Friday, June 8, 2018


Today was the first day this week that the clouds have cleared and we got a glimpse of blue skies.  It is that time in winter when mum seems to leave and return in the dark.  She works in an area without windows.  Today she finished work a little earlier than normal so made sure she got some vitamin D.  Me too.


  1. I never like the winter over here either Poppy!x
    Not because of the weather but the 6~7 hours of
    day light..! It's horrible! :(.
    Still over cast to~day, sun later they say, hope
    so...! :).

    I'm on vitamin D as well, l get mine on prescription
    though..l take three 1,000mg tablets per day, supposed
    to help with my neck problem, which started off as
    arthritis...there supposed to help repair the bones in
    my neck and rebuild them! Do they work..HeHe! Guess..???

  2. That looks nice and peaceful Poppy. Are you putting on weight? You look like you are just fitting on that sill. All the more to cuddle eh? 😻

  3. Poppy, dear, I share your mum's distaste for working in an area without windows! At one job I grumbled until I found a sunlight lamp for my corner -- and put in an order for a "flower of the week" to be delivered to my desk.

  4. Bummer that your mum works in an area with no windows. Mum never liked that either, she is a look out the window purrson.

  5. Like your mum, I work in a windowless chamber, so in the winter, I rarely see the sun during the week. I just pretend that I'm a character from a Dickens's factory...