Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Late Night Reading

 Over the weekend, we spied this fabulous print by Jamie Shelman on ETSY., called Late Night Reading.  It made mum smile ear to ear, because it is like she snuck into our bedroom and sketched the mumster snuggled up and reading.  We were delighted, that she gave us permission to show you this lovely picture on our blog.
Mum is exhausted tonight and as soon as her programme is finished on the tele (my kitchen rules), she is off to bed snuggled between the flannelette sheets with me.  It is rainy outside, and it has cooled down a bit so perfect snuggly weather.  

Mum is a bit annoyed with herself, as she went to the supermarket and spent $50 on groceries and as she walked out, she realised that she had not bought any toilet paper, which is why she went there in the first place.  Oh well, luckily the one roll she has is a mega roll, and will last another day or so.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mumster Monday

Wow = Mumster Monday has rolled around today.  After the flannelette shopping expedition of yesterday, mum felt that her wallet had taken enough of a hammering, and it was a good opportunity to stay home.  Her sleep is all out of whack after night shift.  She slept ok while she was on nights, it is the shift back to normal sleeping that is difficult.  Luckily it is a cloudy day perfect for naps and curling up with a book and a certain grey kitty.  I have no problem with multiple naps.

Hope your weeks has started well.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wild and Mild

 Just in case you thought the mumster would be budgetising every weekend, today she blew the cobwebs off her wallet and spent some dollars on stuff.  It has been a pleasant weekend in the city, warm with a bit of wind.  Mum went out for dinner with her bestie last night, but there weren't enough middle aged lady movies scheduled,  so they decided to head home early.  Sunday was allocated for spending fun.

So, today mum headed out for a seaside walk and a spot of shopping at the Warehouse, where you can always find something to blow some bucks on.   Today mum decided to stock on some pyjama pants, the wild blue ones and mild pink owls.  Oh and bonus, the pyjama pants now have pockets in them, which mum loves, as if she slides them on after work, she still wants her keys in her pocket so she can unlock the doors.
Some new flannelette sheets to warm up the winter bed, already washed and just drying in the drier ready to put on the bed tonight.   Mum also bought a DVD and some tasty groceries, hello steak and mash for dinner, and custard and feijoas for dessert (a NZ/ South American fruit).

A couple of mums power bills were out of control last year, with the highest one being $400 (about 200 pounds or  $320 US)!!!  That was for gas and electricy, but just remember that mum lives alone, she is out at work most of the day and only every heats our small living room and bedroom.  Hopefully as the weather has been mild so far this year, the bills won't be as steep this year.

Keep warm and enjoy the end of your weekend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hoo Hay It's Caturday

It's Caturday at the Chez Q, the sun is shining and the mumster is finally home from the nightshifts.  She went to the market and got stocked up with the fruits and veg.  She thought that she would have a wee snooze from 9-11am, but woke up at 2pm instead.  So after a quick shower she is off to meet a bestie for dinner in town, and maybe a movie.  Good middle aged Saturday lady fun.

Me, I'm on garden patrol today as the birds have been out and busy enjoying the sunshines too.  Got to make the most of these fine days while they last.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, April 26, 2013


 As you can see I am a helper cat.  I can assist you in any chore that you want to do.
My snoopervision is a very important role at Chez Q.  You see the mumster could spend hours in the garden and you wouldn't notice much of a change.  But cos I am there, she gets to document all the weed pulling and leaf tidying.

Hanging out til Caturday, mum has one more nightshift to go til she's all mine.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's ANZAC day here today, where we thank all the Aussie and Kiwi soldiers who have served our county so well.

The mumster was thinking there were a couple of bonuses to her week of nightshift:

  •  That the day turned a bit cooler, so I came and snuggled with her during the day.
  • Cos it is autumn, it is easier for her to sleep during the day.  Sooo much harder in the summer.
  • She's not very hungry on nightshift.  A meal at 5pm after she wakes up, and a small muffin before she goes to sleep and a bit of fruit imbetween keeps her going.  Her trousers feel a bit loser which is good.
  • She gets to get up at 3pm and watch the real Housewives of NY - unbelievable how grown woman act worse than 12 year old girls.  Like a train wreck - mum can't look away.
  • She gets a chance to potter in the garden for the afternoon.  When she works during the day, it is now dark so early, by the time she gets home.
Hope you have a nice day everybuddy.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Great Days

 We are sorry that the sunshines haven't reached some of you yet.  Kiwiland seems to be hanging on to them longer than normal.  There were lots of sunshines today, which is most unusual for this time of year.  So the sunshine bought the gardener round to do the lawns, waking mum up.
Tomorrow is ANZAC day, our rememberance  day and mum thinks that most years it is often very cold and frosty for the old soldiers who turn out for dawn service.  Luckily, it looks like the weather will be mild tomorrow, allowing for a good turnout.  Unfortunately mum will be at work , so won't get a day out.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tropical Paradise

 After a summer of drought here in Kiwiland, the garden at Chez Q was looking a bit dry.  Last week though, we got three or four day of rain and showers and the garden is looking a bit lush again.
I like to sit outside and patrol my paradise, making sure that there are no intooders.

Mum worked a busy nightshift last night.   You think I would snuggle up to her during the day, but no, I was in my garden or camped out in the lounge on the sofa.

Have a lovely day everybuddy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mumster Monday

It's a Mumster Monday again, cos mum got to have the morning at home with me.  The clouds even parted for a short time, allowing us to head out into the garden.  A perfect opportunity for a photo session, and for a spot of gardening.  Mum was pleased to fill some of the garden wheelie bin, she hates putting it out half filled.

The postie delivered mums parcel - she bought a couple of tops from ASOS.  Generally it is filled with teeny bopper clothes, but mum found a couple of tops that could fit her middle aged body and not make her look like mutton dressed like lamb.  Apparently in the news it says the 50% of kiwis use internet shopping.  Mum would have thought it would have been higher but she knows that there are still some oldies like Gdad who are scared of the computer.

Mum then headed into town to treat herself to a chicken burrito for lunch, which was yum.  Rather than a pricey movie, mum got 84 Charing Cross Road to watch on her ipod - love that movie.  A couple of vanilla candles and a fragrant reed set to make the house smell yummy.

Hope your week has started well.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snoozy Sunday

Last Sunday the mumster was able to spend about three hours out in the garden, pulling out a huge pile of weeds.  This Sunday the rain kept coming.  Good for the farms and gardens, but not good for mum and she feels a bit of cabin fever.

So we have been taking it easy, mum was able to have a sleep in and read some of her book.  She says it has been nice not to have to rush around after a busy summer.

Hope you all get lots of zzzzzs in this Sunday.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


 It was a rainy old Caturday at chez Q.  Perfect for a day of quiet pottering round.  The mumster was keen on budgetising and not spending any money.  So food was dug out of the fridge and not a penny was spent.
As you can see, now I am not going to sleep on the bed mum made for me.  She had to wash the top towel due to my heaving up at 3am during the week, and now I don't like it as much.  Instead I'm going to sleep on her backpack.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


TGIF - mum is glad to be home, it feels like it has been a long week.  The forecast is for clouds and rain, but mum has a pile of good books, and most of the chores are already underway.  The washing machine is humming and the heater is already on heating us up in the living room.  How exciting!!!

Hope you all have a bit nite planned like us!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breakfast Bar - Opens at Early O'clock

 I begged my mumster to get out of her warm and cosy bed to open the breakfast bar at 5am and 6am.  Not content with a nibble, I needed my full quota.
 You may laugh that it is in mums bedroom.  She had to move it, because when it was in the kitchen other kitties were coming in and feasting.  This way mum can tell if thieves have sneaked in.
It does mean a lot more use of the hoover.  Mum is hoping that the cooler weather will keep me curled up later in the mornings now - fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Wednesday

Mumster has some questions -

  • Why did you have to puke up your furball at 3am on the edge of your blankie and on the fluffy rug?
  • Why did you wake me at 5.40am - 10 minutes before the alarm was due to go off anyway, by sticking your head in the biscuit bag?
  • Why after eating  the diet biscuits, have you piled on the winter weight?
Why oh why?

Mum says I am not much help with the answers!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crazy Day

It's been a crazy old day.  Mumster went and got her hair cut, and she was lucky the traffic into town wasn't too bad, so mum got there early and her hairdresser had time to colour as well as cut her hair - pheww.

What crazy news today.  We feel for all of those poor injured people in Boston.  We do hope they find who was responsible.

So mum got home super late.  She made some soup and toast for her dinner, and made sure I got my fancy feast first.    Time for a nap then.

We hope you all have a relaxing evening planned.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mumster Monday

I sent the Mumster off to work today.  She said she felt exhausted, so I have to send her to bed real early tonight.  She had a nice dinner.  Last night she made some chicken with a couscous salad with lots of mixed roast veg in it.  Lots of leftovers for dinner tonight too.  Fancy feast was fine for me.  So I have instructed her to put on her pyjamas and slippers and watch Britain's best baker.  Mum will be dreaming of carbs all night.

