Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy to See You

Mum says this is a look of happiness, with my tail straight up (almost), and me rubbing.  Much as I like her, I still don't get too close outside.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mumster Monday

So you know a week ago we had a big earthquake - a 6.5 that shook us up.  Well since then, the paper said we have had over 1500 smaller ones.  This morning, mum was just heading to bed and we had another big shake - a 5.4.  Still there was no damage, but mum says her body feels like it is shaking all the time, like when you have been on a boat all day and get back on shore and still feel like you are afloat.

So mum got to play with me today and take a few awesome pictures out in the garden.  They were particularly photogenic, that might because there was a big bird on the roof that I was watching.  That is the only reason 60% didn't have my eyes closed or with my head turned.

Mum got to see a movie Ginger and Rosa  - she would only give it a 2/5  There was something just off about it.  The actors in it were interesting, but the story was a bit disjointed and tried too hard, when I was left a bit cold and didn't have a connection to any of them.

So mum got home in time for the feast and made herself some chicken pasta for dinner. Now she is happy as The Middle is back on tele, one of her faves.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


This is the local gang.  They like to hang out in the gardens surrounding us, but seem to hear the whisper of the bread bag and come and gather, knowing mum will feed them.  Today was the leftover slices of bread and some chopped up apple and pear.  We were lucky and had sunshine again, so mum and I did some gardening and played with da bird.  She is drying the sheets on the rack in the living room, and some of it draped on the couch, and so I have claimed it as my snoozing spot.  So snoozy, I seem to have forgotten my evening feast.  Do you feed your local birds?  Take a handful of crumbs to the park?  Go on - we know you want to.  
Update:  I got up at 8:42pm, demanded my feast politely and am back on the sheet by 8:48.  Good night!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunny Caturday

Hey kitty lovers it is Caturday today.  We had a glorious sunny day here in the capital city, warm and sunny and no more eathquakes (that mum felt).  I kicked the mumster out of bed early to give me some breakfast, so she got some washing on early.  She went to the market and got lemons, corriander, cabbage, potatoes, carrots,  capsicum, avocado and courgettes.  Good for her.

She went and met her besties and went to the Art Show.  There were lots of talented artists showing their pictures, but lots were too pricey and none of them took mums fancy.  So even though she wandered around for about four hours in town, mum didn't spend any moneys.

She did go to the supermarket though and buy some nice steak.  She also made a couple of baked potatoes for dinner, which she said was nice.  I am however not interested in steak, I was happy to have fancy feast and then a snooze in front of the heater.  Life is good!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Today was Friday and it was fabulous.  It was nice and warm and sunny which was nice for mid winter.  Mum got the doors open, the bed linen was changed  and the washing started.  A visit to the supermarket got some treats for me and her.

I sent her off to work and curled up on her bed to wait til she got home and got my feast!!  Life is good!  Hope you all enjoy your Friday!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Da Bird

Da Bird is the bestest toy ever.  I like to chase it round the garden and then just sit on it.  Mum tries to tug it away but I'm not letting it go.

We like the name Prince George, that was the name we guessed for the royal baby when everyone else thought it would be a boy.

Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.  Mum went to the library and has a big pile of great books.  She has also got rid of some rubbish - she loves the shows on hoarders, they get her motivated to move some junk.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The mumster and I were LAZY today.  She didn't sleep very well last night, between earthquakes and finishing night shift, and me waking her up at dark o'clock to let her know it was raining outside (by shaking my rainy furs all over her), she was a bit exhausted.

That meant it took her most of the day to get showered and dressed.  The dishes took all day to get done and she picked at leftovers for her dinner.  Mum is lucky though as she has tomorrow off as well, so she might get a bit more motivated to do some stuff.

Aren't we lucky to have had a lazy day!!

Isn't the new royal baby rather exciting?  We hope they get lots of lovely family time together.

Monday, July 22, 2013

All Shook Up

Thanks for checking up on us shaky folks.  Mum had to work night shift at the hospital last night.  The hospital building mum works in is very new and has the latest earthquake building techniques built in.  So there were lots of aftershocks last night, but mum only felt a few of the bigger shakes.

