Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Friday

You can see that my lovely eyes are looking good.  So are those weeds.  Better send mum out with the gardening gloves tonight.

Mum had a good day at work today.  All of her patients were lovely, but she is glad to have the weekend off and to leave work in perfect sunshine.  Especially as she heard that a chap she knows at work, well he killed himself this week, and that made mum a bit sad.  She wishes that if wasn't the answer for so many good people, that they could have reached out, and that they could be sitting in the sun, enjoying a perfect evening.  Mum knows that life is short anyway, and it flies by in an instant.

So we are going to sit on the deck, mum will have a cool drink and toast her friend, and I will have my fancy feast.    We hope you all find something that makes you smile this weekend.


  1. Purrs and ((hugs)) to your Mum and the chap's family. Life is very short and should be treasured. Happy weekend. XOXO

  2. Oh so sad for your Mum and his family. Our purrs. I hope that you and she have a nice weekend.

  3. I am so glad your eyes are looking so pretty and clear Poppy! I don't understand why humans want to leave this world before their time - I enjoy every second. Well, except for the parts where I am getting smacked by Binga or visiting the vet. The rest is all good, though!

  4. Oh Jeez Julie!
    It is so sad, when my sister is FIGHTING for her life, that other folks are too sad to see beyond their own sadness. Everyone has sadness. Everyone.
    I wish I knew how to fix the world, I really do.

  5. Yay...for your eyes, Miss Poppy
    And me glad your mom have a time off on the weekend and have a fabulous time with you and her friends.

    In my mom's original country, they do believe human who decide to go before their time come. Their spirit will suffer. The spirit have to pay back by doing that again and again till the actual time come. Which is really sad if what they believe it's real.

    I think every human should have cat or doggie, they can learn from us how to be happy.

    Have a fantastic weekend

  6. I have known someone who decided to take their own life. It's such a shock. I still wonder how it is that I never saw anything, and how tragic that they felt they had no other options and nobody to help talk them out of it. Big hugs, Julie. xoxo

    Miss Pops, I'm so glad your eyes are feeling finer, honey pie!

  7. Very sad about your Mum's coworker. He must have been very sad or anxious about something or everything n general.

    Poppy, we are purring for your eyes to stay all well this time.

  8. Oh that is sad news that your mums friend felt so low thhat he had to do that. So sad.. You look lovely Poppy. Purrs to your mum.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. We can never know how people feel about themselves or about their lives. If only the man could have said something. Would that have been enough? Who knows? It's very sad. There is too much loss in the world. Tell your mum to try and have a good weekend anyway, and give you an extra hug. I'm glad your eyes are back to being big and beautiful, Poppy Q.

  10. We is so happy to hear your eyes are better. You has such pretty eyes.

    Mom says it is hard when someone gives up without reaching out for help, but we never know what someone else is thinking.

    We all hope you have a good weekend.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  11. poppy Q. yur eyez bee lookin good, ewe bee lookin good, chez Q bee lookin good...we dinna even see any weeds ...

    sorree to lurn bout yur mums friend; purrayers ta hiz familee

    enjoy yur week oh end with yur mum...

  12. We raise some purrs to that chap. Always sad when someone does that.

    You have a weekend filled with sunshine.

  13. That is such sad news. Too many good people leave this world too soon. I do think your eyes are looking well, Miss Poppy. I hope the vet thinks so too. Have a lovely sunny weekend. I am in the middle of a snowstorm.

    meow, Jessica the cat

  14. You look so beautiful, happy and bright eyed. Hope you've finally chased those eye germs away. We love you , dear.

  15. We are glad your eyes are doing better and you and Mom got to enjoy the sunshine. Mom's cousin shot himself. She wishes any one who thinks that is the only way could see the aftermath on a family!