Mum said she is glad that the week has started and is under way.  Monday is not her best day of the week, but I look pretty any day.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Budgetising Weekend

 The pull of the shops has been STRONG for mum this weekend.  She thought that yesterday afternoon she would head into town and mosy around.  But she resisted and did some gardening and watched DVDs instead.
 Today she still had the urge, but resisted again.  She got three big bags of garden waste collected and some washing done.  She is trying to budgetise, and popping into the shops will just make her spend money on things we don't need.
 Mum couldn't resist the internets though.  Is it bad that she bought three necklaces last nite?  They were in a sample/seconds sale from a Kiwi artist she likes, and the tree cost her less than one necklace would in the shops.
 Me - I spent no moneys.  I just followed mum round the garden, and then come inside with her and snoozed on my new winter bed.
No treats for me - although mum let me have a chicken drumstick to chew on while she was cooking dinner. She thinks that I just lick it for a couple of minutes, and leave it in the garden for the neighbours cat.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey Caturday!!!

Hey Caturday Kitties we hope you all have a lovely Saturday planned or underway.  Me and the mumster have had a good day together.  We got up early birdish, mum had a leisurely breakfast and wandered down to the market for the fruit and veg for the week.  She visited the library, the bakery and got a paper.  Lunch at home and then a spot of gardening.

The skies turned grey, so mum crawled onto the couch and watched the final DVD in the Game of Thrones season 2 series.  Gosh it's good.  You just want to keep watching.  I did some napping too. So a quiet night at home.  Mum popped some lamb in the oven with roastie potatoes, pumpkin, parsnip and carrots.  The bed is made and mum is going to read her book for an hour or so.

Enjoy your Caturday - do something fun!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Caturday Eve

Mum was on call last night.  She got called in at 11pm - 1am and again at 3.30- 5.45 am, but she feels quite rested even with only getting some sleep between 1.30 and 3am, and 6.30-10.30am.  Then she got up and showered, went back to work to drop the phone off and get the groceries.

Dinner of  pasta. salad and garlic bread for mum and her bestie, and then they went to see Sue Nicholson, a local psychic at her show at the dance centre.  They enjoyed it very much, as Sue was very entertaining, and even though the girls didn't get a reading, they loved hearing other peoples.

At the end one lady asked Sue if her and her cat were soul mates?  And NO - it was not mum who asked!!!!  Sue said that animals reincarnated as animals, not people, but they may have been cat and owner in a previous life.

Hope you are all enjoying a nice Caturday Eve,  preparing yourself for another fabulous weekend.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Mum has made me a new bed of cat blankies and towels in front of the heater.  That is my new bed, but every now and then I come and snuggle up to her in the bed.  It's chilling down a bit, so it is good to snuggle next to my mum.

She says she is glad there is one more sleep and then it will be the weekend.  Mum is on-call tonight, so she there might not be a lot of sleeping going on.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hump Day

Wow - half way through the week already!!!  Mum and I are glad we are on the downward slope towards the weekend.   Mum made a nice piece of salmon for dinner with a baked potato and salad.  She said it was tasty.  This week is pay week, so she has to use up all of the food from the fridge before she heads to the supermarket.

The dryer is humming and mum is going to unload the dishwasher and put out the recycling, then mum is feeling too lazy to do any more chores tonight.  It's going to be a chore free, tv watching, book reading festival here at chez Q.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Yesterday, when mum got home she could see the sunbeams on our backyard in one little spot.
And there I was under the tree soaking up some warmth.  No sunshines today, just clouds, rain and cold.  So I am snuggled up next to the heater.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Middle Aged Ladyday

 Today was mums day off - or as she likes to think of it  Monday Middle Aged Ladyday.  Because she worked all weekend, she decided that she would head out to town, after a little lie in and finishing reading her book.  A few chores were done at home, washing, drying, folding and gardening.  A quick shower, and then mum headed off.  First stop was at the market to get some olive oil.  She likes this brand Two Short Dogs.  So she got the plain oil and the lemon infused  stuff.  Yumm - for her.
Nest stop was lady shopping.  She liked the look of the necklace first, nice resin beads that will go with the winter clothes.  Two new scarves as well, nice snuggly acrylic, one in mustard and the other in a grey with gold flecks.  Mum has  a few black scarves from the past few years, so these will be nice additions.

