Friday, July 12, 2013

Winter Ready

We are in the midst of winter here and due for a rather coolish and wet weekend, with snow forecast in the parts that get a lot of snow, and cold in the other parts (that's us).  We are ready to go, our heaters are warmed up and due to budgetising reasons, mum will be keeping close to home.  She has one reason to venture out, and that is to join her besties for a cheap dinner and movie.  Other than that, it will be comfy clothes, couch and home.

Mum had been feeling a bit blah lately, and so she listened to her doctor (that would be Dr OZ), and bought some vitamins.  She got some Odorless fish oil + vitamin D that she swallows down at dinner.  Even though she is usually sceptical about vitamins, she does actually feel a bit better, and as a result her hair is now getting silky and feels much softer.  Her skin is also not as winter dry as it normally is.  She gets lots of vitamin C and other vitamins through the fresh fruits and veg she eats.  Does your person do any vitamins?

Hope you are all getting ready for your weekends and enjoying the sunshine if you have it.


  1. My human takes LOTS of vitamins - C and iron, the latter because she loses energy without it. And lots of calcium with its supporting minerals and D, for her bones. She does not eat properly a lot of the time and has to supplement for what her diet lacks.

  2. I take a Centtum Silver for women over 50, Citrical + Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Osteo Biflex... and tons of fresh fruits and veggies. And I'm missing my smoothies. My sister's blender can't handle it. boo.

    Have a cozy evening, ladies!

  3. Tell Mumsy..Poppy! That vitamins are o.k. Not to many at once though! And, always take them with food...!
    Hope her hair stays nice and silky...Just like yours...HeHe!x

    Loads of sunshine over here to...And, all of next week so they say...! Must find a floppy hat...! :>)x

  4. Poppy, we sure hope the vitamins help your mum. Our human takes a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, vitamin C, evening primrose oil capsules, omega-3 capsules and glucosamine. We might have forgotten something. LOL. She IS a believer in them, and feels the omega-3 and vitamin-D help with her mood. (That and we live in a northern climate, so don't get enough vitamin D anyway.)

  5. I take a pre- and probiotic for regular tummy ;-) and Mega Red Krill oil which I tell everyone is a miracle pill. I can definitely tell a difference in my mood and the anti inflammatory properties of omega-3s in the krill oil really really help with my lower back arthritis!

    I'm a cool weather lover, Poppy and can't wait until autumn and winter arrive here. I'm jealous of you getting all cozy this weekend! Have fun!!

  6. Poppy, we hope you and Mum get lots of snuggle time with it being so cold there. The mom and the dad here take multi-vitamins. They do seem to help!

  7. poppy q....tell yur mum if her wood just buy N fry...ore seer sum fish, ewe N her could both benny fitz frum it...


    de food service purrson likes ta take C, E, coconut oil, B complex, lutein & papaya

    we just like catnip & grass

    enjoy de week oh end... !!~~

  8. We hope your Mum feels better asap; our Mommy takes lots of vitamins too for energy and to help her immune system...Stay warm with your Mum, beautiful Poppy and have a happy weekend, precious friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  9. Yep, mum has her swarm of bottles. Fishy oil, calcium, vitamin D, glucosamin, plus a multi vitamin. All of which her doc says are good for her. Nothing too weird. Plus her two prescribed pills. Some in the AM, others in the PM.

  10. Mon takes Calcium and a blend of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin De for her restless legs. Stay warm and cozy!