Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yoga stretching

As you can see I am very bendy!! I would be great at yoga!!

We are still having some computer problems. Our computer has got a malware virus that has attacked it. Mum managed to get some control back, but it is blocking lots of internet searches, so it won't let us go to Norton Antiviurs and liveupdate and microsoft to download safety patches. So my mum is going to concentrate on finishing her assignment, and then deal to the computer. It is better than at the weekend as it kept sending pop ups , and annoying ads in the middle of everything she did. Grrr - we thinks they should shoot the people who make these viruses and ruin everyone elses good time.

Mum says you might need some reasons to look at the world cup rugby competition. It is on at the moment and plays in France. New Zealands team are called the All Blacks.

This is the captain Richie Mccaw and another old geezer that played years ago.

This is Daniel Carter - he is an All Black too!!
The All Blacks play Scotland this weekend. I wonder who will win (I think I know!!). Mum might get up at 3am to watch!! All around New Zealand, people will be crowded around TVs. I will probably stay in bed.
Poppy q


  1. Hmmmm mum sez she duzn't yooshully watch rugby, but she finks she may be watching on Saturday.

  2. My Mommie says she wishes she could watch that!

    Viruses are very bad and mean. I do not understand why anybody would do something mean.

  3. Poppy Q, you are sooooo bendy I am sure you could get inside the computer and fix and get rid of all the virusy stuff. Re Rugby - sorry but I have to support that other team from your side of the globe - apologies. FAZ

  4. Poppy Q, you are definately very bendy. Maybe you could lead a cat yoga workshop! I would attend.

    I can't imagine why someone would spend so much time inventing a virus either, there are definately some stupid beans out there!

  5. I do not like viruses! Some people are so mean. I hope she can get it all fixed.

  6. Hi Poppy! You are very bendy. We do yoga, too. It's very relaxing. It is so mean for people put viruses in computers. Hope your Mom gets it all out!

  7. You are really flexible, I'd say. Sorry about all the computer problems!

  8. You're very good a Yoga, Poppy.


  9. our momma says Meow, she would watch that player anyday ;)