Monday, June 11, 2018

Heater Range

It has been a day where it has been a good plan to stay within sitting range of a heater.  Today was mums day off, so she stayed in bed late.  It was dark with wind and rain outside so she took her time getting up.  There was a wee break in the weather this afternoon, so she took advantage and headed off into town to get some supplies at the supermarket and to the posh market.  She treated herself to some rice paper rolls with chicken and prawns for her lunch, and a lamb and vegetable soup with bread for her dinner.

We think we are due for a week of rain and cold - winter feels like it has finally arrived.


  1. We're in line for a hot sunny week over
    here Poppy!x And there could be a shortage
    of water in parts of the country..also a
    hose pipe ban in some areas..Always the
    same..few weeks of hot weather..and there's
    a panic on water..! Typical..! :(.

    I've got a few things to do..the kitchen floor
    could do with a clean, and the upstairs needs
    a going over with the J Edgar..! Must get that done
    before it gets to hot..Cuppa tea and an almond slice
    first though..! :).

  2. Sounds a lovely day Poppy. Wish I could join you. Cold and wet here but always a good excus to read a good book..

  3. you have a posh market? Mum says we have one too where she gets her really good eats.

  4. I got a dose of hot, humid summer weather while I was in Houston! I'm so glad to be back to a more temperate climate. I hope winter doesn't steal too many sun puddles from you, Poppy.

  5. Sounds like a good way to stay warm.

  6. Winter doesn't sound as wintry there as here, but I'll bet it feels just as cold to you and your mum. A heater making things toasty is a good idea, no matter what your winter is like.