time deciding who to vote for!! There are some pretty funny ones and the competion is tough. (vote for me!). Great competion Monty Q .

So here we are at the 99th post - wow, I am pleased I have had something to say most days. I hope we have managed to make some cats and beans smile over that time. You sometimes wonder if anyone wants to hear about me. Thanks for all coming to visit me and for entering into my competition. Now mum has a big assignment due this week, and should be working on it now! So - she says I can leave this post up for a couple of days more, just to make sure you have all entered in.


- You must be a cat blogger to enter (or if you can borrow one from a cat friend - you can enter too)

- Just leave me your name in my cat/chatbox or in the comments ie: My name is DARLING MILLIE - Please enter me in. (don't worry Millie - of course you are entered in).

-You can win prizes for you and your bean - I will draw the lucky name at the beginning of next week!!

So thanks for entering - I have almost 80 names now!! That is still a higher chance than winning the lottery.

My mum went to Melbourne (Australia) - just for a weekend of shopping, eating out and looking around the markets. She said it was fun and lots of people watching. It is only a four hour flight from home but she had to be up very early as check-in at the airport was at 4am!!!
Although she bought a few things, she thinks the shops are all geared up for the 15-25 year olds and have so much of the same stuff. She saw an awful lot of mutton dressed as ham (sounds yummy mum!!) ,and she thinks if you ever wanted to make a lot of money, you could start a shop for more mature ladies who aren't quite ready for angora cardigans. Melbourne is full of shoe shops too, that either have 8 inch heels or super flat sloppy shoes. Funny that you actually didn't see many people wearing either of those types. Lots of the clothes look like stuff her mum and dad had on their wallpaper in the 1970s, and although Micha Barton may look ok in maternity type tops, they are not really that flattering on anybody else. Is this a worldwide trend? Do 18 year olds dictate fashion now? Lots of Paris Hilton wannabes in Australia.
Glad I don't have that trouble mum - a collar is all I need to look fashionable.
It will be fun reading all your blogs and we will let you know as the draw is about to happen.
Poppy Q

Thursday, August 16, 2007

100 th post Competition - A few extra days to enter in !!

First of all we want to say don't panic. Even though the 99th post is drawing near, we will give you a few extra days to enter. Mum has decided to have a weekend away and won't be able to let me post for a few days. That will give you extra chances to enter into my 100th post competition.
  • To enter you just have to be a cat blogger

  • Just leave your name in my chat/cat box or on the comments letting me know you would like to be in the draw.

  • That's it - your name is in the draw to win you and your bean some prizes.

  • We will draw the names on my 100th post and let you know who wins!!!

  • Thanks for taking the time to enter - so far I have 70 kitty cats names!! Wowee!

So we hope you have a good weekend while I am away. Luckily I can take my teddy and my gizzy quilt away with me, but mum says my big blue chair has to stay at home.

I will miss you all - and look forward to reading all your blogs when I get back. Oh don't forget to get your entry into the Monty Q, Doing the Q competition at . Entries close real soon - mine is in.
Also, Miss Millie at Darling Mille is having an auction of a fabulous Gizzy Quilt to help our MOnty Qs family . Monty Qs babybean got burnt, and we want to help her family pay the hospital and rescue helicopter bills. In New Zealand that kind of healthcare is usually free, but in America the families have to pay. Monty Q/Millie, I have saved some moneys in my coin jar and I will count them out real soon and buy some tickets from you.
See you all soon
Poppy Q

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Water bowl rules.

Water bowl rules.

  • Please clean it for me every day. No dishwashing liquid, just a quick rinse in the sink.

  • Please fill it with clean cold water.

  • This does not mean that I will actually drink out of it. If I choose I will prefer to drink out of the tap in the bath apuddle outside, or out of the old rubbish bin in the garden, that has rainwater in it.
  • I will not drink out of it, if one of my biscuits happens to jump in it.
  • I reserve the right to push it around the rug, and tip it upside down when I want to.
  • If you put your glass of water on the ground - it is mine. You better warn the visitors!!
  • If the bowl is empty - I will rouw, rouw, rouw at you til you come over and check it.

