Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Mum has succumbed to the dreaded Ahh Bra.  Mum says they are comfy, and although she won't wear them everyday, lest her boobies droop to her knees, she thinks for a casual day they are comfortable, and easy to wash and dry and don't take up much room.  Also they are perfect to nap on, especially if you leave them on my spot.

Mum says my eyes are a bit better today and I am coping with two lots of ointment in my eyes every day, which is lucky yesterday we got a whole months rain in one day, and today is a bit chilly.

Have a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Whatever sits in kitty's place, belongs to kitty! Kitty's place.. is every place!

  2. I hope your eyes continue to get better, Poppy - and STAY that way! My human had no idea what an Ahh Bra was - she had to look it up. Underwires have never bothered her so maybe that explains it.

  3. MOL...Your photo is so Funny ! & cute ; )
    Poppy !! Good to hear you feel better !
    Keep up a great job.

  4. Poppy, keep getting better.

    Mom looked up those bras too - she thinks the idea of the wide strap appeals to her the most. We love to sleep on underwear, and gender!

  5. An ahhh bra would never do. Never. In fact, there is only one place I can find one that fits properly. Think Maxine, only a bit chubbier. That would be me. My Nana Jo use to call it "Cooper's Droop". I wear a size 42 long. Yeah, in their natural state mine are in my lap. There's a lovely visual, right? You're welcome. hahahaha!

  6. We had to google Ahh Bra too. Mum says it looks very comfy but she needs her underwires to pick 'em up and point them in the right direction.

  7. I sure hope you kick this bug this round of meds - such a nasty one you picked up.
    droopy boobs no fun for cats to sit on laps you know they would get in the way of comfort...
    Love Leanne

  8. No Ahh Bra here, either. The girls need all the help they can get.

    I don't know about leaving them where kitties can use them as a bed. The Ahh Bra might tickle :)

  9. poppy Q...way happee yur eyes bee gettin better N way happee yur mum dinna make ewe puts on a bra...dai$y tried a brazeer once N her said they dinna make her figure any less more fuller or lean...

    we dont understand it either, we just roll with it

    enjoy yur twoozday :)

  10. Our mum has nothing to droop. A bane in her younger years, a blessing now.

    Mum has seen those bras. She can def understand what a good kitty cuddler one might make.
    Very glad to hear the eyes are coming along. You remain in our prayers, love.

  11. It is good to get rain, but too much at one time is not so good. Glad you are letting Mom doctor your eyes!

  12. Ahh indeed!
    I would be afraid of the 'move too fast, knock yourself out factor...'
    Just jealous of the comfort :-)