Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday already?

Well it might not be Saturday where you are yet, but it is Saturday afternoon here. Mum has been to a film festival movie - a Russian one called 'The Italian' about a super cute orphaned boy and his search to find his mother (3 out of 5 stars said mum). Now she has come home to play with me. She is not allowed to sit on the bed though, No way mum the duvet is mine between 8am and 6pm - Go away!!

Look at these cool kittens for sale on trademe (our local like ebay online store). They are very cute. Their beans had said they were kittens with thumbs. My mum helped me look it up on the internet and found that they are called Polydactyl cats. Apparently Ernest Hemingway, he loved him some polydactyl cats when he lived in Florida. Maybe miss Daisy has got to meet some down her where she lives? Anyway I thought they were very cute, especially the little grey and white one. The good news is they all found good homes very quickly. Don't you love to hear that kittens and cats have found nice beans to look after them? I do.
Have a nice weekend every cat and bean.
Poppy Q


  1. They're darling! You have a great weekend, also!

  2. Hi Poppy Q! Thanks for coming for a visit! I have a duvet too if you want to stay here longer:)
    I have a question for you.....have you ever seen a KIWI bird in your backyard?
    Have a purrrrfect weekend:)
    Your lady furrrend Miss Peachy

  3. Those kittens are very cute. :) I'm glad they found wonderful Forever Homes. :)

  4. Ah, such precious kittens... and even better to hear they have someplace to live and be loved.

  5. I love polydactyl cats! Can you believe I live in south Florida and haven't been to Key West yet? I really want to meet some of the Hemingway cats.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Wowie! Those kitties have really kool pawsies! It's neat to see their extra finger up close like that -- Momma's nefur seen a polydacktle kitty up close and purrsonal.

    Me and Momma wanna thank you for the sweet comment on my bloggie about the feral kitties. Your words meant a lot to her!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. That is very cute kittys, and also you will have a great weekend.

  8. Hi poppyq. you are one cute pussy cat. Such erudition in a feline.

    Love Denis Shirley & Bo