Please pay attention to the rules!

Poppy Q

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100th post competition - final days!!

Wow you guys are good at entering my competition. So far I have over seventy kittycat names in the draw.

In case you didn't know I am having a 100th post competition. You can enter anytime before the 100th post.

  • How do I enter? Just leave your name in my chatbox or comments letting me know who you are!! That's it. You don't have to guess what day or time it will be, or pay me with ham to enter. Just your name - You have to be a cat blogger though!!
  • How many times can I enter? Just the once. However if you have two or more cats in your household, each cat can enter. So Kimo and Sabi have two entries.
  • What do I win? Why you will win a collection of kitty goodies that will be sent to you through the magic of the postal service. Your bean may also get a wee treat.
  • This rule is for My friend MONTY Q - You can only enter the competition once my lovely brother (from another mother).

I think you are the only cat in your house and although you may sound like a herd of marauding elephants ,as you chase your beans around, I think you are the only cat there. So I think that there are not three hundred and one other cats at your address - but we can fix that. I have rung the local SPCA and for a sizable donation, and an inspection of your premises (at your cost), they will be happy to send an inspector to America and provide you with an instant family of three hundred and one brothers and sisters. I hope your beans have a super king sized bed, a large pantry and take great pleasure in emptying kitty litter. Please advise if we should proceed with immediate adoption plans!!

Actually, good luck to Monty Q and all the other cats who have entered. There is still time to enter as we are only at post number 96!!

I hope you are all having a great week. It is much cooler here today but our days are getting longer, so we know that spring will be back again soon. I know a lot of you will be pleased to have the return of cooler weather. You can have it back, we have had enough of the cold.

Poppy Q

Monday, August 13, 2007

What time do you wake up?

This is me in my igloo as a baby.
I have been very interested reading other cats blogs at the weekend. Lots of you seem to wake your beans up verrrrrrrrrrry early in the morning.

My mum told me when I came home with her as a kitten, that early morning wake up calls were unacceptable, and she had watched too much supernanny to let that happen.

So the first week - I had to sleep in another room in my little cat igloo.

Second week - allowed on mums bed with mum. But, if I didn't settle down she would take me back to the other room and tuck me into my igloo.

Third week on - keep up the second week rules.

by the sixth week - all sorted.

Now I usually head off to bed at 8pm after playing with mum for the evening. Because it is winter she put the electric blanket on for me. That usually gives me three hours before she comes to bed to steal it. Then I usuall sulkily climb between her knees to get some warmth. I only then stay there for about twenty minutes. Then I do a last minute biscuit inspection, then sit in the lounge waiting til mum falls asleep (I can hear her snore!!).
Once she is asleep, then I run back in and climb up on the bed and snuggle in beside her belly. She wakes up and I am always there. I only get up after she is awake!!! I stay all night beside her and don't play thundering elephants or beg for food.
What time do you wake your beans up?
Poppy Q

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday it is. Mum had to go to work and I didn't see her all day. That is good though - I don't have to move over on the bed, I can sleep all day and then the minute she comes home I will beg for my biscuits and then do evening patrol til bedtime.

Sweet dreams kitty cats.

Poppy Q

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Winter birdie tree

This is my winter birdie tree. It lives in the back garden behind my house. Lots and lots of birdies live int it. You can see some in it. They think they are hidden behind the leaves. But there are no leaves, it is winter - silly birdies. Just come a little bit closer and play with me!!!
Poppy Q

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Friday Friend

Dear Friends,

Welcome to My Friday Friend. This segment of my blog is a way of introducing you to other cool cats in the blog world. Although many of you are already familiar with these cat celebrities, it is a way for my friends and family to be introduced to all of my other cool pals.

This weeks Friday Friend is: Surprise Miss Peach - you are my Friday friend this week.

Hello Miss Peach - I hope you don't mind that mum borrowed these pictures of you from your blog. She thought these ones show off your lovlieness. Isn't she pretty. You can click to find her blog here:

Now Miss Peach is a bit of an old girl and has a bit of kidney failure but she has a lovely home with her mum and dad. She was put up for adoption at nine years old!!! But she picked a great couple of beans to go home with, as they love her lots. She lives in a charming cottage with a lovely garden.