Then mum went to Sweet Mamas Kitchen, a Wellington institution had a  tasty Chicken Buritto.  MMM mm.

Last stop on the whirlwind tour, was to go and see Hyde Park on Hudson at the movies.   Mum enjoyed it 4/5, and kept her middle aged lady status by taking in a few boiled sweets.  Go mum!!!

So home now.  She has put the last load in the dryer,loaded the dishwasher,  mowed the lawn and swept the kitchen floor.  She has fed me my fancy feast, and is going to do sausages and mash for her dinner.  She is watching some more Game of Thrones (season 2) on the DVD and relaxing and it is still only 4pm.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fall Back

Daylights Savings finished today, it was nice to get another hours sleep.  Mum sure needed it.

We think we can kiss goodbye to our sunshine.  Clouds and cold arrived.  The heater has been on, and Gdad said that it said on the news, that today was the coldest day since November.  I have found the perfect place to snuggle though, the spot where mum left the bed, while it was still warm.

Work is over for my mum tonight, so she is on the couch watching The Sapphires on DVD.  What a good movie, a good Sunday night treat.  That and two candy bars.  Mum says no candy bars tomorrow, til next weekend.  Bad, bad hormonal mum.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Caturday Sunbeams

 We hope that you find some Sunbeams on Caturday.  There were a couple today, imbetween showers.  It rained so hard overnight, that it woke mum up.  She doesn't get woken up by much.  so it must of been raining real hard.
 Mum was a bit annoyed, as she didn't realise til this week, that she had a hair dresser appointment booked for this weekend, when she was meant to be working.  She had to cancel, which is a pain, as her hairdresser is booked up.  So mum can only get her hair cut in a week, but will have to wait another 8 weeks to get the greys covered up.
She's going to be grey like me!!!!!!


Have a great Caturday do something fun!  (mum is watching some Game of Thrones season 2 on DVD while chomping on a candy bar!!!).

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Nite

It's Friday nite in ChezQ.  That means the washing machine is humming, and other laundry is dry and folded ready to be put away.  Mum is attempting to clean and tidy, as she has to work over the weekend.  Dinner was some nice soup and a crusty roll.  A bit of tv is in order and then mum will head to bed early to finish her book.  She had to put the electric blanket on before she went to the bed.  First time in six months, more signs of things to come.

Hope your weekend is off to a good start and you have an awesome Friday night.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


 The weather is beginning to turn more towards autumn.  Mum has noticed that now I come and climb on her every night and snuggle up.  When she comes home I am not out in the garden as much, and she normally finds me sleeping on her bed.
 Work was good today.  She made some healthy chicken salad wraps for dinner, but feels like a candy bar now.  She might have to give in, otherwise she will think about one for days.
Good idea I say.  A little bit of what you like is good for you.  I'm going to go and nibble on my feast - enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Helper Hump Day

 Well it's hump day here again.  Only two more days til the weekend.  We love short work weeks.  As you can see I am a busy helper.  Mum picks the weeds, and I nom them.  I like to eat some of the grass before she puts the scraps in the bin.
 Mum was up early and got some chores done.  A visit to the post office and the library, and dropped some stuff of at the charity shop.  The SPCA has opened up one, so mum is going to do a clear out and give stuff to them.  Seeing how they look after lots of pussy cats, dog and rabbits.
We hope you all help your folks out with the chores too.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post Easter Treats

Now Easter is over, there is chocolate galore for half price at the supermarket.  So mum bought a little bag of little cream eggs.  She has eaten all her vegies tonight, so she is allowed a treat.  She had roast lamb with roast pumpkin, potatoes and lots of broccoli.  Me I had the feast - surprise surprise.

This is my one of my new latest sleeping spots on the arm of this sofa.  I like to shift around, and choose a couple of spots and spend a couple of weeks putting my fur over them.  Then I move on to somewhere new.  This weeks it is the arm of the sofa, and on the rug by mums feet.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello April!!

 Hello April - we can't believe March is over already.  Today I played a prank on my mum.  She went to the shops to get the wraps she forgot on Saturday and some things for this weeks lunches.  When she got back she opened the back door and called for me outside, as it was unusual that I hadn't come to say hello.
 After ten minutes, she went back inside to see if I was  hiding somewhere but she couldn't find me anywhere.
 Where could I be hiding?  I wasn't in any of my usual spots.
 Oh there I was, which made mum laugh, cos I don't like being under the covers at all.
Tricked you mum!!!