Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snoozy Sunday

It 's a snoozy sunday at our house. Well for me it is, mum had to go and work. Being the first day of daylight savings it seemed extra early for her to get up.

Mum has had a weekend of culture. Friday night she went to the Wearable Arts Awards in Wellington. A great show full of dancing, song and fantastic creative outfits. This was the winner it had something to do with sheep - I like that, I would have called it lamb kebab (I think they called it something posh).

Saturday mum sneaked off out of the house. I tried to follow her across the street, but she chased me home!!! She went to see Perfume the movie of some old book. She said she enjoyed it, it was different and she said France in the 1800's looked very smelly and dirty and it made her feel like a shower. So she went and had Japanese food for dinner. Mum said Gyoza dumplings are great. They have pork in them and are yummmmmmmmmy, and this morning she read a magazine while she ate her breakfast and found a recipe for them. Yes please mum, you can try and make them for us!!
So now she is going to head off to bed and finishing her book, The Kite Runner. I has a last half hour of snuggling on my electric blanket before I am kicked off.
Sending lots of hugs and purrs to my friends Miss Millie and her mum. Jasmine hasn't been getting any better and we need to send her sweet purrs. Hugs to you all.
Poppy Q

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Christmas meme

Christmas tree 2006

This is the christmas meme my buddies Eric and the Flynster sent to me.

1. What is your favourite gift?

I likes mousies, ham, toy mousies, ham, cat biscuits, ham and to sleep in with my mum.

2. What is your best memory of christmas?

That it is 5 days before my gotcha day when my mummy come and gotchad me.

3. Depending on where you live, do you have a hot or cold christmas?

Christmas is in the middle of our super summer. That means that we can have the windows open and mum has her summer clothes on. We can sit in the sun and phone the family and have a ham picnic in the backyard.

Last christmas we got very bad weather though, so the heaters had to be on and the windows closed!!

4.Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least once?

No way not me - we just had a long winter. Bring on summer!! My mummy has lived in London, a long time ago. They have a super christmas with lots of lovely shop windows, christmas lights and eating a big roastie meal with all the trimmings in front of the fire. Of course she also had a christmas with the psycho flatmate who broke all the christmas presents. So she is happy to have christmas with her family. This year she has to work Christmas and Boxing Day. She will cook a big roastie on Christmas Eve, and then we can share it over the next days.

5. What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?

I prefer birdies in a tree. I like mums plastic one last year - it was ok!! Especially cause mum left it up in her lounge so I could play in it. Don't know why she put it away, the lounge looked good with a tree in it.

Last time mum and her friends got a real tree, we found a bedraggled sparrow in our lounge three weeks later. It was in a terrible state, and the SPCA man thinks it came in with our christmas tree and spent the time living off crumbs being terrorised by the cats she lived with at the time. Elvis and doodlebug, you know who you are!!

6. What is your favourite carol?

What's new pussycat?

7. What is your favourite christmas dinner?

Actually I like cheesecake - does it come in ham flavoured for christmas?

8. Do you wear a santa hat at christmas?

You will have to wait til December 25 to find out!!

9. Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?

No, I am strictly a go to bed at 8pm cat. Midnight is toooooooo late for me!

I has to tag a cat. I would like to tag my friend Henry Helton.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello Friday - Hello Friend!!

Hello Friday..............................hello Friday Friend.
This special silver tabby with the lovely green eyes is my friend Jade.
Jade has a blog here at
She is like me and likes the cat food only - not a bean food eater!! I'm with you on that one miss Jade. She also likes climbing her trees in the garden, a good workout for a girl.

She lives in California with five special beans and two woofies. One of the woofies Bailey (also known as miss bebe, is her special best friend. Here they are at the dining table, looks like they are plotting something!!

The lovely Jade won my 100th post prize!! Here it is arriving at her door!!

Here she is lookin in the parcel. I bet she was hoping we would send her her boyfriend Benjamin fuzz.

No, no room for him!! We sent her some goodies including some mousie catnip toys. Jade got some for Christmas but they got stolen from her!!!

We got her a tunnel too!! Being a rescue cat from the SPCA Jade can appreciate having a good escape plan!!!