I learnt some funny things about her on her blog. She spent last summer sleeping in paper grocery bags!! Her mom had to go and get her a new one each fortnight - funny girl. I love paper bags too!!

She doesn't like people food and gets a bit fussy. What princess cat isn't?.

She has a super cute grandbean called Cole!!! He writes her awesome letters and comes and visits.

I am very glad I have met you Miss Peach. Thanks for being my friend.

Poppy Q

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stupid blogger (again!!)

Mum already wrote a post but can't get blogger to post it. It also won't rememeber spacing between paragraphs and keeps running them all together. That is why my posts look messy. It used to know what to do, and mum hasn't changed any settings - grrrrrrrrrrr !!! Now it won't add pictures !!!

Mum paid lots of moneys to get her grey hairs hidden - now she is getting more! What is wrong with grey hair mum? I am all grey - and you love me.

Poppy Q

Good News Thursday

Good new!! They fixed Monty Qs babybean. So she has gone home with her mum to Monty Qs house. Yippeeee!

Today - I have just been snoopervising outside as it is warm and sunny. Mum has tried to take some more photos but I am a running and a hiding from the camera. Beans can't you leave us alone?
Poppy Q

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Competition update

Hey cat blogger friends. In case you didn't know - I am running a 100th post competition. The rules are simple.
- If you are a cat blogger you can enter the competition.
- Just drop a line on my comments (or in my cat box), introducing yourself, your name and that you want to enter.
- that's it. Simple!! You will be in the draw for fabulous cat presents that I will post to you!! (maybe a present for your bean as well).
- You can enter up until the 100th post (so last chance to enter is the day of the 99th post).
Thanks for all coming over to read about me. It has been great to meet so many of you and I love hearing what is happening in your lifes. It has been fun getting to 100 - I hope I can write many hundreds more.

This is for Monty Q's babybean who was burnt by super hot soup the other day. She had to go with her mommie in a helicopter to a special hospital. Millie's mum has updated, and said she is doing well and will be able to get home soon. We thinking of you, Monty Q family. You know my mum works in a hospital and she says nice people who can help you work there - but there is no better place to be, then at home. Get well soon babybean.
Poppy Q

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thinking Tuesday

I was just lying here on bed and thinking about you all.

I was especially thinking about Monty Q - his family are busy looking after their lovely babybean who has been burnt in an accident. I hope she gets better at the hospital soon. Cuddles to you and your family Monty Q.

I have been thinking about pussy cats who don't have families. Tonight our local paper had a nice wee ad for the SPCA. It asked if any loving family could give a home to these kitty cats who have been in the shelter for over a year. The paper has a huge ad every Saturday introducing homeless cats, dogs and rabbits. It is almost mums favourite piece of the paper - after the death column and the soduku (don't ask).
I am thinking about the not of my species friend. I love the idea. But I don't really know any doggie/llama/giraffe bloggers out there. Does anyone want to be my not-a-cat friend?
Poppy Q

Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday musings

Boy we had a rough morning. Our rubbish bin man comes in his big truck at 5.30 am to empty the wheelie bin. Then at 6am we had thunder and lightening. Mum thought I might be scared but she told me it was ok - so I just curled up next to her. Lucky I wasn't out on morning patrol, cause it rained and rained.
So tonight I am on double evening patrol - mum hasn't seen me for that last hour or so. I am out sniffing things around our house - looking for intruders.
Poppy q

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Snoozing Sunday

Well it is another quiet day at our house. The sun was really shining this morning, so mum got a few loads of washing on. The sun is moving back into sping position, so we are finally getting some shining throught our front windows - yippee!! Now I can bask on the spare room bed for a few morning rays. I will dream about catching bugs and mousies in the summer sun.

I got asked if I could catch kiwi birds at my house. No - we only have a little garden and the kiwi birds live in the bush. This is what our bush looks like - all forest and stuff (see below). I wouldn't want to get in there as I would get lost.

Have a nice Sunday everycat and bean.
Poppy Q

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday already?

