Friday, June 29, 2018


We have had another quiet day.  Mum stayed asleep until 3am and then was wide awake.  So today she was dying for a nap, but resisted so that she could be tired tonight.  I have no problems with napping or sleeping.  Mum wonders if cats get insomnia or sleeping issues ?

In my wide awake times I like to sit on the windowsill and watch my little garden.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


We got some outside time today.  Sometimes I just sit and ponder.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Mum had big plans to get back into a normal sleeping pattern after finishing her  night shifts.  She read until after 2am and then nodded off.  3am she got woken up by me exploring the wardrobe.  4am wardrobe exploration was interrupted again by grumpy mum.  Then at 5am she got woken up by an upset tummy.

Luckily today was a day of relaxing for us - cos I was tired and needed my sleep.  Luckily the bed was now free for me.  Good luck tonight mum.  The good thing is mum says she is exhausted and ready to nod off.

Monday, June 25, 2018


Mums shifts are done.  She has finished this morning.  She tried to resist sleeping but she had to crawl into bed for a couple of hours, and now at 10.30pm she is wide awake.

She is watching a documentary on the Grenfall Fire in London - how horrific and tragic.  It might be a late night, so she will finish the show and will head off to join me in the bedroom and read her book for a few hours. 

I was super glad to have mum with me today.  I have slept on her, meowed at her, scratched the couch, joined her when she went to the bathroom and purred when she patted me.  Life is good.

Happy Birthday to miss Belle.  She is 22 today!

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Our Prime Minister has been in the news all over the world this weekend.  Jacinda Adern and her partner Clarke Gayford welcomed their first child Neve this weekend.  She gets 6 weeks maternity leave, and then Clarke will be a house hubby and take care of baby while she returns to work (although most kiwi mothers take a years maternity leave - they get paid for some of that time).  I liked that he rocked up to the photo call in a dad jumper - one that he bought from a charity shop.  They also said that they would take home the flowers Nana had bought in - and would leave all the other flowers that they had been given for the other mothers to enjoy at the hospital.

Classy and humble - that is how it is done. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Today I woke mum at 11am, midday , 1pm and 2pm to remind her that she was sleeping on my bed until she got up.  Then I went to sleep on the chair.

We hope you are having a nice Caturday.

Friday, June 22, 2018


Mum got real busy last night and didn't get a chance to post.  Getting ready for night shift is a bit depressing.  Although she had the day off it is hard to shake the ominous feeling if having to head off for work when your body just wants to sleep.

Still we got some quality time together.  I don't purr a lot but she got some out of me when we played with a pen and my bag.

So 4 shifts down and 3 night shifts to go.  Then we can get back to normal sleeps.  It is getting cold too and I need mum to snuggle with.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Because mum is on shift all week she has allowed herself sleep ins which were lovely.  Winter weather makes a late wake up perfect as it is much more cosy to stay curled up and resting.

She has given herself a couple if chores to get done.  Today was washing and hoovering.  Also dinner for the next 3 nights have been made - a veggie mash and meatballs.  Lunch was a toasted sandwich and breakfast was a banana.

Today's viewing was a documentary on the art of Ancient Egypt and an episode of Grand Designs.  Hiw civilised of mum - it is hard to find good shows to watch.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Mum has started her long 7 day stretch today.  4 evenings followed by 3 night shifts over the weekend.  It is pouring down again so she us going to stay home in the day and read her books.  I live it when she us home and got lots if snuggles today.  She even played with me and a pen under my shopping bag - bliss.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


After a week of rain it was nice to have blue skies today.  Mum stayed in bed way too long, and had to hurry to get out if the house at midday so that she could get to the market before it closed.  She bought lettuce, carrots, parsnip, swede, cabbage, pumpkin, bananas and kiwi fruit.

She took a walk in the sun for a while but her shopping bag was rather heavy.  She stopped off to get a loaf of bread and pick up a book from the library.  She took the bus home and got home in time to have a nap.

Mum had to get up to give me my feast and put on her own dinner.  She roasted some chicken drumsticks and pumpkin and cooked some spicy cabbage.  It was the most enjoyable dinner that mum has had in a while.  I have gone to bed and mum is watching a show about Turkey and then might watch the Antiques Roadshow.  She has a busy week ahead and us glad to have a relaxing day today.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Caturday Sads

Today we learnt that one of our friends Minchie from cat-a-holic had earnt his angel wings and had to go to the rainbow bridge.  He joined his family in July 2008, and we know that his mom Peggy and sister Laila will be missing him.  Rest well sweet boy.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Mums day at work was busy today.  There were after work drinks for a colleague that was leaving to head overseas.  Mum was there at 4.30pm and enjoyed talking with her workmates but the bar was busy and loud.  The girl who was leaving didn't arrive until 6pm, by which time mum was keen to say her goodbyes and leave.  It made her feel old but she had to get to the supermarket and stick up on feast and by the time she got home to me it was after 7pm.

