Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blue Sky Caturday

 Well Caturday is drawing to a close here at Chez Q.  Mum and I started with a little sleep in which was lovely.  Then mum headed out to the market to get sweet potato, corriander, tomatoes, watermelon, courgettes, bell peppers, beans and oranges.  She also got a sweet supply of books at the library, so feels like the house is full of goodness.
 It was such a lovely day, that mum and one of her besties went for a little harbour cruise for the afternoon.  The two pictures above are the inner harbour area, where mum sat and had her subway sandwich.  Mums budget doesn't extend to eating at the pricey places by the waterfront, but a picnic is free!!
 Although it was a touch windy on the boat, it was nice to be out on the water and take in the lovely views.  It made mum appreciate how pretty our city is.  With lots of little houses on the hills, and we know we are so lucky to live ten minutes from the sea.
The girls went out to Eastbourne, a little seaside village, where mum and her bestie went for a walk, looked at some little galleries and had a wee drink and snack before heading back to town.  With all that fresh air and salt spray mum is going to sleep well tonight!!

Enjoy your Caturday - we all hope you do something fun!!


  1. Oh, that sounds like just the perfect day! I grew up on the seaside until I was 13 and since then I've been land-locked. I do miss the seaside, which is probably at least part of why I love to cruise. One of these days I will return to the ocean. Good Lord willing!

    Have a lovely sleep, lovely ladies!

  2. Those are really fabulous pics - so blue and wonderful.

  3. Your mum had a *wonderful* Saturday, Poppy, a day to treasure. And you do live in a beautiful part of the world, no question. :-)

    We hope your Sunday is equally fantastic!

  4. You and your mum are blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place. We wish we were there.

  5. that was a wonderful day. Mom would like to take a harbor cruise!

  6. Oh, how pretty. I love being on the water and living in the landlocked province of Saskatchewan, my opportunities are few and far between!

    What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!!

  7. Ahh it is on my bucket list to take the ferry over to Eastbourne - we might just do that while Brent is on annual leave. I always take picnic as hate spending the money on the food which is never up to my fussy standard. I much prefer to cook than eat out. Another beautiful day here again - but the ground is starting to really sigh with relief from the garden hose.
    Love Leanne

  8. Sounds like a lovely day, and what a perfectly blue sky.

  9. What a lovely Caterday for both you and your mum. No summer in sight here, just slush and snow. I spent the day snoozing and mum spent the day doing errands - mostly buying my necessities and groceries. Mum misses the sea as she grew up by the ocean and she says your city is one of the prettiest she has seen, even in the rain. meow from Jessica-the-cat.