Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Nite

It's Friday nite in ChezQ.  That means the washing machine is humming, and other laundry is dry and folded ready to be put away.  Mum is attempting to clean and tidy, as she has to work over the weekend.  Dinner was some nice soup and a crusty roll.  A bit of tv is in order and then mum will head to bed early to finish her book.  She had to put the electric blanket on before she went to the bed.  First time in six months, more signs of things to come.

Hope your weekend is off to a good start and you have an awesome Friday night.


  1. I am hoping to get some time off from supervising my human this weekend!

  2. Oh, love you up close and purrsonal, Miss Pops!

    It's finally getting warmer here, meaning soon I'll have to switch to AC instead of heat!

    Hope work isn't too demanding. Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  3. Ah. You switch on the heat and we switch on the air- con. We ate always hoping for some cool rain but now it's the joy season. You look pretty cool close up too.

  4. We mean hot season. It brings us little joy.

  5. Oh! Goodness! What a fantastic Blog!
    I've just become a member....!
    I'm not to far away...In England!
    (Don't laugh).
    Ah! Love those Putty-Tats...! :>).

    "Dogs have owners...Cats have staff".

  6. That picture makes you look just a little sinister, Poppy Q, as if you were plotting something. Hmm...

  7. We love the close-up! Have a great weekend with your Mum!

  8. poppy Q...lookin good...heerz a wee kiss..

    hope yur mum N ewe get ta spend sum times two gether N her doez knot have ta werk two much

    we iz gonna haza heet wave here...itz gonna be 57 !!



    but summer iz rite round de korner..we will trade ewe summer for fall

    hope ewe haza grate week oh end !

  9. Oh yes wasn't it cold yesterday morning. Our electric blankets are being used and cats are getting micro waved hotties.
    Love Leanne

  10. Do you like the electric blanket, too? We think that would make an awesome napping spot amongst the covers :)

  11. Love the close up, sweetie!...Happy weekend, precious friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Sounds like a nice evening. Mum will do the laundry on Caturday AM. We are slowly getting warmer, sorry you mum had to pull out the 'lectric blankie.

  13. Poppyut - While your Mom was turning on the electric balnket for the 1st time this year, I was changing out all of our warm Winter bedding for light blankies & a bright colorful quilt. Mom put my personal cat sized quilt across the end of our bed. I spend part of the night sleeping there on my heaty pad and the rest of the night sleeping on top of Moms' head. For some reason she does not find this too comfy.
    This Winter my Mom bought me 2 heaty pads. One for the TV room & one for the bed. Boy it made my 20 yr. old bones feel good. I love the hot Summer with endless sun puddles.
    Enjoy the weekend. Sorry your Mom has to work, but I best she will get to spend next weekend with you. Stay warm.