Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last night mum was at work for lot of hours, which I enjoyed.  It was a summer night and warm so  I stayed playing in the garden all night waiting for her.  I am exhausted today, and have been napping with mum.

Mum had good intentions of going and get some jobs done, and going to the movies to see Lincoln.  She decided that instead of spending money at the movies, she would watch a movie that she had got from the library on DVD.  Movies at the cinema are about $16 here, and for that she can watch four movies from the library. She watched The Grey, as she likes Liam Neeson, about a group of works stranded in Alaska after a plane crash.  Her verdict was it was a good 4/5 watch, but very grim and lots of violence.

She thought she might get a takeaway burger for dinner, but instead she has put some fish and hash browns in the oven and is cooking some broccoli.  She had all those things in the fridge/freezer , so is a much better and healthier option.

Tomorrow she gets paid, and has birthday and leaving presents to get and bills to be paid, so mum is going to have to be careful with her dollars this month.  She is going out for dinner on Saturday night and might get lunch out tomorrow, so that is enough treats for the week.


  1. poppy it must be so nice to frolic in the garden under the moonlight. Do other kitties hide there waiting to play with you?
    Mom is very sensible to not to fritter her monies when there are things she needs to be savin for. Good thing your beautiful garden under the moonlight & stars is free Poppy. Have fun.

  2. Poor kitty, having to nap all day! What a shame that must have been!

  3. The cat before me used to love having adventures on warm summer nights. Me? I have Binga for all seasons. Meh.

  4. Miss Poppy, You stayed playing in the garden all night !!!! Have fun with the cricket jumping ??? It's soooo FUN ! and you can keep one for surprise your mom in her birth day : )

  5. I've got to get myself to the produce department as I am completely out of salad fixings and mostly out of fresh produce. And I am craving salmon. srsly.

    I've been forced to budget my whole life. Riches... I'll never have anything close to that. Contentment... I do have that! YAY!

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  6. Love you Julie! You always make me smile...Poppy you do too sweet girl.
    You touch our hearts (and the hearts of others) in ways you might not even know...we loved reading Kim's (Kea) comment on her blog about you!!!
    That is what makes the CB so very special...that we can touch each other in so many ways we never even realize...
    Soft hugs to you and your beautiful gray lady down on the beautiful island.
    We are with you in the budget dept and happy for it too...make us really appreciate what we have and what we do not really need!
    Love from the cozy cottage XOXO

  7. We are hoping for a better summer so we can also play and sleep out under the stars on a warm night.

  8. Dear Poppy Q, you have a very reasonable and clever mom!And for sure she works a lot and she deserves some time out, dinner and so on.
    And you deserve some delicious treats, because you are such a nice and good girl!
    Your place is adorable!Enjoy!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mom Léia

  9. Hi Poppy and Ms. Julie! I can't tell you how many times I've tried to comment on your blog (well any blog) and for some reason have not been able to.

    I think the problem has been fixed! So glad your eyes are better. Budgetising is something I definitely have to do! Even though I'm now down to "only" five cats, they still eat me out of house and home :-).

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Christine, aka Possumlady with Sweet Pea, Chunky Lisa, Oliver, Figaro and Toby

  10. WE need to take lessons on budgeting here! We also need to learn to stay home because of the price of gas!

  11. poppy best budget tizzing all wayz involves fish...if ewe...ore yur mum... eatz a trout a day....ewe will save like a bazillion dollars; !!!! then her haz MOR money ta buy ewe sum fancy feast !!

  12. Yeah, mum is being careful with her green papers too, since she isn't day hunting these days. She does got out, with furiends, but they eat simple and she can cook too.

  13. Poppy did you have any romantic adventures in your garden in the night? Your mum is very wise. Watching the news this evening there was a story on how meals at restaurants have far too much salt for anyone's good. That is why mum likes to cook her own meals and lunches. meow, Jessica the cat.

  14. Love your Orla Keily! She did an affordable line for Target in USA but by the time our mum found out about it, it mas mostly gone! If they stll have anything you'd like available, we'll send it off! Mum lives in Podunk, but will gladly look.

  15. Poppy, you has a very smart mum!

    Have fun in the garden too!!!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku