Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The mumster and I were LAZY today.  She didn't sleep very well last night, between earthquakes and finishing night shift, and me waking her up at dark o'clock to let her know it was raining outside (by shaking my rainy furs all over her), she was a bit exhausted.

That meant it took her most of the day to get showered and dressed.  The dishes took all day to get done and she picked at leftovers for her dinner.  Mum is lucky though as she has tomorrow off as well, so she might get a bit more motivated to do some stuff.

Aren't we lucky to have had a lazy day!!

Isn't the new royal baby rather exciting?  We hope they get lots of lovely family time together.


  1. Poppy...You are a diamond....HeHe!
    Look at you...Hiding under the sheet!
    It is you..Isn't it!!!!!x

    New royal baby....Yes!
    I'm gonna sent an e-mail, and suggest Poppy as a name...King Poppy!
    (Like the sound of that)x

  2. Earthquakes are very exhausting! You both need to do a lot of relaxing.

  3. Hurrah for a lazy day! I wish all mine could be lazy. And hurrah for the new Prince of Cambridge! I wonder what his name will be.

  4. I adore lazy days! So glad you both got one!

    Do over, anyone? =)

  5. A lazy day here too. I've had a good nights sleep so hopefully back to normal today. Have a good day off - hope we get sunshine.
    Love Leanne

  6. Hello Poppy Q we have not visited you for 100 years because our ape is pathetic, we have no excuse really.

    You look very comfy under the covers there. It's too hot for covers now in the UK.

    We hope the new royal baby and his Mum & Dad get some privacy too, but we know how voracious the press are for pictures.

    Those earthquakes sound rather scary, stay safe!

    Luff from
    Gerry & Mungo

  7. poppy Q...knot a thing wrong with bee in lazee...everee one hasta haz a lazee kinda day....yur mom mite wanna think bout cookin sum mackerull coz it be packed fulla stuff ta give one sum energeez....we can eat one and a hole 20 MINITS later...bee thinkin bout nap time :)

  8. Your mum must really need rest because she's always on the go doing something.
    We're thrilled about the baby too! But We guess a part of us would have liked to see a baby girl in line for the throne. New things happen every day but to have actually seen a thousand years of history change in our lifetime would have been very special.
    Diana was very generous in sharing her children with us. I hope Wills will do the same.

  9. Poppy you really shouldn't give your mum a shower in beam in the middle of the night. hehe
    Yes lazy days are the best, get some rest and I hope the earth settles down for you. xxx

  10. Poppy, you are a bed monster!

    My human is a little bummed that the royal baby was born the day AFTER her birthday!

  11. We hope you enjoyed your lazy day! Now what will they name that Royal Baby!

  12. Mum needs a lazy day, her is not feeling well.

  13. Look at you all snuggled in bed. We do hope the earth has stopped shaking and you will get some rest. The wee royal baby is making us happy too. Meow, Jessica

  14. Sounds like our mom's kinda day...she's always lazy, MOL

    We hopes you and mum get a good night sleep tonight.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku