Monday, June 4, 2018


I helped mum make the bed by snoozing on the mattress.  She washed her clothes tonight and made dinner and not much else.

It has been a holiday here in our country in honor of the Queens Birthday.  Even though mum worked she now gets a whole day off tomorrow which will be fabulous.  She is going to make it a treat yourself Tuesday.  But first to bed for a big night sleep and  no alarm going off at 5am.


  1. You've certainly got a fair share of the bed Poppy!x
    Just enough room for Mum..! :).
    Don't you go rolling off mind! :).

    Queens birthday..I know, she has quite a few during
    the year, l watch her on 'Countryfile' last night,
    up in Scotland, Balmoral..which is her favourite
    part of the UK..she enjoys being with her horses,
    dogs, and the wildlife, deer, sheep, goats etc...
    And, even at her age she still gets very involved!
    Very hands on..and mixes with the locals, the butcher,
    baker, fruit and veg...amazing lady..! :0).

  2. Poppy you are such a help. We are all jealous you don’t live at our house.
    Me and my Bean were married 56years ago on Saturday. Time flies but I remember every moment. Our first kitty arrived via a knock on the door just three weeks later. A little kitten we called Flook who was only 4 weeks old. He was the sweetest tabby kitten with a broken tail. He had been dumped in a neighbors grarage. Soon I was having a baby and Flook got cat flu. As I was home all day I nursed him on my knee and loved him to bits. He was the only cat of 8 in that street that survived and I can still see his little face looking up at me through the pansys. I would have loved to call him pansy! Our little girl adored him and they became best friends.
    Just like you and mum.xx

  3. It sounds like your human has a great Tuesday planned!

  4. poppy....ewe R a veree good helper !!!! make sure mum givez ewe N extree bizcuit ☺☺♥♥

  5. Is mum going to spend the day with you Poppy? We hope that you both enjoy a good lie in.

  6. We should have the Queen's Birthday as a holiday, too. But I can't complain, as I am on three weeks' holiday myself...

  7. Here's to the Queen and her birthday.