Monday, April 22, 2013

Mumster Monday

It's a Mumster Monday again, cos mum got to have the morning at home with me.  The clouds even parted for a short time, allowing us to head out into the garden.  A perfect opportunity for a photo session, and for a spot of gardening.  Mum was pleased to fill some of the garden wheelie bin, she hates putting it out half filled.

The postie delivered mums parcel - she bought a couple of tops from ASOS.  Generally it is filled with teeny bopper clothes, but mum found a couple of tops that could fit her middle aged body and not make her look like mutton dressed like lamb.  Apparently in the news it says the 50% of kiwis use internet shopping.  Mum would have thought it would have been higher but she knows that there are still some oldies like Gdad who are scared of the computer.

Mum then headed into town to treat herself to a chicken burrito for lunch, which was yum.  Rather than a pricey movie, mum got 84 Charing Cross Road to watch on her ipod - love that movie.  A couple of vanilla candles and a fragrant reed set to make the house smell yummy.

Hope your week has started well.


  1. Hi Poppy...x
    My day is starting in the right way...It's 6:30 over here, and l'm reading your post and looking looking at your lovely pics...Lovely...! :).

  2. Sounds like your human is having a way less hectic Monday than my human will!

  3. Hi Poppy,
    Hope you and mum are ok, missed lots of your posts while I've been away. Looking forward to catching up. You look as cute and furry as ever.
    Hen and the boys xxx

  4. Well, I do almost ALL shopping online. If I could figure out how to online grocery shop I'd do that, too! srsly.

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  5. Hi Poppy! Hurrah for successful shopping! Our human doesn't often buy clothes on-line, for reasons of fit, but she certainly buys other things.

    Hey, she should be buying YOU something too, Poppy!

  6. Poppy, momma said she wants to adopt a grey kitty like you. She's so fond of you.

  7. poppy Q...we dont blame yur mum for knot wantin ta wear mutton...wool iz like scratchee bee yond scratch.... we iz havin a grate week sew far coz our mom did go bak ta werk sew now its time ta shop on line for R selves !!! enjoy yur plentee oh feast :)

  8. Earth Day stayed fine enough to get all my washing up to date, but I didn't get into the garden -

    Our Abbey it an Internet shopper and get some amazing bargains. Shops are going to find it hard to compete sadly. But with our high kiwi dollar buying in from overseas is just soo much cheaper and a lot more choice.

    Abbey found a new pet store yesterday on line that does free shipping...

  9. Oh those lovely golden eyes Poppy!
    It sounds like you and your mum had a nice day with a bit if sun. My mum is a "scardie cat" of the Internet shopping but books hotels on line. Meow, Jessica the cat

  10. Sounds like you had a good morning together. Mum got to come home and spend some nice time outside today.