Monday, June 25, 2018


Mums shifts are done.  She has finished this morning.  She tried to resist sleeping but she had to crawl into bed for a couple of hours, and now at 10.30pm she is wide awake.

She is watching a documentary on the Grenfall Fire in London - how horrific and tragic.  It might be a late night, so she will finish the show and will head off to join me in the bedroom and read her book for a few hours. 

I was super glad to have mum with me today.  I have slept on her, meowed at her, scratched the couch, joined her when she went to the bathroom and purred when she patted me.  Life is good.

Happy Birthday to miss Belle.  She is 22 today!


  1. What a lovely Monday morning photo Poppy!x
    Well another 45mins it will be afternoon
    over here...! :).

    Mums done here shifts..that's good news,
    more time spent with you..Bless!x
    You~went~to~the~bathroom~with~her! Oh!
    My! Goodness! Oh! Wait a's o.k.
    your both ladies are'nt you...are'nt you..?
    HeHe! Sounds as though life is good! Good! :0).

    And..A very Happy Burfday to Miss Belle...!x

  2. Good for you mum. You made it. 😇 how happy Poppy sounds. Am sure you both enjoyed the extra attention.
    Happy birthday Miss Belle. Oh to be that young again. Hope she had a lovely day. 🎂

  3. Whew! We're glad your mum's stretch of long nights is over!

    Happy birthday to Miss Belle! Our human has no recollection of her 22nd year....LOL.

  4. I bet your human is relieved to be done with those shifts!

  5. poppy IZ good when therz couch scratchin inn volved !!

    anda happee birthday two miss belle ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. Glad your mum is done with her shifts. Now to get her body clock back on schedule.