So she got to finish at 7am, and go to the supermarket for toilet paper and some cat biscuits - nom nom.  Then she had a snack with me and thought she would just lie down for a nap.  She managed to sleep til 2pm, and miss a big quake, but that's ok with her.

So the rest of the day has been lazing on the couch watching tv.

Our city is ok, only a few minor injuries and a few damaged roads and buildings.    Nothing like the Christchurch earthquakes that occured in the past two years, or indeed one in China today with 47 people died.  NZ has lots and lots of quakes, thousands each year, and most of us are prepared for them.  We have emergency supplies at home, including lots of food and bottled water, just in case.

Mum is looking forward to her days off to rest and relax with me.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


We wish we could say it was a swarm of da birds that we are talking about today.  Even a swarm of bees might be better, but we had a swarm of earthquakes.  Mum finished nightshift this morning and was getting breakfast in the kitchen, when it went a rocking and a rolling.  Nothing was hurt and it only lasted about twenty seconds.  We then had another couple of big ones, and something like thirty already today, but not so noticeable.  Again, no injuries or damage anywhere - so don't you worry.

Mum had a nap, but she slept with some pants and a tshirt on in case there was another one, and any noise kept waking her up.  So she got up at 1pm, and she did some gardening and household chores.  Then she thought we would have a play outside with my da bird toy.  So I'm a bit worn out - time for  a nap.

We had another big one tonight - 6.8 which was kind of scary.  Mum and her friends are all ok, although one has lost power at her house.  She has the power back on now, so is ok.
10pm - we are having lots of aftershocks, about every two minutes or so.  So many, that it takes a big one for Miss Pops to even stick her head up.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's Caturday here at Chez Q - what have you got planned?

We had a little sleep in this morning.  Mum says that the flu medication gave her some uber crazy dreams.  She is glad that the flu is finally seeming to be leaving her although she still has a cough and blocked sinuses.  She had to go to the hairdresser today.  Her old hairdresser of six years Amy had left to go overseas, but she is pleased to report that her knew one Cushla did a fab job and mum feels like a rockstar with nice hair today.

Mum was sensible and thinking about budgetising  and bought some groceries instead of a takeaway for dinner, so that for the price of one burger she got to have two homemade ones for dinner and two for tomorrows lunch.  She bought lots of little treats, and then she forgot to buy me any more biscuits.  Luckily there is lots of feast in the little cupboard.

Enjoy your Caturday my furriends.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Shaky Quake Alarm Clock

This morning mum got woken up by a slightly big shaky earthquake that shook this part of NZ.  Mum jumped out of bed and grabbed her dressing gown just in case she needed rescuing.  Luckily it was just the ground and house shaking, nothing fell down and we are all safe. I was out in the garden hanging onto the picnic table.  In fact there seemed to have been no damage and no injuries - so it's all good.  A few more aftershocks today as well.

Oh and LURGY - that must be a kiwi term for germs or bugs.  Mums are getting better.  All of your well wishes are working.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Mum still has the lurgy, but she has been heading to work loaded up on flu medication with pockets full of tissues.  Now though she is home again with me ready to snuggle and sleep in our cosy bed.  We are lucky as the days have been lovely and mum has been soaking up some vitamin d, while she eats her orange and gets vitamin C.

Hope you are all taking it easy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Mum says thank you for all of your kindness.  She spent the day at home today as this feels like a bit of a nasty chesty cold.  You know when a cough seems to shake your whole body.  So after a bit of sleep, she hopes that she will be ready for the next few days of work, as they will be a bit horrid, but she will see how it goes.

We are off to bed early together to get some zzzzzzs.  Sleep well everybuddy.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Mum felt a bit poorly on Sunday night, she could feel her cold coming on, a headache, earache, body ache and a cough. She lasted the morning at work this morning, then came home and climbed into bed with me.  It was nice to snooze with my mum on a chilly day.  So she is stocking up on lemon honey drinks and going to bed early.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Twas a bit of a grim old winters day today.  We awoke to rain and wind, and later had icy hail and 130km winds.  Ferry boat sailings and flights into our city have all had to be cancelled.  Needless to say that mum and I spent most of the day relaxing with the doors closed.  Mum read her book and watched the tv.