I hope you all visit my new friend. Say hi to her and her family, they are having a tough time as grand bean has cancer and they are looking after him. We are thinking of you and your family.
Thanks for being my new friend Jade.
Poppy Q

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's time to say goodbye ........................ to our island vacation

Tropical holiday - you were great!!! Back to our cool climates soon!! Thanks for joining me on holiday. Safe travels home.
Poppy q

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy tropical birthday miss pixie

So dear campers - our days in paradise are drawing to close. Only one more day left and we have to get home in time for my Friday friend. So lets relax in our huts and enjoy the tropical sun.

Tonight we wil sit around the bonfire......

and drink some niptinis (funny fact - if you google niptinis under images you come up with pictures of Angie and beau!!)......

we'll share some cake in honour of our friend Pixies 12 th birthday. Happy banana birthday Pixie. The cake will be banana of course ................................ Also my fabulous friend Fazzie the cat forgot her own birthday, as she was too busy exploring Antartica. This cake is also for you baby and a niptini is ready with your name on it..........

Pixie and Faz, I would make this cake for you cool cats if I could. Of course it would be banana flavoured. Actually it is from this cool website

and we will organize the shippers to send back a birthday present to Pixie.............

.......... and we'll all wake up in the morning and look like this fellow!!
Poppy Q

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just hanging out

Today we are going to soak up the sun and forget about sharks.

Drink niptinis - great idea Parker!!

Maybe after lunch we will explore the jungle.
Or go for a surf (1/2 and hour after eating).
Swimming costumes optional, Eric and Flynn would like to be nudie rudies on the beach - you go boys!!
Enjoy your rest.
Poppy q

Monday, September 24, 2007

Let's go fishing

Okay friends. On our first day of the holiday I gonna take you fishing. We looking for the tuna, as I know many of you loves them. We are gonna take my glass bottomed boat - the POPPY Q.
We looking for tuna that looks like this.

Not like this one.

Definately not like this one. Oops we better rush away fast!!!!

We better go back and lie down, maybe our tuna should come out of a can!

Poppy Q

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who is a pretty mermaid then?

Faz if you can go to Antartica, I am going to go to the beach!!!

I will provide the food
And the catnip
And somewhere warm to sleep.
Who wants to come with me?

You can go here to generate your scrabble score on your name. I am impressed - Not as high a score as Fazakerley(but look at all the letters in her name).
Have a nice Sunday everycat and bean.
Poppy Q

Saturday, September 22, 2007

zoom groom

Beware the zoom groom. Actually this is one for dogs mum. Mine is blue, and it is for cats only!!

Mum forgot and wore her black tshirt while giving me a brush - hahahahaha!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Friday Friends

Welcome to my Friday Friend. This is what we do on Fridays, it is a way of letting our friends and family know about the other awesome cat bloggers out there.

Clue 1: There are two of them

Clue 2:

Have you got it yet?

Of course you have, you clever cats and beans. It is Kimo and Sabi from

They live in California in the US, although there mom and dad keep running away to Las Vegas - do they have a gambling problem!! Don't worry Kimo has lot of coins!!

Kimo is a laid back, handsome (check out those blue eyes), siamese meezer dude. He likes birdie watching, chasing his feather stick, sunbathing, laying around on the deck, collecting coins, reality tv, laying by the fireplace and nappping. Recently he confessed to greeting his momma at the door, being the family cat pooper coverer upper and being the official family sniffer.

Sabi is a handsome tuxie (of the cow variety) fella. He won a prize from the Monty Q, doing the Q competition with this fabulous photo of him nippin out on his mat. Isn't that expression awesome?

Sabi lists his hobbies as running around, playing with the toilet paper (clean we hope), spider catching, knitting, burrowing into the fresh clothes, running around, going out in the stroller and little naps (the only time he is still).

These two brothers are great my Friday friends. They always have funny entertaining posts and I like to go and read them. I hope your mom and dad are back from Vegas soon Kimo and Sabi and I look forward to next weeks adventures.

Your friend Poppy Q

Am I too late to be a pirate?

Orrrrrrrrrrr arrrrrrrrrrrrrr , Now I am a pirate too!!

Poppy Q

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here's one for the belly lovers out there

Poppy : Mum!!
Mum: What Poppy?
Poppy : Apparently my tummy is very squishable and all the cat mommies like it!!
Mum: Well it is pretty cute!! Just like you.

Poppy Q

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This yoga position.....

This yoga position is called - I am getting titchy with you. Put the camera down, and go away.

Poppy Q

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yoga stretching

As you can see I am very bendy!! I would be great at yoga!!

We are still having some computer problems. Our computer has got a malware virus that has attacked it. Mum managed to get some control back, but it is blocking lots of internet searches, so it won't let us go to Norton Antiviurs and liveupdate and microsoft to download safety patches. So my mum is going to concentrate on finishing her assignment, and then deal to the computer. It is better than at the weekend as it kept sending pop ups , and annoying ads in the middle of everything she did. Grrr - we thinks they should shoot the people who make these viruses and ruin everyone elses good time.

Mum says you might need some reasons to look at the world cup rugby competition. It is on at the moment and plays in France. New Zealands team are called the All Blacks.

This is the captain Richie Mccaw and another old geezer that played years ago.

This is Daniel Carter - he is an All Black too!!
The All Blacks play Scotland this weekend. I wonder who will win (I think I know!!). Mum might get up at 3am to watch!! All around New Zealand, people will be crowded around TVs. I will probably stay in bed.
Poppy q

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi - I'm back

Hi friends,

Mum managed to fix her computer. It was very very tricky and she did it!!! She got rid of the naughty virus. Be careful as it's a nasty one and installs some malware which effectively hijacks the computer. She found a way to fix it all by herself, and is now reinstalling her anti virus software and putting up lots more passwords.

The other good news is that my friends Angie and Beau Beau gave me an award! It is for being nice - isn't that nice!! I think that they are pretty nice, and they always make me smile looking at their beautiful faces. This week Angie has shown us their beautiful garden. Thanks Beau Beau and Angie, you are special friends and I look forward to visiting with you every day!!

I'd like to give this award to my friend Parker at and to Rudy, Powder and Puff for all being good kitties and showing us their new home. We all know how traumatic it is to move house, but this team have had lots of adventures in Ohio and seem to love their new groovey house.
Have a good week everycat and bean.
Poppy Q

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello campers

Hello Campers,
we didn't blog yesterday as the secretary was too flustered. We had gone to someones blog the night before, and we think that it gave us a virus. Sorry but the secretarys computer is very sick now and she has had to call it nasty words!!!

Did we tell you about our new friends Heather, Hunter, napolean and Belle. They live over at . They are the second new friends I have made recently. Oh it is great to be popular!!! Anyways they have tagged me for an awesome Meme and I has to think about it for a few days.

My other new friend is Jan at and Jan asked me how I got the Q in my name. Why the Q is part of my very important surname however mum says poppy says Q should stand for queen!!! I was very amused reading my brother Monty Qs explanation of his name. What a post name Monteque!!!

Have a nice weekend everycat and bean and I hope your computers don't get sick.

Poppy Q

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello my Friday Friends

My Friday Friends

My Friday friend is a special little treat for the end of the week. This week we bring you two brothers all the way from Devon, England. They're big, they're beefy and very handsome.

Why yes it is:

Eric And Flynn from If you click on the name of their blog it will swing you right over there. Let me tell you it is entertaining reading. You should also go and visit, cause they are having a 200th post competition. Maybe you will win a tractor?

Now if you have trouble telling them apart: This is Flynn. He is a very handsome orange tabby cat As you can see he enjoys having a laugh, walking on the farm, catching mousies and hanging out with his brother. I just love this photo!!

This Eric. Eric is a more husky orange tabbly mancat, he also has a sense of humour, enjoys sitting on tractors, eating the mouises his brother catches, taking a walk in the sun and hanging out. I think he is a daddys boy (nothing wrong with that). I love this photo too. It shows true mancat love.

Eric has had to go to the vet recently and on one of his visits they must have spreyed him with bad cat cologne, cause his brother Flynn wouldn't have anything to do with him. But his mum and dad asked for help and came up with a clever plan. Next time the vet visit was due, they snuck Eric out of the house while Flynn was snoozing. They also stole a towel he likes to sleep on and when they got home they rubbed it all over Eric. Eue de' Flynn cat cologne. Now they are friends!! Good one mum and dad.

Eric and Flynn, I am glad I has met you. You boys always make me and my secretary smile (that's my mum). We hope you has a nice weekend with your mum and dad.

Poppy Q

Ps I have made the secretary do a correction. By mistake I said that Eric catches the mousies. No, the boys told me Flynn catches the mousies and Eric is the eater. Drrrr how could I have got that wrong - sorry handsome boys!!!

Pss Good luck with the rugby - I saw the half time score. Ouch!!!