Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Chores

Today mum got home before it got dark.  So she quickly changed out of her uniform and got into her casual clothes.  She grabbed her gardening gear, stuck a quick load in the washing machine, and did a quick twenty minutes cutting leaves and scooping lots of stuff out of the garden and into the bin.  It makes her feel better to have even cleared out a little bit, especially as we are due for some cold and wet weather.

I got the feast early cos I was hungry.  Mum had some pork chops and leftover mash for her dinner.  Now we are relaxing for a couple of hours before we head off to bed.  Mum is going to go and scrub the makeup off her face, get her uniform ready for tomorrow and get some items ready for her lunch and then set the alarm clock.  She has to finish drying the towels she washed earlier, and clean up the kitchen, do a sink of dishes and wipe the benches down.  She has some groceries to put away in the kitchen and some laundry to put away in her bedroom.  Some notes from her work bag need to be put away in her folder before they get crinkled up.

Phew -  mum is tired from reading all that, she better go and rest up on the couch.


  1. Goodness me Poppy....
    HeHe! What a tiring day for you...Watching Mum do ALL that work, and, then biggest job...Removing her make-up!!! :).

    Nearly 8 o'clock over here and it's hot already...Very hot...!
    Breky out on the patio, me thinks...!

    Have a restful, lazy evening...! x

  2. I need a rest now. Good on your mum poppy. She has much more energy than I do.

  3. We come home from work, then we get to do more work, only we don't get paid for that. That's what it's like to be a human, Poppy Q. Stay a cat.

  4. Wow, Poppy, your mum really impresses me. While I keep telling myself if I would do a little each evening after work it wouldn't make the weekend just a long list of chores to be done, I can never seem to get myself to do it.

    After a long day at work and a nasty commute home, the only energy I have left is to feed the outside birdies and all my kitties, clean litterboxes and try to make myself something to eat.

  5. Wow. Your mum really has a long list. Thank
    Goodness she has you to cheer her up.

  6. Your Mom is very busy! She needs a rest!

  7. Your mommy shouldn't work so hard after she gets home from work ;)

  8. We hope you go rest up with her, Poppy. Sounds like she needs the comfort! Purrs...

  9. pork chops ????!!!!

    eye will bee rite ther :)

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~~

    N lover oh de chop N roast two :)

  10. OMC our mom could learn a thing or two from your mum! The lazy bean came home from work, didn't even feed us (the bean brofur did), filled her face and now she's sitting in front of the tippy tap box (that's a good thing) and plans to do nothing more before bed.

    Enjoy your snuggles tonight,

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku