Thursday, February 28, 2013


Vampires stoled my blood today!!!  Mum finally captured me, and I had to go to the vet for my checkups.  Dr Eve said my eyes still looked a little sore, and she was worried cos mum said that mum could tell as soon as the antibiotics wore off, that I still had slightly sore eyes and a little cough/sneeze.  So the results will be through in the next couple of days. After that, I might have to go and have a couple of xrays and a bit of a snoop around.

Today was the last day of summer here - and it was glorious with lots of warm sunshine.  Mum got the washing dried outside and for dinner she made some home made burgers - tasty!!  Tomorrow, the seasons shift into autumn and the slide into winter.  So goodbye February, we have enjoyed all the cloudless days and warm sunshine you have brought us.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last night mum was at work for lot of hours, which I enjoyed.  It was a summer night and warm so  I stayed playing in the garden all night waiting for her.  I am exhausted today, and have been napping with mum.

Mum had good intentions of going and get some jobs done, and going to the movies to see Lincoln.  She decided that instead of spending money at the movies, she would watch a movie that she had got from the library on DVD.  Movies at the cinema are about $16 here, and for that she can watch four movies from the library. She watched The Grey, as she likes Liam Neeson, about a group of works stranded in Alaska after a plane crash.  Her verdict was it was a good 4/5 watch, but very grim and lots of violence.

She thought she might get a takeaway burger for dinner, but instead she has put some fish and hash browns in the oven and is cooking some broccoli.  She had all those things in the fridge/freezer , so is a much better and healthier option.

Tomorrow she gets paid, and has birthday and leaving presents to get and bills to be paid, so mum is going to have to be careful with her dollars this month.  She is going out for dinner on Saturday night and might get lunch out tomorrow, so that is enough treats for the week.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The past couple of days I have been very snuggly with my mum.  In the evening, I have jumped on her lap - only for five minutes though, that's my rule.  In the morning I went and snuggled next to her as she was drying her hair.   Mum likes to believe that it is because I love her lots, but she is thinking that maybe it is because it is getting a bit colder round the house.  She certainly thinks that it is the reason that I snuggle up to her at night and plant myself right between her knees, so she can't move.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Evening All

 Hello week - we are glad you have started smoothly.  Last night there were some pretty pink skies over our neighbourhood.  We have had such lovely days, but our evenings have a touch of autumn chill to them.    Mum has to take her birkenstocks off and put her slippers on, like any good old lady.
Mum is a bit tired tonight, so after watching My Kitchen Rules, as Aussie cooking show, she will decamp to the bedroom with her book.  At the moment I am occupying the prime sleeping position - up by her pillow.  She will move me over soon and we will have a good old snoozefest, as mum is oncall tomorrow night, and sleep is never guaranteed.

Ohh - hooray for us.  Tonight is out 2000th post!!  Wowee!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today was another sunny day, alas mum did not take to the water today.  Today we had a home day which made us happy.  A sleep in was enjoyed and then mum toasted some hot cross buns for her breakfast.  Our supermarket started selling them on January first - crazy!!

A bit of gardening, a bit of housework and some reading kept mums day busy and I followed her round like a bad smell.  She used up some of the veg she bought at the market for her dinner, roasted kumara (sweet potato) with baked salmon, a couscous with veg, and broccoli and beans.  Take that 5 plus veg a day.

This evening, well we are taking it easy, sharing the couch and a couple of tv dramas.  Hope you get to take it easy too.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blue Sky Caturday

 Well Caturday is drawing to a close here at Chez Q.  Mum and I started with a little sleep in which was lovely.  Then mum headed out to the market to get sweet potato, corriander, tomatoes, watermelon, courgettes, bell peppers, beans and oranges.  She also got a sweet supply of books at the library, so feels like the house is full of goodness.
 It was such a lovely day, that mum and one of her besties went for a little harbour cruise for the afternoon.  The two pictures above are the inner harbour area, where mum sat and had her subway sandwich.  Mums budget doesn't extend to eating at the pricey places by the waterfront, but a picnic is free!!
 Although it was a touch windy on the boat, it was nice to be out on the water and take in the lovely views.  It made mum appreciate how pretty our city is.  With lots of little houses on the hills, and we know we are so lucky to live ten minutes from the sea.
The girls went out to Eastbourne, a little seaside village, where mum and her bestie went for a walk, looked at some little galleries and had a wee drink and snack before heading back to town.  With all that fresh air and salt spray mum is going to sleep well tonight!!

Enjoy your Caturday - we all hope you do something fun!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday mum thought that the word calm applied to her day,  today the word has changed and is more like annoyed.   After an early bird start, mum was up at 5.30 am to get to work at 7am, she pottered around at home too long and got to work with just minutes to spare, when she likes to be early.

  Work went ok, but when mum got home she was meant to catch me to go see Dr Eve at the vets.  I kept running away from mum, over to the neighbours house.  Mum thought I was gone for good, so called the vets and said we wouldn't be able to come.  I did though sneak in at 4pm, so mum got me in the PTU, and told the vets I was coming.   They said though that we had missed the appt, mum thought it was for 4.15pm, but she was wrong.  We were meant to be there at 4pm.  So try again next week.

Then mum and I had a nap, and she woke up in a hurry, thinking she would head to the library and pick up some reserved books, but when she got up she realised it was 8pm, not 7pm.  So the washing is only starting now, mum still has to cook dinner and she will go to the library tomorrow morning.  Go mum!!

Still we are having a good night at home, have full bellies and a warm bed to sleep in, so the annoyed feelings will be forgotten quickly.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Mum was thinking about her day today and the word that came to mind was CALM.  It was an ok day at work, busy but not too stressful and mum had good company.  She went for a walk after work to enjoy the sunshine, and got some groceries.  After a relaxing dinner, she is watching her imaginary boyfriend Kevin McCloud describe his latest grand design - far too minimilist for mums taste, it looks like a science lab.
Then mum may head to be bed early to read her book as she has an early bird start at work tomorrow.

Hope your day holds some calmness as well.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Hump Day

Hooray for hump day, two days to go and we are hanging out for the weekend already.  My eyes are feeling better, mum thinks they are looking good.  She has to take me back to see my vet on Friday.  I am still sneezing, and we might need to do a blood test and see if I am growing some bugs.  I have been on anibiotics since Boxing day and mum is hoping that things settle down for me soon.

Have a good hump day everybuddy!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Working Hard

 After working hard all day, mum likes to come home and potter in the garden.  She doesn't often get much done but every little bit helps and it is good to get out in the fresh air.  She usually works in a room without any windows and is indoors the whole day.
Tonights dinner took five minutes to get ready.  Potatoes and carrots were chopped and put in the oven with a bit of olive oil and a nice piece of lamb.  Beans trimmed and in the pot and corn in the microwave.  Tasty!! And best of all enough left overs for tomorrows lunch.

I had my feast and now I have gone to bed at 7pm leaving mum to be lazy in the lounge.  She is allowed to watch some tele as long as she does chores in the ad breaks.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Week

Hello week - we are glad that you have started well.  Mum went and had a good day at work.  She then had a bit of retail therapy at the supermarket - mum is glad that the walk home is uphill.  It makes her feel better if not a bit worn out when she gets home.

Tonights dinner was leftovers.  A steak and veg like last night but with fresh sweetcorn - yum.  We hope you don't mind us talking about our dinner, but it helps inspire mum too.  She always cooks from scratch, cooks quickly and often just uses one pot and simple ingredients.  Mum isn't likely to buy any truffles, caviar or saffron.

When mum got home she let a flea bomb off, and is now airing out the bedroom.  Much as she doesn't like the thought of insecticide, she doesn't like the bites she has had the past week.  She also has mowed the lawn, washed the windows in the lounge and done a bit of weeding.  She is going to put the washing away and then settle down to watch some tele.

Have a lovely Monday lovies.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Super Sunday

 Today I was helper cat in the garden.  Check out the size of the weed = bigger than I am!!!
 Mum started a new book, perfect for reading in the sun, but better for reading in bed.  Especially as the past two nights we have felt the beginning of a chill in the air.
 Luckily the sun has still been shining in the daytime, perfect for gardening and painting your toenails bright pink.
Dinner tonight was steak with a fresh tomato salsa and roasted potato/carrot/pumpkin.  I think that is five servings done for the day once mum has an apple for dessert.  Mmmm and mum got to eat it while watching NZ masterchef.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caturday In the House

It is Caturday in the house of Q.  Here I am preparing for a big day.  A big day of sleeping. Hahaha!!

Mum stayed up late watching bad tv and loading the dishwasher.  Friday night fun.   This morning she got up earlish, and wandered down to the market.  Today she bought potatoes, pumpkin, corriander, onions, lemons, apples, courgettes, cucumbers, bell peppers, apricots and green beans.

Then she went to town to get her hair cut and coloured.  The day was beautiful so mum went for a walk around the shops.  She bought a tshirt on sale, and a subway roll for her lunch, and as a treat a tropical fruit smoothie.  She then headed home to keep me company.  A nice hour reading in the sunshine made mum sleepy so a little nap was in order.  There was lots of chicken risotto  leftover, so mum had that for her dinner and I had my feast.

So a lovely quiet day here Q headquaters.  Mum has the washing machine going and is doing chores while the tv is on tonight and I am napping on the bed.    We hope you all have a lovely day, do something that makes you smile and get some time to put your feet up.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Feasting On Friday

 Yippee mum sure is glad it is Friday.  Work was longish, and  even though she worked with a good team, she was glad to head off home with me.  So after a bit of couch surfing, she went to the kitchen to cook up some dinner.  She turned up her new fave CD - Red by Taylor Swift - don't judge, and got a big diet soda.
Tonight she made lemon chicken rissotto.  15 minutes, five ingredients and one pot - easy peasy, and she has enough left over for three more meals.  Did you spot the salad - yes it is the from the same big bag of salad mix that mum bought.  It has done three dinners and three salad lunches so far, and enough for  a feed tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday - we hope you do something fun and  feast on something tasty.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to all of our friends.  We hope you are all having a lovely day and  get to share it with somebuddy you love.

Mum and I are having a good evening at home.  Think last nights dinner - take away the salmon and replace it with a piece of steak.  Then there is enough steak and salad for tomorrows lunch - yum says mum.  My feast was nice, and mum is starting me on some new diet biscuits.  Good luck mum.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What We Ate Wednesday

 Miss Barb - this photo is for you!!  Mum  cooked some salmon for dinner tonight, with fresh sweetcorn and salad.  She is pleased as she has more salmon and salad for her lunch tomorrow, and it was a quick and easy dinner.  Ten minutes and done.
Mum is glad that she worked during the day today and gets to spend the evening with me.  She only got woken once last night by me, begging for biscuit (cat biscuits or crunchies).  Instead of giving me a whole can of fancy feast every night, I am now getting only half a can.  The good thing is that I used to only eat 2/3 of my can and a third was wasted, but now I eat all I am given.  So no wastage and hopefully we will save some money too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chubster Plan Fail

Last night mum got home at late oclock, so she gave me a half tin of the feast which I ate.  She only let me have a couple of biscuits and did not want to leave any out overnight.  So,  I woke her up at 2am and 4am for snacks, then 8am for breakfast.  So now I am back napping on the bed.  I am tired - yawn!!!

Oh well - mum is going to persevere and see how it goes.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I had to go and see my vet Dr Eve today to see how my eyes were going and to get another prescription for eye ointment.  She was pleased with my eyes, and thinks they are settling down.

Not  so pleased with my chub.  Apparently I have now reached the golden weight - 6kgs (since I am six years old it is easy to remember).  Mum got told that we have to do better.

Mum is feeling the chub too, so she is going to try and be better with me.  Wish us luck!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternooning

 It is 5:45pm and the days sun is just leaving our place.  I am sitting on the mat by the back door watching over my garden, as mum has just finished hoovering the house.  We were lazy ladies and had a late late sleep in this morning.  Mum made up for it by being busy this afternoon.  She made a bacon and egg pie for lunch, and while it was cooking she cranked up the music and cleaned out her underwear drawers.  She found lots of stuff to be chucked out, and stuff to be shredded like bills and receipts she had tucked in there.  Now she can find all of her knickers and bras.

 She had bought herself Jamies 15 minute and 30 minute meals after Christmas.  She found this Jamie Oliver chopping board in the shop last week, and even though she knew she was paying $30 for having his name on it, she did need another board.  So she told herself that if it was still there this week, she would get it.  It was, so now it lives with us, and another little blue one for chopping chicken on.
So after baking pie - and no I don't want any bacon, as I don't like people food, she baked a new recipe banana cake to use up her black bananas.  She is going to take it to work tomorrow, and see what it is like.  She did some dishes, cleaned up and is now ready for making her dinner.  She says it is some mashed potatoes, sausages and a fennel and apple slaw.  Me  - I'm having a feast myself - Chopped Grill Feast in fact.

Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Caturday!!

Actually Caturday is almost over here in NZ.  Mum and I needed a  little sleep in, and then she had a long shower and a slow breakfast.  Mum then went for a little trip into town, dropped some books off at the library, went shopping and splashed out on a new chopping board and some nail polish.

Then home to read her book in the garden, a shower and then off to kidsit for some friends while they went out for dinner.  Now home and on the couch to watch the Antiques Roadshow - new episodes, bliss!!!  Oh and I am sitting on her knee while she is typing this, a rare occurrence indeed.

Mum is glad to have a relaxing weekend after working the last two.  We hope you are all having a great Caturday too.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Friday

You can see that my lovely eyes are looking good.  So are those weeds.  Better send mum out with the gardening gloves tonight.

Mum had a good day at work today.  All of her patients were lovely, but she is glad to have the weekend off and to leave work in perfect sunshine.  Especially as she heard that a chap she knows at work, well he killed himself this week, and that made mum a bit sad.  She wishes that if wasn't the answer for so many good people, that they could have reached out, and that they could be sitting in the sun, enjoying a perfect evening.  Mum knows that life is short anyway, and it flies by in an instant.

So we are going to sit on the deck, mum will have a cool drink and toast her friend, and I will have my fancy feast.    We hope you all find something that makes you smile this weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Mum thinks my eyes are a bit better now.  We do have to go back on Monday for a check up again, so mum is hoping that my eyes stay stable.  Paws crossed everybuddy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kiwi Day

 Today was a holiday here in kiwiland, Waitangi day is our national holiday , where we get to spend time with our families.  Miss Mum was on call last night, so us girls got to sleep in - I didn't even beg for biscuits til 8.30am.  Wonders will never cease.
 Mum and I spent some of the morning in the garden, picking up leaves, a touch of weeding then I let mum go out for a bit of a wander and a shop.  She bought stuff like fennel, corriander, pine nuts and some oranges - bluch!!
After our spectacular rainfall several nights ago, our garden is looking very green and junglelike.

Mum wishes there was a mid weekend holiday every week.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Mum has succumbed to the dreaded Ahh Bra.  Mum says they are comfy, and although she won't wear them everyday, lest her boobies droop to her knees, she thinks for a casual day they are comfortable, and easy to wash and dry and don't take up much room.  Also they are perfect to nap on, especially if you leave them on my spot.

Mum says my eyes are a bit better today and I am coping with two lots of ointment in my eyes every day, which is lucky yesterday we got a whole months rain in one day, and today is a bit chilly.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Vet Visit

It is 11.30am and I am just back from the vet.  She looked in my eyes again and said that the conjunctivitis was still there, and I got the green stain again.  This time we are trying a long acting antibiotic injection, and mum only has to give me ointment twice a day.  I also got my butt looked at, and got given an emergency butt shave - the horror.

So now I am back home and mum is surprised, as I am lying on her foot on the rug snoring happily, exhausted from all of the excitement.  It is poring with rain, so mum is going to go to the library and supermarket, then come back and hang with me.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bung Eyes are Back

 Le sigh - it made mum sad to see that my sore eyes were back on Saturday morning.  I had been soooo good for a week.  So mum has made a vet booking for tomorrow.  Today I have been resting, and staying close to mum, sitting near her inside and out in the garden.
 So our day was a quiet sleepy Sunday.  Mum was exhausted after a busy night last night, so she just pottered around and did some gardening, and a bit of tidying up.
Tonight we had a new visitor over the house - Clouds!!  We haven't seen any for over a week, and know that the garden will be grateful for a soaking tomorrow when the rain is due.  Lots of New Zealand has fire bans and it looks like we are in the middle of a big draught, so we know the farmers will be happy.

Have a lovely Sunday and we will let you know what the vet says.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Caturday Alarm Call

Apparently, mums don't like to woken up at 4am for biscuits, 5am by me chasing a cicada, and 6am for more biscuits - especially when their alarm is set for 6.40am anyways.

Who Knew???

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February

One more day of work for mum - then she gets to join me for a bit of relaxing and fun.  Today was busy for her at work again, so she is glad to be able to have the evening to sit on the couch.  A stop at the supermarket for some Salmon, Steak and Chicken (all for mum), salads, fresh bread rolls, noodles and fruit with  chicken nibbles and salad for dinner.  Fancy feast has been served to me.   Washing is loaded in the washing machine and an outfit is picked for tomorrow.  All other chores are on hold  - it is the final of the Block, the Australian show where four couples renovate four houses.  Mum loves that show, even though she googled the results and knows who wins anyway.

Watering the garden, washing her face and putting the groceries away will be done in the ad breaks.

Hope you are all doing something nice for yourselves on Friday night!!  Take it easy and do something that makes you smile.