Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ask Professor Poppy Q - why is it summer here and winter there?

Daisy wanted Professor Poppy Q to answer her question - why is it summer where I live and winter where you are?
Professor Poppy q says - Thanks Daisy that is a very interesting question to ask. Of course we all know that you live in the US in the northern hemisphere. I of course live in New Zealand, and that is in the Southern Hemisphere.

To answer our question I had to put my thinking cap on - then I realised that I didn't have one. But here is a picture of a prototype I am working on (and went to Wikipedia -

Apparently our little lonely planet spins around tilted on its axis (appoximately at a 23 degree angle). This means that at any time of the year one part of the planet is directly exposed to the sun (making it summer there) and one away from the sun (making it winter there

Seasons are then opposite in each hemisphere. So while you northern hemisphere kittycats are sweltering in the heat. Us southern hemisphere pussycats are having our winter. So we have our summers on the beach - eating shrimps and cold icecream, and complaining about how hot it is!!

That brings us to the end of another episode of - Ask Professor Poppy Q!!! Time for some nibbles and a snooze now. I think my brain cells are busted!!
Poppy Q


  1. Poppy Q, you are very smart! Thank you for answering my question. I like learning about new things. Weather is very complicated.

  2. Wow PQ - I am staggered by your grasp of astronomy and physics - your fan FAZ

  3. p.s. I have another question for your to answer. What makes cats different colours?

  4. Mom was bragging dat she knew dat from Earth Science and her Astronomy classes. We think she cooda splained it to us if she alreddy knew it so we don't beleeve her and haf sent her to her room until she lerns sum hoomility (or wakes up from her nap, whichever comes furst).

  5. Poppy, Meowmie says dat we haf winter when Daisy has summer, cos da big poodin in da sky bats da sun under da fridge and it is Daisy's bean who fetches it out, so she gets da sun to play wif and gets to haf summer, den da big poodin bats da sun under da fridge again, and dis time our Meowmie pulls it out so we gets to haf summer . . . we not sure we beliefs her tho.

    Luff, Minx and Muffin