Thursday, July 25, 2013

Da Bird

Da Bird is the bestest toy ever.  I like to chase it round the garden and then just sit on it.  Mum tries to tug it away but I'm not letting it go.

We like the name Prince George, that was the name we guessed for the royal baby when everyone else thought it would be a boy.

Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.  Mum went to the library and has a big pile of great books.  She has also got rid of some rubbish - she loves the shows on hoarders, they get her motivated to move some junk.


  1. Da Bird looks a really great thing to play with Poppy...Looks as though you've got it under control...!x.

    George seems popular over here to...
    There has been six Georges. So he'll be George the 7th when king!
    HeHe! Lets hope he does'nt go mad...Like the 3rd one...! :).

  2. Funny enough, my human guessed he would be called George too! But enough of the prince, I am more interested in your Da Bird, Poppy!

  3. All of us here love Da Bird. Our mom gives a few away to other kitties when she buys them for us. We are keeping a close eye on OUR own stash of course.

  4. We don't have Da Bird, but we know a lot of kitties do love it!

    As for "George," the human can't help but think of "George of the Jungle." LOL.

  5. We picked George too! A nice,steady, no nonsense name. But who knows what he'll choose for his regnal name. Also, hope they don't nickname him Georgie. Too awful.
    The new family looked marvellous. Kate looked especially lovely with out all the black goo usually riming her eyes.
    Princess Poppy....perfect from start to finish.

  6. Da Bird must be lots of sun. We do not have one!

  7. I like to watch the hoarder shows, too. I also get motivated to clean out junk!

    I need to get my cats one of those toys--I've read so much about how kitties like them.

  8. poppy q.....

    ya used de B werd in yur post two day.....

    ewe R feelin a wee bit crazed huh....


  9. I was hoping for James then we could call him Prince Jimmy. But George is very fitting for a prince.

    I think I had better get some bird toys. Laura loves string off cuts of polar fleece- no other cat is allowed to touch her string.
    Love leanne

  10. Da Bird has been very naughty. Must. Teach. Lesson.


    I haven't read anything since the plane. busy. busy. busy. bugger.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  11. Mum will sit down to read her book as soon as she is done helping us visit the blogs.