She was most annoyed too, as she watched the final of American Horror and then realised she had two earlier episodes recorded that she had not watched that helped explain the end.  Duh!!!  To make her feel better she made a tasty winters dinner.  Chopped onion, garlic, courgette and bell pepper were tossed in the casserole dish.  Chicken legs and salt and pepper and olive oil added, and cooked for forty minutes.  Then tomato paste and a tin of chopped tomatoes added.  Served with rice, mum said it was one of her tastier dinners, gives lots of leftovers for the next nights dinner and  was very easy to make.  Me - I had a feast and was very happy.

So our heater is roaring, the Antiques Roadshow is on the box.  Mum is going to choose between a rich chocolate or caramel steamed pudding and cream for her pudding.  She has to put the rubbish out and then it will be off to bed for us two girls.

Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wet Winter Caturday

Today was a wet winter Caturday.  Mum did some chores this morning after a little lie in with me.  I then let her head off to meet with her besties.  They went to see the movie Before Midnight. It is the conclusion to the movie  Before Sunrise    and Before Sunset.  Have you seen them?  They are slightly wordy, romantic drama,  quiet and almost mums favorite movies ever, especially Before Sunrise.  Before Sunrise is made in 1994, and is about Jesse (Ethan Hawke_ a young American travelling on a train, who meets Celine (Julie Delphy).  Sensing the attraction between them, they leave the train and explore Vienna overnight before they depart at sunrise.

In Before sunset,  Jesse is in Paris ten years later on a book tour, his book written about his earlier chance encounter.  Again, he ends up with some time with Celine, but only a few hours and they must part before sunset.  So in Before Midnight we get to meet them again.   Mum very much enjoyed the conclusion to this story and was glad she went to see it.  She can't believe that nine years have slipped by since she saw the last film.

So a cheap asian Chicken noodle dish for dinner, the same one she went to last week as well, a bus ride home, and a visit to the supermarket and she is back home with me.  Mum tapped on the window when she got home and I ran out to greet her.  I got my feast, and mum got the bed all made up for our cosy sleeps tonight.  She has a good pile of books ready to read.  Life is good.

Enjoy your Caturday - do something fun!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Winter Ready

We are in the midst of winter here and due for a rather coolish and wet weekend, with snow forecast in the parts that get a lot of snow, and cold in the other parts (that's us).  We are ready to go, our heaters are warmed up and due to budgetising reasons, mum will be keeping close to home.  She has one reason to venture out, and that is to join her besties for a cheap dinner and movie.  Other than that, it will be comfy clothes, couch and home.

Mum had been feeling a bit blah lately, and so she listened to her doctor (that would be Dr OZ), and bought some vitamins.  She got some Odorless fish oil + vitamin D that she swallows down at dinner.  Even though she is usually sceptical about vitamins, she does actually feel a bit better, and as a result her hair is now getting silky and feels much softer.  Her skin is also not as winter dry as it normally is.  She gets lots of vitamin C and other vitamins through the fresh fruits and veg she eats.  Does your person do any vitamins?

Hope you are all getting ready for your weekends and enjoying the sunshine if you have it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Early Weekending

Mum and I are starting the weekending early at Chez Q.  A quick visit to the library to stock up on books and CDs.  Fish and chips for mums dinner and surprise surprise - it is the feast for me.  Tis a chilly night in our city, so mum has turned the heaters on and is about to swap her shoes for some fluffy slippers.

Mum is watching a program about extreme horders.  She is getting the urge to clean out the closets.  Time to clear out stuff she doesn't use.  The washing machine will be starting up soon, as soon as mum finishes work for the week, she cleans the uniform and dirty clothes straight away as they are ready for the following week.

Hope your weekending starts soon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Chores

Today mum got home before it got dark.  So she quickly changed out of her uniform and got into her casual clothes.  She grabbed her gardening gear, stuck a quick load in the washing machine, and did a quick twenty minutes cutting leaves and scooping lots of stuff out of the garden and into the bin.  It makes her feel better to have even cleared out a little bit, especially as we are due for some cold and wet weather.

I got the feast early cos I was hungry.  Mum had some pork chops and leftover mash for her dinner.  Now we are relaxing for a couple of hours before we head off to bed.  Mum is going to go and scrub the makeup off her face, get her uniform ready for tomorrow and get some items ready for her lunch and then set the alarm clock.  She has to finish drying the towels she washed earlier, and clean up the kitchen, do a sink of dishes and wipe the benches down.  She has some groceries to put away in the kitchen and some laundry to put away in her bedroom.  Some notes from her work bag need to be put away in her folder before they get crinkled up.

Phew -  mum is tired from reading all that, she better go and rest up on the couch.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Monday

My Monday was a good day, I gotted up and asked my mumster for breakfast, then I smooched around her til she went to work and I went to bed.  I had a little stretch in the garden, dinner at 5pm when mum got home and back in bed by 6pm.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sleep Stealer

This morning, I was a good girl and let mum have a wee lie in before I demanded my breakfast.  Then a bit later, I was Meowing at her, and she couldn't figure out my language.  I was telling her it was time to give up the bed, stop reading her book and let me snuggle in on the warm sheets.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Caturday Cold Shoulder

This morning the winds were super uber gusting , the clouds were grey and it was just miserable.  So - I woke my mum up early for biscuits at 7am and 8am.  I gave her the cold shoulder, cos I knew she was going out.  She rushed around getting ready to head out.

Mums said she was busy busy, she went to the market for a multitude of vegetables, and then went into town to  meet friends for a birthday brunch.  Then even though the rain was coming down she headed off to meet another bestie.  They browsed the shops, and mum picked up  a lovely blue scarf on sale and then went to the movies and had some amazing Asian chicken noodles for dinner.  Now, she has headed home and put the heater on and put my feast out.  Nice.

I might turn the cold shoulder off come bed time.  I need me somebuddy to snuggle with.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Big Night In

It's a big night in here at Chez Q on Friday night.  The mumster had a good day at the office, but she was glad when the weekending could begin.  Caturday sounds like it could be busy, so mum is trying to get some wee jobs done tonight.

Did you like my bed?  It is a bathmat which I like to rest on underneath the drying rack.  Classy!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Late Late O'clock

I is a bit tired today.  Last night mum went out to late oclock on a school night.  She went out to see The Great Gatsby at the movies.  She gives it a solid 7/10 - it was a bit long but it looked beautiful, and she thinks the director Baz made it glam without going too overboard.  She liked Carey and Leo in it, but they seemed to lack chemistry.  The story, we know is considered the great American novel, but mum thinks that it is a bit dated now, now people aren't scandalized by affairs and divorce, but can imagine how bad it must have seemed 90 years ago.

Tonight mum worked til late as well, so I only just got my feasts at 11.30pm.  Still we are still going to have time for a bit of tv watching before bed.  Mum is watching the final of NZs hottest baker, then she will peel the makeup off, a bit of reading and then a quick 6 and a half hour sleep before getting up and starting work all over again.  Then it will be the weekend.  Phew!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Betterer Day

Mum tried an early night last night, she tossed and turned for a while - middle age sucks.  Today we woke up to a wild pink sky, and a mild old winters day.  Mum went to the workhouse, then she went and got some groceries and a big pile of library books.

A quick dinner tonight, some mexican style mince and mum has some chores to do before a few hours of television.  It's a big night in here at Chez Q.  Me - well I'm in the doghouse a bit, as when mum came home I had a real stinky dirty butt.  So mum is hoping that I spend the evening cleaning up.  She has got the wet wipes out, but it is quite the mission to catch me and pin me down.  Just what mum is looking forward to doing this evening.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July

Mum had a touch of the mondayitis today.  It was a good day at work, and she a nice evening at home.  The tough bit was getting up at 6.40am this morning.  Early starts after a weekend of sleep ins are not mums favoritist thing.  She could quite happily flick off her alarm clock and roll over and go back to sleep.  So a little nap was in order after dinner.  So now she thinks she will watch Greys Anatomy and then will head back to bed, a little read and then snooze off a bit earlier than usual.

Hello July - you look like you will be an interesting month.  Mum is proud of herself too.  Six months of taking lunch to work every day.  No more buying it, and saving a few coins means mum has more money in her pockets for weekend adventures.