Sunday, June 24, 2018


Our Prime Minister has been in the news all over the world this weekend.  Jacinda Adern and her partner Clarke Gayford welcomed their first child Neve this weekend.  She gets 6 weeks maternity leave, and then Clarke will be a house hubby and take care of baby while she returns to work (although most kiwi mothers take a years maternity leave - they get paid for some of that time).  I liked that he rocked up to the photo call in a dad jumper - one that he bought from a charity shop.  They also said that they would take home the flowers Nana had bought in - and would leave all the other flowers that they had been given for the other mothers to enjoy at the hospital.

Classy and humble - that is how it is done. 


  1. She's just been on our news again, this morning...! :).
    She's even said that she will take the little one on
    some of her visits and outings, that'll be fun, visiting,
    with a baby strapped to your back...lovely photo, though
    the baby's hat could have been~~Pink~~~! Looks as that one
    came from a charity shop..! :o).
    ALL babies look lovely at that age~~ugly~~but lovely...! :).

    1. That was knitted by a lovely woman in NZ. And shows how Jacinda appreciates everyone’s good wishes.

    2. Ah! Right! I did'nt know that, it's been covered over
      here quite a lot..but no mention of the babies hat...!
      Nice to read of a leader who appreciates her people,
      and shares her feelings, quite unique..And, yes, God bless
      the three of them..!

  2. Totally Agree with you! Classy & Humble & totally down to earth .... no airs & graces. Think they will be wonderful parents to that wee girl.

  3. What a beautiful family. Loved every photo and comment and bless all three for the future.
    Poppy it is a privilege for you to put that on your blog. Love and best wishes to

  4. My human says she envies you your leader!

  5. This made the news here too and I was so impressed. Isn't she the only 2nd sitting Prime Minister, world-wide, to give birth while in office? I hope this opens door for more women in politics.

    BTW, "classy and humble" are not words you read or hear often (at all--lol) about politicians. It's a refreshing change.

  6. Oh, so lovely! We here in the fractured US are green with envy.

  7. Such a lovely pic of your PM and her family :)
    Baby girl will grow up knowing you can have it all :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. Some leaders of their country have class. Concats on the new baby to the PM.

  9. Both parents need time off with their newborns, but a year off for a prime minister might be stretching it. The little one is off to a good start.