Thursday, July 4, 2013

Late Late O'clock

I is a bit tired today.  Last night mum went out to late oclock on a school night.  She went out to see The Great Gatsby at the movies.  She gives it a solid 7/10 - it was a bit long but it looked beautiful, and she thinks the director Baz made it glam without going too overboard.  She liked Carey and Leo in it, but they seemed to lack chemistry.  The story, we know is considered the great American novel, but mum thinks that it is a bit dated now, now people aren't scandalized by affairs and divorce, but can imagine how bad it must have seemed 90 years ago.

Tonight mum worked til late as well, so I only just got my feasts at 11.30pm.  Still we are still going to have time for a bit of tv watching before bed.  Mum is watching the final of NZs hottest baker, then she will peel the makeup off, a bit of reading and then a quick 6 and a half hour sleep before getting up and starting work all over again.  Then it will be the weekend.  Phew!!


  1. Yes! Phew! Poppy...
    It's ALL go...! But, you seem to take it all in your stride...Nice and relaxed, for a photo shoot...!x
    Loooook'in Goooood!!!!!

  2. I'd rather watch Bird TV than a movie myself! ;-)

  3. That sounds like a furry busy day and night Poppy. We hopes you can relax on the weekend with mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku