Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Competition update

Hey cat blogger friends. In case you didn't know - I am running a 100th post competition. The rules are simple.
- If you are a cat blogger you can enter the competition.
- Just drop a line on my comments (or in my cat box), introducing yourself, your name and that you want to enter.
- that's it. Simple!! You will be in the draw for fabulous cat presents that I will post to you!! (maybe a present for your bean as well).
- You can enter up until the 100th post (so last chance to enter is the day of the 99th post).
Thanks for all coming over to read about me. It has been great to meet so many of you and I love hearing what is happening in your lifes. It has been fun getting to 100 - I hope I can write many hundreds more.

This is for Monty Q's babybean who was burnt by super hot soup the other day. She had to go with her mommie in a helicopter to a special hospital. Millie's mum has updated, and said she is doing well and will be able to get home soon. We thinking of you, Monty Q family. You know my mum works in a hospital and she says nice people who can help you work there - but there is no better place to be, then at home. Get well soon babybean.
Poppy Q


  1. I sure do hope BabyBean gets to go home soon!

  2. we're thinking of babybean too. it is so sad. i hope alll the kitties in the paper, and the ones who aren't, get good homes soon. it is very sad we can't all be loved and happy. sigh.
    i'm just maudilin because i don't feel good. i should be better in a few days.

  3. Hi Poppy Q - I am going to guess that your 100th post will be on August 20th! Ooooh I love contests, I never win, but I like to play.

    I have been thinking of babybean alot lately too, I was glad to hear that she is now home and doing much better!

  4. We hope babybean is recovering well, we are so glad she is home!

    We all want to enter your pawesome contest:

    Donny & Marie -

    Casey -

  5. I would like to enter your contest too Poppy Q. Do I have to guess which day and or time your 100th blog will be? Or is it whoever is the 100th blogger is the winner?