The group had a plan for dinner too, but as the reservations were not until 8pm mum couldn't face eating her dinner at 9.30pm.  It made her feel very old and set in her ways, but she is happier to be home with me for a nice 10pm bedtime.

Tomorrow is a big day.  She has a study day from 9am- 2pm.  Then there are lots of people in town for tomorrow nights rugby game between the New Zealand All Blacks and the French Rugby team. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018


After days of rain it is very wet and damp outside.  the garden is muddy and cold so I don't spend too long outside.  Mum dashed out to get some quick snaps and then back inside to get the heaters on.

Mum got called in this morning at 3am to go to work.  She didn't finish until 6.30am so came home and had a quick breakfast and then back to bed for a nap.  The best part was that she got to have the rest of the day to relax - four episodes of Scandal and a quick trip to town filled in her afternoon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


It was raining sideways when mum got home from work.  So she took her uniform off, put her pyjamas on and climbed into her bed to read her book and declared it snuggletime.  I came over and sat on her leg for a while, until I started the dinner request.  Mum feels she is allowed to have a night off as she had to be up at 5am and was at work by 6.40am.  Early starts seem particularly difficult in the middle of winter.

We hope you all got some snuggletime tonight.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Heater Range

It has been a day where it has been a good plan to stay within sitting range of a heater.  Today was mums day off, so she stayed in bed late.  It was dark with wind and rain outside so she took her time getting up.  There was a wee break in the weather this afternoon, so she took advantage and headed off into town to get some supplies at the supermarket and to the posh market.  She treated herself to some rice paper rolls with chicken and prawns for her lunch, and a lamb and vegetable soup with bread for her dinner.

We think we are due for a week of rain and cold - winter feels like it has finally arrived.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Restday

Mum decided to have a camp at home day.  sleeping in, reading her book then she got up.  Then it was chore time - washing, vacuuming, dishes, cleaning the bathroom and tidying.  Phew - I'm tired.  Best I lie down.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Mum glanced at the clock and realized that Caturday was coming to an end here at the house of Q.  She was up at 5am and off for another busy day of work.  She then went and caught up with a friend which was nice.

Then mum headed home to give me my food and pats, a little brush and some cuddling.  Mum now has 2 days off for us to relax and she won't be getting up too early - which is good cos I love sleeping in.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Today was the first day this week that the clouds have cleared and we got a glimpse of blue skies.  It is that time in winter when mum seems to leave and return in the dark.  She works in an area without windows.  Today she finished work a little earlier than normal so made sure she got some vitamin D.  Me too.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cold Night

It is a cold and windy night.  Mum is reading in her bed and I am relaxing in mine.  Night night.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today was mums day off so she deemed it a Treat Yourself Tuesday.  She slept in, read her book and talked to me.  She washed dishes, washed clothes and washed herself.  She put on new boots, new pants, an old jumper and jacket.

She walked into town, went on a bus and walked to the library.  She got her books, she got some cash out and got some groceries.  She came home, she rushed out my feast and she cooked her dinner.

She ate chicken pasta, she ate maltesers and she ate grapes.  She brushed my furs, she brushed her hair and she brushed her teeth. 

A good day full of relaxing and treats.

Monday, June 4, 2018


I helped mum make the bed by snoozing on the mattress.  She washed her clothes tonight and made dinner and not much else.

It has been a holiday here in our country in honor of the Queens Birthday.  Even though mum worked she now gets a whole day off tomorrow which will be fabulous.  She is going to make it a treat yourself Tuesday.  But first to bed for a big night sleep and  no alarm going off at 5am.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Mum feels better after a good 7 hours sleep last night and I feel good after my 20 hours.

She gets organized at night time.  underwear and uniforms are laid out for the morning.  Lunch is made and in the fridge and her bag is all packed. 

my water and food bowls are checked to make sure that they are full.  Aren't we lucky?

Saturday, June 2, 2018


It is Caturday here at the the house of Q.  The mumster has big plans.  She is going to eat her dinner - meatballs and vegetables will be done before 7pm.  She is going to watch Britains Got talent and then she is going to head to bed at 8.30pm.  It's tough being an old lady.  Actually she has been working the early shifts the past few days having to get up at 5am ,and in the last 3 nights has only averaged about 5 hours sleep - so tonight she is going to be an earlybird and hit the hay real early.

She was feeling a bit down about being tired and working all the time, so she got herself a lotto ticket on the way home.  One of mums colleagues looked tired, and she told mum about her husband who works 6 days a week and has a 2 hour commute each day, so they don't spend a lot of time together.  Mum asked the man at the lotto shop if he gets a day off over the weekend, as it is his own business and he told mum that he only gets 4 days off a year.  That made mum feel lucky that at least she gets some days off and her holidays each year.

So we are off to get our relaxing done before it is 8.30pm.  Such a party animal mum (by the way I went to bed at 5pm after I had my fancy feast).

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Night Movie

Yeah good luck teaching me to ride on a bicycle Mum.  In fact mum is not too sure that she could still ride a bicycle, it's been a few years since she has been riding.