Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday musings

Boy we had a rough morning. Our rubbish bin man comes in his big truck at 5.30 am to empty the wheelie bin. Then at 6am we had thunder and lightening. Mum thought I might be scared but she told me it was ok - so I just curled up next to her. Lucky I wasn't out on morning patrol, cause it rained and rained.
So tonight I am on double evening patrol - mum hasn't seen me for that last hour or so. I am out sniffing things around our house - looking for intruders.
Poppy q


  1. Hi Poppy - Minxy's Meowmie here. No, sadly I'm not going to Africa to look for tigers (although I think I'd need to go to India for Tigers . . . Africa for lions!), just the Auckland Zoon - I want to see Molok and Aus, the new tigers - I saw Nisha fleetingly not long before she died, and she was luffly!

    I'm worried that my kitty girls might not want to come home - they might like the cattery better! I'm hoping Muffin and Minx make some friends with the other cats, cos there were some very nice and gentle looking pusses there.

    Ebbie wouldn't have liked your morning - when she hears the rubbish truck she HOWLS and goes all hysterical. I either have to let her outside (I'm not sure whether she's running out to attack the truck, or to run away from it) or she runs and hide between the wall and bedhead and stays there ALL morning (which is difficult when I have to get her out to go to work).

    You have a nice rest Poppy - after a morning full of trucks and heavy rain, you deserve it!

  2. Poppy Q, you are a brave girl to hunt for intruders! And you are not even afraid of thunder! It makes me feel scairt.

  3. It sounds like you've had a busy day.
    Hope you had time to catch a nap.

    Earl Grey

  4. did you find any intruders on your evening constitutional? i'm sure you dispatched them with ease and grace. :-)

    ben & lucy