Sunday, July 28, 2013


This is the local gang.  They like to hang out in the gardens surrounding us, but seem to hear the whisper of the bread bag and come and gather, knowing mum will feed them.  Today was the leftover slices of bread and some chopped up apple and pear.  We were lucky and had sunshine again, so mum and I did some gardening and played with da bird.  She is drying the sheets on the rack in the living room, and some of it draped on the couch, and so I have claimed it as my snoozing spot.  So snoozy, I seem to have forgotten my evening feast.  Do you feed your local birds?  Take a handful of crumbs to the park?  Go on - we know you want to.  
Update:  I got up at 8:42pm, demanded my feast politely and am back on the sheet by 8:48.  Good night!!!


  1. I have two next door pussy-cats, that come and visit, for a saucer of milk...They lay about, and take over the garden...So! I don'see many birdies! Though l do get a few Blue Tits, in the boxes on the wall, under the Virginia Creeper...There quite safe from Flossy and Sparkle...!
    Though they do stare at them a lot.....! HeHe!

    Have fun......!x

  2. Our human used to have a bird feeder in our little back space, but they made such a terrible mess with the seed, and then it would get soaked from rain/snow and rot and got quite disgusting. (If the human had cleaned it up every day, that wouldn't have been a problem!)

  3. We have a ginormous feeder at the edge of the swamp for all of the critters! We have a new little family of raccoons right now.

    Have a super day, ladies!

  4. My parents always kept feeders for the birds where they lived. They had such pretty birds, too!

    One of the local shopping centers has a lake with ducks. Everyone loved to feed the ducks. They put a stop to it finally as it wasn't healthy for the ducks :(

  5. Our Bird TV has been sadly wanting - I think my human needs to take up the habit of feeding bread to the local birds! Apparently they have been asking for a raise.

  6. We used to have a bird feeder when we had grass. But the seeds spilled and grew in the grass and mom didn't like it.

    Now we have no grass, but we does have a bird bath. So we still gets to watch the birds on our cat television.

    Have a great sleep Poppy!

  7. I buy a big box of weetbix, make some nice and soggy and plop that on the back lawn. Sometimes I put a lump of dripping with it cos the birdies love fat.
    The birdies make perfect pussycat tv :-)

  8. We have got peanut and bird seed holders hanging off the tree outside the window so I can watch Bird TV.

  9. We feed the birdies here, not bread but seeds that they like to eat. Also in the summer we feed sugar water to the hummerbirds.