Well it might not be Saturday where you are yet, but it is Saturday afternoon here. Mum has been to a film festival movie - a Russian one called 'The Italian' about a super cute orphaned boy and his search to find his mother (3 out of 5 stars said mum). Now she has come home to play with me. She is not allowed to sit on the bed though, No way mum the duvet is mine between 8am and 6pm - Go away!!

Look at these cool kittens for sale on trademe (our local like ebay online store). They are very cute. Their beans had said they were kittens with thumbs. My mum helped me look it up on the internet and found that they are called Polydactyl cats. Apparently Ernest Hemingway, he loved him some polydactyl cats when he lived in Florida. Maybe miss Daisy has got to meet some down her where she lives? Anyway I thought they were very cute, especially the little grey and white one. The good news is they all found good homes very quickly. Don't you love to hear that kittens and cats have found nice beans to look after them? I do.
Have a nice weekend every cat and bean.
Poppy Q

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Friday Friend

Hello friends - it is My Friday Friend Day.

Today we honour our friend - Faz.

Faz is a very beautiful girl cat who lives in Wimbledon, Uk with her family. My mum has a soft spot for Wimbledon, first because that is where wombles live and also because she used to live up the road at the not quite as posh Tooting Broadway. Fazs mum is from Australia, but she is busy studying in London. I sympathise as my mum is grown up too and having to work and study too. Not too much time for studying, but it gives us time for lots of exploring. Like me Faz is allowed outside. No harnesses or cat strollers fo us tough girls!!

Now if you wanted to take Faz out for dinner you would have to provide lots of tuna and mousies, and then turn away when she left you all the half eaten mice. Faz likes mice - to cathch them and to eat (yum yum - me too)!!
Faz doesn't like laps but is still very lovable. She would love you to visit her at :
From reading her blog, I think her beans like to travel a lot!! So does Faz, all around the neighbourhood!! I really enjoy hearing what Faz has been up to - Faz you are very funny and cute too!!
Your friend Poppy Q

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Giving my brains a rest

Today I am giving my brains a rest. Boy it is tricky figuring out all that science stuff. I don't know how miss Daisy does it. I am loving her new sea monkeys experiment. When my mum was wee, she would stare adoringly at the advertisement on the back of American comic books and wonder if they really grew up to look like people. Now all that mum wonders is if the people sold millions of kits and grew rich!!

I already have a question from my friend Faz - Fazzie I will have to think about that over the weekend and get back to you!!

Today was sunny and me and my mum did some jobs. She will abandon me to go to work soon so I will have the house to myself. While we were in the garden the neighbours little cat popped over the fence. I hissed at it and had a wee fight and when my mum found me I had white furs over my face. She thinks I might have been kissing it, no mum , I was chasing it away!!
Mum says I didn't do a great job as she found neighbour cat inside!! She had to chase it home with a water bottle - it didn't like the water bottle, but neither do I! She got some pictures of the cat, and will load them later.
Of course by the time mum got the camera to take photos of me I have run off to hide under the house. You better be quicker next time mum.
Poppy q

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ask Professor Poppy Q - why is it summer here and winter there?

Daisy wanted Professor Poppy Q to answer her question - why is it summer where I live and winter where you are?
Professor Poppy q says - Thanks Daisy that is a very interesting question to ask. Of course we all know that you live in the US in the northern hemisphere. I of course live in New Zealand, and that is in the Southern Hemisphere.

To answer our question I had to put my thinking cap on - then I realised that I didn't have one. But here is a picture of a prototype I am working on (and went to Wikipedia -

Apparently our little lonely planet spins around tilted on its axis (appoximately at a 23 degree angle). This means that at any time of the year one part of the planet is directly exposed to the sun (making it summer there) and one away from the sun (making it winter there

Seasons are then opposite in each hemisphere. So while you northern hemisphere kittycats are sweltering in the heat. Us southern hemisphere pussycats are having our winter. So we have our summers on the beach - eating shrimps and cold icecream, and complaining about how hot it is!!

That brings us to the end of another episode of - Ask Professor Poppy Q!!! Time for some nibbles and a snooze now. I think my brain cells are busted!!
Poppy Q